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Describe something healthy you enjoy doing

IELTS Cue Card Question 151 with Model Answer:

Describe something healthy you enjoy doing.

You should say:
  • what you do
  • where you do it
  • who you do it with
and explain why you think doing this is healthy.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
Running has several health benefits. It helps to build muscles, changes mood and helps bring shape my body. Moreover, it strengthens the bones. Though many of the people argue that it helps to damage bones, they are in fact unaware of the benefits. So, I like to run in the morning.

In fact, running is my hobby. When I run in the morning, I feel fresh and lively. Running is a kind of aerobic exercise and helps to improve the body. There are a good number of benefits found for the exercise. Mostly running helps to build inner muscles and breathing becomes easier. It also helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases and simultaneously burns calories. Running also helps to make a balanced weight. Sitting all day makes the body filled with calories and if anyone does not burn them, the chances to get affected with diseases increase. Having any type of exercise will help to keep them fit. So, I prefer running into my fitness.

Generally, I run at the Gulshan Iqbal Park in Lahore which is beside my residence. The park contains a jogging track of over 1.5 kilometres. I usually run on the track and sometimes jog as well when I feel tired. This is a long park and a perfect place for me. Running in the early morning is the most convenient and with the rise of the sun, the park becomes crowded with different health conscious people. They come here, take some exercise and leave. But the parks remains crowded round the day for its natural beauties. Though the lake inside the park is artificial, it looks gorgeous in all time of the day, especially in the evening. So, many of the nature lovers gather beside the lake during the sunset.

Usually, I go alone for the running in the working days but in the weekdays, Albina, my wife, accompanies me. During the working days, I wake up early in the morning and start the run before the sunrise because the temperature appears to be warm when the sun is up. So, I try to run before the sunrise in the work days. But on the holidays, there are some changes in the routine. I go with Albina in the evening. When the sun is about to set, the entire environment looks beautiful and running with my wife becomes enjoyable.

Running is considered as a healthy habit, and there are a large number of reasons supporting the argument. When someone runs, it helps to build muscles. Further, it helps to prevent different diseases and heart attacks. When people run, their tolerance level improves and consequently, they turn free of diseases. Running helps to improve heart and as a result, the chances of heart attack decreases. Running helps to strengthen the heart and blood circulation improves. With the sweat emitted after running usually burns the extra calorie that we take from our foods. So, it considered another good way to burn calories. Moreover, when people are in bad mood, running helps to reduce the stress level. So, considering all the aspects, it appears that running is healthy indeed.

Model Answer 2:
Having physical exercise, especially free-hand exercises is a great thing to do. It makes us fit and creates an impressive look. So, I regularly take physical exercise. This is a smart question to answer. Thank you so much for the question.

Usually, I take several types of free-hand physical exercise. Now it has become my habit to participate in the physical activities. As part of the activity, sometimes I walk in the morning or run. Then I take some other forms of physical exercises as well once the running or walking is complete. It takes about 45 minutes altogether to complete all the activities.

I usually walk in the park located at my residence. This is a very nice place to walk and take exercises. The entire park is surrounded by a boundary. This is filled with greeneries and even there are some artificial lakes inside the park. Besides, there are seating arrangements as well for the park-insiders. If someone gets tired, s/ he can take rest on the benches in the park. The natural environment of the park is also charming. It is filled with various types of birds and there are some smaller wild animals are also available. Before using the park, I used to exercise at my home. And suddenly thought that it would be more beneficial if I go to the park.

I prefer to walk alone. But sometimes, I walk with some other people whom I have met in the park during the walking and running session. But in most of the cases, I move along for the walk. The park entrance opens at 5.00am and most of the people come there by 5.30am. But I go there even before the entrance opening. So, when I come back home from the park, it is the time for other people to enter there. In the holidays, the park becomes crowded in the early morning. People start gathering in the park before the gate opening. Sometimes, they need to form a queue for entering.

This is really a healthy activity for me. There are many reasons for considering this as a healthy activity. When people walk or take other forms of exercises, they develop a disease prevention capacity within themselves. Moreover, when you will take exercises, you will have a vigour inside your mind. Your capacity for work will be increased. Another important aspect of the exercise is that you are becoming an early riser. When you will rise early, you will be able to enjoy the daytime more than the people who wake up late. A deep breath in the fresh air will make you feel happy. Considering all the grounds, I think this is really a healthy task.

Idea Generation for this Cue Card Topic:

"Describe something healthy you enjoy doing."

1. Well, drinking water is a good habit that helps me keep fit and fresh. Actually, people need to drink plenty of water every day. I usually drink water wherever I can. I carry a small water bottle with me. Most of the time, I drink water when I am at home and office. But I also drink water when I am on the street. I drink plenty of water alone and the amount is more than ten glasses in a day. It helps me keep the body hydrated. This is a healthy habit. Drinking water has numerous benefits. For instance, water meets our thirst, helps to flush toxic materials from the body, makes the body cool and so on. Besides, drinking water also helps to keep the human body’s internal organs safe and sound.

2. Meditation is good for the overall betterment of our mental and physical health. This is one of the most beneficial habits that a man can practice. Generally, I meditate in my bedroom. In fact, meditation should be practised in proper silence. So, a calm and quiet place is considered the best place for meditation. Most of the times, I do it alone. But when my cousins come to visit us, they participate with me as well. In a meditation, a person travels through his mind. His body feels refreshed.

3. Taking plenty of vegetables is a very good habit to maintain a balanced body and weight. So, I have started taking vegetable at my lunch and dinner from a couple of months ago.  Actually, vegetables are not preferred to everyone. So, most of the time, I take them at my home. My mom cooks the vegetables for me in a special manner. Eating vegetables has some good impacts on the human body. They are easily digestible. Eating vegetables has almost zero side effects. Besides, they also provide the necessary stamina to the body. Hence, I am in love with eating plenty of vegetables.

4. Processed food is harmful to our health. Despite knowing the truth, many people are in love with them. But I have given up the habit. Instead, I love to take snacks made at home. In fact, all the family members of mine have adopted the same habit. They all take home-made snacks. Usually, the processed food tastes delicious but it has fewer nutrients. Moreover, processed food is a kind of a wastage of money. You can also save a big amount monthly and invest that for some creative purposes if you completely abandon processed and junk food.

5. Negative emotions are highly harmful to the inner peace of human. So, to lead a healthy life, I have purged the negative emotions from my mind. This is not a matter to practice with people. You will need to practice it alone. Whenever negative thoughts appear in my mind, I remove them consciously. This is a good practice indeed. It helps me get rid of unnecessary tensions and impatience. So, I have given up the habit and replaced that with some positive thoughts.

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