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Describe a music concert you have seen

IELTS Cue Card Question 109 With Model Answer:

Describe a music concert you have seen.

You should say:
  • what kind of concert it was
  • where and when it took place
  • who you saw it with
and explain whether you enjoyed this music concert or not.  

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
I had the chance to join at a concert under the Believe Tour by Canadian singer Justin Bieber in Ottawa. It was one of the most wonderful concerts for me I have ever enjoyed.

Justin Bieber is my favourite singer and I have the collection of all of his songs. As a kid, he has raised himself to a different height which is unimaginable for the boy like his age. The concert was arranged in support of his third album - 'Believe'. The concert began in September of 2012 and he reached Ottawa in the next year as he had to perform in different other states as well. The concert got huge publicity on different media and tickets were unavailable, I am lucky that I had a friend with the concert organiser who managed the ticket for me.

The tour has taken place in Ottawa on July 23 of 2013 at Scotiabank Place. Although the venue was extra large for such a concert, on the concert day it was jam-packed with the audience and it was difficult for me to stand at the entrance queue with the expanding crowd. However, my friend rescued me from this trouble and I entered the Scotiabank Place for the first time to enjoy a live concert. The stage decoration was lucrative and the lighting system made the hall as a bright as daylight. Fortunately, I managed space in the front row and kept standing until the concert ended. I forgot the duration and it might have lasted for one and a half hour.

Unfortunately, I could not manage another ticket for my younger brother, who is also a fan of Justin Bieber. He missed the event entirely but I was so lucky that I had the chance to talk with the popular singer for the first time during the concert. He was having a stunning look with the sleeveless shirt, a black pant, a bandana on his right arm and the microphone on his head. He was accompanied by a band of musicians who were playing different instruments together to make the concert enjoyable. He moved across the concert stage while the most of the audiences were dancing cheerfully with the songs. Despite being a little kid to me, I am his super fan and prefer his songs always. The meanings of the songs are outstanding and the music composition is tremendous. He knows how to sing and make the audience crazy with his super tone.

It was a good luck for me that I have a friend who is working with the event management in Ottawa and helps me greatly in such cases like reserving concert tickets, arranging front row seats, special treatments in the venue and more other issues. But I truly enjoyed the Believe Tour though I did not get enough chance to sit or receive any special treatment from the organisers as the entire hall was overcrowded. Security people of the venue were helpless to control the crowd and bring discipline to the audience. Besides, the songs were excellent with a lively performance. The singer sang a couple of songs from his new album while the other songs belonged to his former albums.

Model Answer 2:
Recently, my university had organised a music concert and I attended there. It was a nice concert that I have ever enjoyed. Thank you for the great question that reminds me of the interesting event.

It was a musical concert. But there was a basic difference between this concert and the other ones. The performers were from England and they performed instrumental music only. In fact, I was not habituated with such types of music and it was my first meeting with them. But after a few moments, I was surprised at the musical beauty and carefully listened the other performance of the artists. As part of celebrating an event, the University organised the concert.

The concert took place inside the university auditorium. The planning to hold the concert began about a month ago. I was enlisted as a member of the event celebration committee. But later, I gave up the position for experiencing difficulties with my upcoming semester final. So, I was unaware of the concert schedule. I went early to enjoy the concert but it began at around 7.30pm while I was at the venue by 5.00 pm. I had to wait over two hours to enjoy the concert. But I used the time effectively. The university library was just opposite to the auditorium and luckily it was opened. So, I went there and took some notes and organised then until the concert began.

I was alone in the beginning. But later, I met with some of my classmates and friends. They also went to enjoy the show. Later, we all sat in the same row. It was a bit difficult to manage seats in the front row as those were pre-booked by the others. So, we tried to find our seats in the middle rows. Luckily, there were around 15 empty seats in the middle section and we grabbed them. The view was clear and the sound projection was loud. It was better for us, in fact, the front row seats provide a noisy projection indeed.

I really enjoyed the musical show. Some of my mates said that they were not interested only in listening instruments. Hence, they attempted leaving the auditorium. But I stopped them from leaving the place. If they left the concert, I know they would lament later for missing the music. Moreover, enjoying such events without company is not interesting. Therefore, we all enjoyed the concert for the next two hours. The performers played several tunes but none of them was familiar to me. Later, I came to know that it was a type of music genre and thus developed an interest in it. To be straight, I enjoyed the concert to the last minute.

If you can talk about the cue card topic "Describe a music concert you have seen." you should be able to talk about the following IELTS cue card topics as well:
  • Describe something unusual you did recently.
  • Describe a common festival or even in your country.
  • Describe something you recently did with a friend.
  • Describe a music concert you enjoyed.
  • Describe a concert of party you have been to.

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