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Describe a song you like

IELTS Cue Card Question 169 with Model Answer:

Describe a song you like.

You should say:
  • what the song is
  • who is the singer
  • how often you listen to it
and explain why you like this song so much.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
The song is known as ‘Shape of My Heart’. The song is by Sting, an English rock musician who is most popular for the song Desert Rose.

The song – Shape of My Heart is from the fourth solo album of Sting titled Ten Summoner’s Tales. The song was first released in 1993 and has a deeper meaning to the audience. The key theme of the song is love in association with morality. The song describes a man who loves to play cards. But during the playing, he does not follow any ill measures or cheating. In fact, he is not a bad player but currently lacks concentration on the game as he has experienced many ups and downs of life and now pondering over the issues.

Commonly known as Sting in the music arena, Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner is an English singer. He is a man of talent. He is a musician, singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, actor, philanthropist and activist. He was a songwriter for a band until launching his solo album. He owns a successful career and has also achieved several prestigious awards. He has won the Grammy Awards 16 times. He has also been the 62nd man of the 100 best living songwriters for the outstanding songs and lyrics. His collaboration with the other musicians is also noteworthy.

The song highly motivates me. So, I play the song whenever I have chances. It makes me feel encouraged to change my attitude to everything I see and feel. The song also has a different kind of charm. When the song is played, it creates a sense of satisfaction inside me. The tone of the music is breathtaking; especially the playing of the guitar is simply wonderful. The key message of the song is that the player wants to prove that he is not like the other people. He has a different mind and he wants to live his own way. The lyric of the song also makes me emotional as well and thus I listen to the song.

This is one of my favourite songs and I like it for some special reasons. The song creates a different mode in me. The lyric is outstanding and tells that the man who plays the card as a meditation. He has no attraction for money or respect rather he plays for some other reasons. He knows each and everything about the cards and knows how to deal with them. He may adopt some unfair ways sometimes if he wants. The entire song is about a human philosophy, I think. Human life is like playing cards. One may know everything but may not take the right decisions at the right time. And finally, they are to regret.

Model Answer 2:
Usually, I am not the lover of music in a traditional sense. But sometimes, I listen to music for relaxation. So, the number of songs that I like most is limited. The song “Summer of 69” by Bryan Adams is one of my favourite songs. Thank you for the question. It reminds me of many untold emotions. I will describe the events here.

The song is about nostalgia. A good number of events have been exhibited through the song lyric. The song describes the past of the singer, the disbanding of a reputed band, landing on the moon. And the most importantly, it is about the character who bleed the finger while playing his guitar. In fact, such devotions to the guitar are not available in present days. Actually, the song is the combination of a notable number of things that took place during the olden days of the singer.

Bryan Adams recorded and sang the song. In fact, it was from his fourth album naming as Reckless which was published in 1984. The song was jointly composed by Jim Vallance and Adams. The other person was a long companion for Adams. The song was released in 1985. The song belongs to rock genre but it has attracted all types of people across the world. After the release, the song received a huge appreciation from the audiences around the world and stayed on the top of the music chart for a notable period of time.

As I said before, I am not a music lover but listen to music in some preferable moments. When I feel alone and want to get back in my past days, I listen to this song. Generally, I feel alone when I get back home after a hefty day in office, I play the song at a loud volume. Moreover, during the weekend evenings, I love to listen to the song. It creates a different type of appeal to me.

I like the song for no particular reasons. To be honest, this is the song that drew my attention only for the lyric. The lyric takes us to the past and lament for the old days. Human nature loves to recall the days those are gone. The theme of the song is outstanding indeed. The other reason behind preferring the song is that I love the songs composed and recorded by Bryan Adams. He is the person who makes some quality songs and gets global appreciation. He is also sincere in all the matters related to song composition and takes sufficient time to produce a song. As a result, the songs get the best quality. Based on the grounds, I have set the song on my favourite list.

More Ideas to talk about the cue card -  

 "Describe a song you like."

1. I love to listen to music to spend some leisure hours and the song titled ‘Careless Whisper’ by George Michael is my favourite one. George Michael sang the song and it is a great piece from him. I frequently listen to music. I love the song for its outstanding lyric. Besides, the official video is also attractive which drew my attention for the first time. When I listen to the song, I feel something special inside my mind. It appears that the lyric was meant for me. Coincidentally, the lyric matches with a part of my life. So, I am fond of the song.

2. The song ‘Hello’ is my favourite one. It was sung by Lionel Richie. This is the only song that I listen which is sung by this singer. I do not know any reason why I feel attracted to this particular song. In fact, it might be the lyric that attracts me. Moreover, I was impressed with the music video of this song. Once, I was a fascination for the song and frequently listened to it. But now, I am unable to manage enough time to listen to this song. However, I like the song too much as it has a symbolic meaning to me. In fact, not everyone would be able to get inside the song. This is a special one for special people.

3. There are fewer people who have not been impressed with the song from a Bollywood movie ‘Jism’. The song titled ‘Yeh Jism Hai to Kiya’ is my preferred one. The song is sung by Ali Azmat, a popular singer of the industry. I frequently listen to the song. The song is about the body. It is also about love and pain. Someone is in deep trouble with the love affair. And the tone that the singer has used makes me feel thrilled. Someone is searching for a true love or something like that which is really hard to bear in mind. Based on the reason, I am in love with the song.

4. I am fond of Tagore songs. In fact, the language is unfamiliar to me but I love the tunes. Recently, I have heard a song titled ‘Dibasa Rajani’ composed by Tagore. The song was about waiting for someone during all the day and night – the meaning I came to know later. But now, it has become a favourite one of mine. I frequently listen to the song. The song is a bit different than the songs I used to listen in my own language, Spanish. The lyric of this particular song in appealing. And it expresses a sort of pain like someone is experiencing a mental agony as s/ he is unable to meet the dearest one.

5. I will ever remember ‘The Downeaster Alexa’. This is a special song to me. I watched the song for the first time in a Hollywood movie last year. And found the complete song on youtube. Billy Joel sang the song. And I frequently listen to the song. It has a special appeal to me for several reasons. The entire song is about the life of a sailor who travels in deep oceans. But he also has to care for something. He has his family and children whom he maintains in the mainland. But he, at present, is undergoing some tough times. He expects everything will be alright and he will get back to his family.

If you can talk about the cue card topic "Describe a song you like." you should be able to talk about the following IELTS cue card topics as well:
  • Describe your favourite song. 
  • Describe a song you remember from your childhood. 
  • Describe a piece of music or song you really like. 
  • Describe a popular song or music you know about. 
  • Describe your all-time favourite song. 
  • Describe a song you often listen to. 

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