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Describe an electronic machine you want to buy

IELTS Cue Card Question 156 with Model Answer:

Describe an electronic machine you want to buy.

You should say:
  • what it is
  • how you knew about this machine
  • what specific features you want from it
and explain why you want to buy this machine. [You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
The computer is one of the latest inventions and we cannot do a day without the help of computers. It is a must in our life and I want to have a laptop computer for me as I have to travel to different places for my occupational purposes.

Though I have a desktop computer at home and another one at my office, I want to get a laptop of a renowned brand. There are several reasons for this decision. Firstly I have to travel in many parts of the country for research purposes. So, when I am on my trip, it becomes tougher for me to communicate with the office or other relevant people. If I have a laptop computer with me, I could be easily communicating with them. Moreover, carrying a laptop is easier than shifting a desktop computer. Being a light device, I can keep it with me always wherever I go and with a modem, I could be connected to my virtual world as well.

The laptop is a familiar electronic machine in the current days. I came to know about the use of laptop from my real life experience. Once I went to Andhra Pradesh, a southeastern region in India, for some research works. I had no such electronic machine with me to preserve the research data. I had to script them manually and take the copies with me always. But unfortunately, some of the scripts were missing that made me suffer a lot. When I returned my office, I noticed the issue and could not recover the data as I did not know where I lost them. If I had a laptop, I could have preserved them well. Hence, the necessity to have a laptop appeared in my mind and I came to know about different types of laptops.

A laptop has many features and mobility is the best of them. I will be able to carry the little machine everywhere and start working with that. Power saving is another feature for a laptop. Often I go to places where there are limited electricity facilities and with a laptop, I could work without electricity for longer hours as laptop batteries preserve power. Moreover, I could be connected to the Internet always and transfer or receive necessary data with my office. Often I need to reach my family members and with a laptop, I could use the communicating software like Skype or Google Hangout to talk or chat with them. Working always may appear boring and I could also use the laptop to watch movies or to play songs.

The laptop is a tiny attractive machine. It is available in different size and shape and I would like to have a small piece among them. There are many reasons to have a laptop and mobility is one of them (as I said earlier). I think a laptop will make my life effective. It will help preserving time and efforts. Writing research proposals and reports manually is difficult indeed. With a laptop, I can do the tasks smoothly and effectively. Usually, I waste my leisure hours without any effective action but if I have a laptop, definitely I would use that for some effective purposes like scripting any proposal or proofing any document or read books. It will be a part of my daily life.

Model Answer 2:
Recently I have got married and started to form my family. As part of building the family, I am in need of various stuff for my home and a refrigerator is a notable one. I want to buy a refrigerator. Thank you for the question and I will describe the matter now.

A refrigerator is an electronic device that helps to preserve food and other stuff in a cold environment. Usually, this is used to store foods, beverages in a cold environment so that they could be used at a later date. This is a modern device and has become a must for a family. Almost every family has a refrigerator and they use it in their everyday life. In fact, it has become a part and parcel of the families.

There is a saying that necessity is the father of invention. The statement is true and I came to know about the machine at an early age when my family started using it. At first, I was amazed by its feature and glad that my family have one. Later, I came to know about its use gradually. But my mum did not allow me to open the refrigerator alone as I kept that open for a long time. Further, when I felt hot, I used to open the refrigerator, sat inside it to feel comfortable. It was in my childhood. But when I grew up, there were no such issues.

A refrigerator is a machine that helps to preserve foods. For instance, you have bought a can of meat and cannot finish the entire can in a day. So, you need to preserve that. But if you put the can in an open space, the meat inside will be rotten. If you preserve it in a refrigerator, the meat will remain edible in the can. So, I need my refrigerator to be efficient enough to preserve almost all types of foods and drinks. Further, it should also come with ice making the feature. There are some refrigerators that do not have the features. But I love ice creams and if I have the feature, I will make ice creams whenever I need.

I want to buy this machine for some reasons. First of all, I and my wife both are service holders. I am a sales executive and she is a school teacher. So, we need to stay out of home for a long time in a day. It is impossible for us to cook the foods daily. If the cooked foods are preserved in the refrigerator, it would be helpful for us. We are in fact in a shortage of time. The machine will help to save our valuable times. This is the key reason for buying a refrigerator.

Idea Generation for this Cue Card Topic:

1. During the summer, a scorching hot weather hits the city of Islamabad. So, I have been planning to buy an additional ceiling fan. This is a common household electronic machine across the world and it is being used in Pakistan for a long. The ceiling fan has three blades which run on electricity and allows the users to get rid of the heat. I want to buy an additional electric fan for my room because I have just shifted to a new house and it has a large bedroom where a single fan is not enough.

2.  I often need the support of a drill machine to make holes in walls for various household works. I own a hammer and it is almost impossible to make holes using a hammer. I came to know about the machine from the internet a couple of weeks ago. In fact, I visited the internet to know about a convenient tool that can support me in this case. This electric machine runs smoothly and can penetrate any hard surface which is the key feature. I want to buy this machine as I need to make some holes in the wall.

3.  I have a plan to buy an electric sewing machine. I love to sew my dresses but it is often tough for me to manage time to go to a tailor. So, a friend of mine has advised me to buy an electric sewing machine. The machine is able to sew smoothly and it does not need manual pressure. So, sewing becomes easier. I want to buy this machine for several reasons - it helps to complete the sewing in no time, has fewer chances of breaking the needles, easy to preserve, among others. Moreover, I would be able to use it at any convenient time of mine. Most importantly, I will not need to run after the tailors to complete my dress.

4.  Recently, I have opened an office in Shanghai and I badly need a fax machine. Generally, a fax machine sends and received messages and it is used widely in offices as a reliable mean of communication. In fact, this is a great communication device and a must for every office which have to communicate across the world. As I have to send messages abroad in written form, there is no alternative to this machine. Therefore, I want to buy a fax machine.

5.  Washing my clothes manually is difficult for me. Thereby, I am in need of a washing machine. Recently, I went to visit an aunt and found that she was using a washing machine. It eased her cloth cleaning process. The machine also came with features like auto cleaning and energy saving. More importantly, I can use it at any time of the day. Considering all these facts, I think a washing machine is a must for my family.

If you can talk about the cue card topic "Describe an electronic machine you want to buy." you should be able to talk about the following IELTS cue card topics as well:
  • Describe something you have recently bought.
  • Describe a tool or device you find very useful.
  • Describe a tool or electronic device you use at home. 
  • Describe the best gift you have ever received. 
  • Describe something you want to buy.
  • Describe something you had to save money to buy. 

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