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Talk about something that makes you excited

IELTS Cue Card Question 119 With Model Answer:

Talk about something that makes you excited.

You should say:
  • what it is
  • how it is exciting
  • how you feel about it
and say if other people who do the same thing feel exactly the same way or not.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
Excitement is not the thing to be seen rather people feel it inside. This is a very special type of feeling that people undergo in all of the stages of their life for some unknown reasons.

When I hear about going to a movie with my friends, I become excited. I do not have any idea how to express my emotions when they ask me to accompany them to enjoy the newly released movie on the local theatre hall. We all go there like a ‘gang’ and come back after enjoying the movie and most of the time we remain busy in criticising the characters or artists who have taken part in the movie. This is the positive excitement for me. But there are some other negative excitements are also found as well which cause damage to the people. When the excitement is in negative form, they usually get angry and take wrong decisions or speak unwanted speeches. It is a blessing to me that I do not own such negative emotions and I am highly excited about movies.

The excitement is great. After my college classes, I have nothing much to do at home. So, whenever I get a chance in the evening, I sit with my laptop and watch movies. I have also registered myself for some online movie watching websites by paying a standard monthly charge so that I could enjoy the high-quality movies. Mostly I like the action and comedy movies and when the scenes appear before me, I got too much excited. Clapping my hand is a common issue for me during the movie watch and sometimes I start cutting my nails with teeth (I think it does not go with me but I cannot resist myself). Further, when it is about the comedies, I cannot stop laughing and sometimes (when I am at home) I rewind the comical sequences to enjoy the events.

I think the excitement for movies is nothing to be felt guilty inside for developing such a peculiar habit. One can derive pleasures from any of the legal things and can do anything which is not harmful to anyone or the society. So, I am happy indeed with my excitement and at the same time proud of it too. Though my excitement may sound weird to many, but I have nothing to bother or concern about other people’s thought. I feel good at the ways I feel excited. When I hear about the release of any movie, I go to the local theatre hall to enjoy it. Sometimes, I watch that online if not released in my town. But I have to acknowledge some facts and as a girl, at times it becomes difficult for me to go to theatres, alone. So, I move with my family members or friends and they are also excited to be with me.

The people who love to watch movies are also crazy like me especially when a new movie is released. But the numbers of such people are limited and the adults are not too much attracted to the movies like us. When I share my movie watching experiences with my friends, I find that most of them are eager like me to watch the movie. Then, I have to accompany them to the theatre again.

Model Answer 2:
I really feel very excited when I plan to buy new books or visit any bookshop. In fact, the excitement begins with the thought that I would be able to buy books. Besides, the smells of new books are also exciting to me. It has become a habit for me to smell new books.

Reading books is a hobby for many and I am also similar to them. I love to read books, particularly novels. So, the moment is too exciting for me when I plan to go for buying books. In every month, I have a budget for books and I spend it by purchasing several types of books. Actually, I have a dream to make a private library for myself that will contain numerous books.

The idea is of buying books makes me excited. But the feelings would not be the same for everyone except the book lovers. Only the people who have intimacy with books will know how it feels when someone buys books. Books are like assets that will bring a joy of mind. And only you can feel them. So, when I buy books, I feel a deep sense of pleasure inside my mind. It is too exciting to me that I eagerly wait for the day to come.

I am lucky that I am blessed with the type of habit. Not everyone is able to read books and they do not develop any love for the books. But if they had known how books help to grow up mentally, they would have read books. I am different from them, and I regularly read books. My feelings are inexpressible about this matter. I definitely feel lucky for developing the habit. My dad was the inspiration in this case. He appreciated me for reading books and once I grew interested in reading, he used to bring various types of books for me. After growing up, I found that I am greatly attracted to the habit and cannot do without it.

As I said before, the feeling is not the same for everyone. But the people with the same thought share the similar feeling. In fact, this is not possible for an intruder to know how it feels when someone gets a new book for reading. There are some people who only smell the book and start reading later. In the meantime, they only take book’s smell. There are some other people who store the books in innovative manners. So, the reactions after getting books might be different while the inner feelings are the same. All the book-loving people have the same feeling towards books as I do. And we all are proud of that.

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