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Describe a small and successful company

IELTS Cue Card Question 162 with Model Answer:

Describe a small and successful company.

You should say:
  • where it is
  • how you know this company
  • who runs this company
and explain why you think it to be a successful company.  

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
‘Unique Design’ is a website designing company headquartered in Delhi. This is a small IT firm that mostly deals with the designing of a website and provides other web related necessary services.

The company is located in Shahpur Jat, opposite to the Asian Game Village in New Delhi. The company serves different clients with the services like programming, graphic design, web hosting, web management, web consultancy, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and few other specific tasks related to online business. This is a small company and thus the relationship with the clients and the company authority is friendlier than the large corporations. The company has designed and developed stunning websites and graphic designs which have been admired by both national and international clients.

I am familiar with the company as my friends are the founder. All the founder members of ‘Unique Design’ are my friends and we have been brought up in the same locality in New Delhi. Even we share some familial relations as well. They started the company in 2009 and experienced different ups and downs to run the company. Besides, the initiatives undertaken by the company is also publicised in local newspapers and media. Often they have also advertised to grab the clients’ attention. Gradually, they started receiving clients and grow their business.

The company is run by an executive committee which is made of a chairman and two directors. All of the executive committee members work here. In fact, they hold the positions during any meeting or at any conference to represent the company. In the other times, they are the employees of the company. Besides, there are five other employees working with the company in different roles including designing, programming and content development. There are nine members altogether in this IT firm who are managing all the daily activities.

This is a successful company is several aspects. Firstly, the company is growing. Earlier, in the starting days, the company had only three staffs (the executive body members) who had to cover up all the necessary works. They also funded the firm and born all the expenses until they experienced profits. Unique Design has successfully completed numerous projects and still many of the projects are in the pipeline. They are successful because they have created employment for six other staffs, they have shifted to a new location, their office set up is decorative, they have special equipment for performing specific tasks and overall they are growing gradually. Now the Unique Design might be a small company but for their extraordinary performance and expanding client list, it is anticipated that within the next five years, it will be a leading IT Firm in the country.

Model Answer 2:
My friend David has opened a home delivery company to deliver goods and services in his own locality. His company has become successful within a short time after initiation. Thank you for the question and I will describe the matter in brief now.

The company office is located on the top floor of the apartment where David lives with his parents. This is a crowded locality and people need numerous daily necessaries. And if the things could be sent to the doorsteps, the consumers become happier. So, David opened the company in this suburb of Florence in Italy.

I came to know about the company first from David. He told that he wanted to start a company that will deliver products and services to the doorstep of customers when the customers will buy them from online stores. Though the idea was old, and there were some suspicions about the company’s success, finally it survived. The beginning was a bit troublesome for it. Finding the customers was the most difficult part of survival. Besides, maintaining the service quality was another challenge. However, David did not compromise with any of the matters and started working hard on the project for about one year. He is now successful and has expanded the company.

David is the owner of the company but for executing the other responsibilities, he has some assistance. In the beginning, David used to do all the things and even he played the role of delivery man as well to grow the business. Now his company has been expanded to some other levels too. It has become possible for the earnest efforts of his staffs and other officials. Everyone related to the company is sincere about their duties and responsibilities. So, they gained popularity in the locality.

This is a successful company for many reasons. It delivers different products and services as a third party. When people order something from any online store located in any specific locality. This company has become a successful one within a short time after establishment for its devotion to the business. It never makes late to deliver the products. For instance, you bought an earring from an online shop and the company will deliver the product within the next six hours to your doorstep. This company has a close connection with the online shop owners. When the order is placed in the shop, the company agent is informed about that specific order and moves to deliver the product or service to the destination. The company is committed to gain customer satisfaction and works day and night. The company agents are ready to serve you even at midnight. For all such reasons, I think this is a successful company.

Idea Generation for this Cue Card Topic: 

Cue Card Topic: Describe a small and successful company.

1.  The company I am talking about is located on the same street I live in Tokyo. I first came to know about the company when I needed to complete some assignments at my university. The company is run by a couple of young people who have just graduated from their university. The company is successful because it serves the clients with the finest jobs. In fact, they assist in completing academic assignments for students who are unable to perform the critical one. Within a few days, it has gained popularity among the students.  

2.  I had no idea that I could get perfumes delivered at my home. I was browsing the internet the other day to know if any home service provider is active and my luck favoured me. The company is a sister concern of a large and renowned company here in Islamabad. The company has become successful because they get many online orders every day. And the company was also in the number one position in the search ranking. Besides, their delivery service was adorable. So, I think this was a successful company.

3.  Outsourcing companies are doing well here in Indonesia. And the company I am talking about is located in the same city where I live in. I came to know about the company while searching for a job. The company is run a group of directors who have skills in outsourcing activities. This is a very successful small company in different terms. I have got the job here and came to know about the vastness of the projects. There are lots of clients whom they are serving perfectly. Thereby, this is a successful one I believe.  

4.  Real-estate business is a profitable one and there is a small company which is doing very well in the business in my town. I was looking for a small flat for my elder sister here in Sri Lanka and came to know about the company from the internet. A small corporation runs the company and it has been serving for the past two years. The company is successful as it keeps the promises and delivers the preferable properties to the clients and finally has a large number of successful projects.

5.  Auto-Care is a small car repairing company based in New York. The company is run by a single owner. I came to know about it when my car got some dents in a minor accident. I needed to repair the damage and the mechanics of this company did the job for me perfectly. This is a successful company because a good number of clients are seen in the workshop premise. They all come to repair their vehicles. Besides, the attitudes of the staffs were adorable. Considering all the facts, it appeared that this was a successful small company.

If you can talk about the cue card topic "Describe a small and successful company." you should be able to talk about the following IELTS cue card topics as well:
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  • Describe a business run by your friend or family member. 
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