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Describe someone who has had an important influence in your life

IELTS Cue Card Question 112 With Model Answer:

Describe someone who has had an important influence in your life.

You should say:
  • who the person is
  • how long you have known him/her
  • what qualities this person has
Explain why this person has had such an important influence on you.  

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
Mr Patrick Robertson was a skilled photographer of his time and had great influence on me in my youth only for his photographic expertise.

I prefer photography than any other thing. Capturing the moments with a camera was my hobby and still, it is. You will be glad to hear that I am now a professional photographer and my photos are printed now on different reputed newspapers both in their online and offline versions. It was Mr Robertson who taught me the photography and thus his influence is inexpressible in few words. He was my mentor and even today I seek his suggestions when I go for a photo shoot. His personality was adorable and the loud lucid voice had a special impact on everyone.

Thank you for asking details about Mr Robertson and I am truly glad to describe him. I know him for around 13 years since the first meeting. When I was a novice photographer in 2001, I was admitted into a learning school to get familiarity with camera and photography details. Mr Robertson was my mentor in the class and he favoured me most among the other students for my quick learning capacity. Besides, I also build a friendly relationship with him which made me closer to him. You won’t believe that I changed my residence near Mr Robertson’s house so that I could accompany him or get help from him.

Mr Robertson is involved in journalism in Australia and been staying here for a long time. In the line of his news editing skills, he was a skilled and charming photographer. Moreover, he was a nobleman with a solid character. I have never seen him getting involved in any wrongdoings with the news like publishing fabricated news or misinformation etc. I had the chance to work with him in his newspaper and found that he was a truly honest and gentleman. He lived a simple life and never missed his appointments. Besides, he was kind to others too. Whenever any photography student asked him for assistance, he never disappointed them by rejecting rather he cordially invited the students into office if he lacked time to arrange a class.

You will be surprised to hear that he is a fatherly figure to me and always welcomes me on everything. I am highly influenced by his benevolent behaviour and impressed with the photography skill. His photographic senses belong to the finest level. I am also influenced by him for he does not want any exposure for his deeds. His extraordinary skills of photography, his conversational style, ready wit, benevolent behaviours, honesty, care for his subordinates etc. have impressed me and thus I am greatly influenced by him. Though it may sound weird to you, I am greatly influenced by him that I try to follow each of his steps in everyday life. As a result, I have gained perfection in my photography and my lifestyle is changed to a great extent.

Model Answer 2:
This is a great opportunity to introduce Mr Robert who is my neighbour for long days. He is the only man who casts a great influence on me. In fact, I am greatly impressed with his skills in math problem-solving.

Mr Nicholas Robertson is the man whom I admire most out of my family. He loves to be addressed by his nickname – Robert. He is also an intimate friend of my dad. But he loves to socialise with people and particularly loves to play with kids. In his early life, he tried to be an adventurer (as far as I know about him) but now he is an assistant professor of Physics. He owns a very sharp brain and also he looks very smart with his spectacles.

I know him for over 15 years. He has been living in the opposite apartment of us. He lives with his family – his wife, two daughters and one son. I have a very good relationship with the other members of his family and they also love me much. But I am mostly amazed by this man for many reasons. His extraordinary skills in Mathematics surprises me. Besides, he is also a very good chess player. Often I play chess with him and have learnt many expert moves from him. But never I was able to defeat him the game.

To be honest, Mr Robert is a man of quality. He has too many qualities to describe. First of all, he is a smart man with a very sharp brain. He knows to teach his students very well. Besides, the way he plays chess is really interesting. Mr Robert also loves to play guitar in his leisure hours. I am planning to learn guitar from him too but unluckily I am unable to manage time now. Another important feature of Mr Robert is that he is able to control the situation and becomes the gainer. Many of the people admire this quality of him.

I am influenced by this man for some specific reasons. He is my mentor in mathematics. Besides, I also have known numerous real-life skills from him and been benefitted by applying them. He is also a wise man and never delivers unwanted advice to everyone. His lucid voice and gentle attitude influenced me most. I came to his close contact when I was in my seventh grade. I was having trouble with my mathematics and could not solve the problem by myself. So, I needed an external support. My dad always supported me on such issues but he was out of the city for business purposes. Then I went to Mr Robertson and everything went normally. For all such reasons, he has had great influence on me.

If you can talk about the cue card topic "Describe someone who has had an important influence in your life." you should be able to talk about the following IELTS cue card topics as well:
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  • Describe a person who you really admire.
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  • Describe an advice someone gave to you.
  • Talk about a person from your childhood whom you want to meet again.

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