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Describe a language you would like to learn

IELTS Cue Card Question 103 With Model Answer:

Describe a language you would like to learn.

You should say:
  • what the language is
  • where it is spoken
  • how it will help you
and explain why you want to learn this language.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
English is an international language and it is a must to communicate in the fast-paced world. As a French national, I would like to learn English perfectly.

English is the most familiar language across the world and even people living at the farthest corner knows English. Therefore, having the right command over the language is a must to make oneself familiar with the global people and the necessity of this language is beyond imagination. We need English in every sphere of our life. Although French is my mother tongue, the higher education books are composed in English and the classes are always held in English too. Sometimes I cannot speak the language properly while attending my university classes and make grave mistakes in pronunciation of specific words. This is an embarrassing situation for me and my nation as well.

English is spoken everywhere in this world. It is used for different purposes. The use of the language is so necessary that it has become the first language for the majority of the developed countries while the developing ones have made it their second language. The English language is needed to learn newer things or issues, gather knowledge for everyday use, enjoy movies and television serials, communication with foreign clients and dealers, travelling in foreign countries and booking for overseas hotels during the trip, regular conversation in office, responding in classes, appearing on examinations and many other purposes that could not be described into words. As a result, the language has become the queen of all language with its outstanding ability to impress the global people.

I am planning to move to the UK in the next year after completing my Bachelors as a computer engineer and hope to take the post graduation degree there. As far as I know that the British people are perfectionists and they do not prefer students who have some other tones except their native. It becomes difficult for the foreign students to compete with the natives unless at least the speaking tones are similar to them. So, I want to learn the language, particularly the spoken part. Gradually, I will follow the British writing style and will start using their native words in my writings so that I could have a native writing style too. Learning the language will help me to reach the goals.

I am quite fine with English but lack the ability to speak a standard form of English in formal situations. French-tones block my natural flow when I start speaking English. I have tried several times, alone, to change my French tone during the English conversations but failed each of the moments. Being a French national, I am highly dominated by the local French tone that makes me feel bad when I speak English. Besides, the pronunciations also become weird to listen to the others. A professional English language course will help me rid of the local tones. Besides, I have to practice a lot too to bring the natural tone as the English people use. Hope I will be able to learn the language for my betterment.

Model Answer 2:
Spanish is one of the leading languages in the world. The language is spoken in over 20 countries and has gained the position of the second language as well. So, I want to learn the language.

There are some other reasons for learning the language. In fact, Spanish is replacing some other important language and this is the official second language in the USA too. Hence, there are fewer chances to ignore the importance of the language. The language is now becoming a dominating one for its increased popularity around the world. A substantial number of people are after the language and by learning it, they are getting engaged in various types of activities.

The language basically originated in Spain and spoken in around those belts. But at the same time, now it has spread around the world. Over 400 million people in the world use the language in their day to day life. The number is also on the rise for its increasing demands. Basically, the people of Spain and surrounding countries speak with this language. This is a lucid language and I love to listen to it. Before learning it, I was unable to comprehend the meaning of the words they uttered. The languages appeared weird to me. But now I can understand almost all the words and expression of the language.

If I learn the language, it will help me in several ways. Firstly, the region where I live in the USA is filled with people who speak Spanish. It would be beneficial for me to communicate with them effectively. I have a small shop where I sell various items. If I know the language, I would be able to boost my sales. Recently, I have appointed a local Spanish individual so that he can communicate with the other local people who come to my shop. But it is difficult for me to talk with him as he does not know English properly. I think, if I know the language, I would be able to talk with him in a better manner. 

I also want to learn the language for some other grounds. I have a fascination for languages. Before settling in Long Beach, I was a sales executive at an international sunglasses manufacturing company and had travelled to different parts of the Europe and USA. I met with people and came to know about them. But it was difficult to communicate for the language barrier. So, I decided to learn a couple of international languages which would be helpful for me too and increase my communication skills. As per my plan, I want to learn the Spanish language.

If you can talk about the cue card topic "Describe a language you would like to learn." you should be able to talk about the following IELTS cue card topics as well:
  • Describe something new you want to learn.
  • Describe a second language you learned in your school.
  • Describe something you want to learn more.
  • Talk about a language you would like to learn in the future.
  • Talk about a language you do not know but some people in your country know.
  • Talk about how you learned a foreign language.
  • Describe a language or skill you want to learn.
  • Describe a language spoken in your country but you cannot speak.
  • Talk about something you have recently started learning.
  • Describe something you plan to do in the near future.
  • Describe a skill or ability which took you a long time to learn.

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