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Describe an indoor game you have enjoyed playing

IELTS Cue Card Question 106 With Model Answer:

Describe an indoor game you have enjoyed playing in your free time.

You should say:
  • what the game is
  • how you learned to play it
  • where you have played it
and explain why you have enjoyed playing this game.  

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
Games and sports have always attracted me but I like the indoor games more than the outdoor ones. I usually play chess in my free times and enjoy it more than any other indoor games.

Chess is a very exciting indoor game and this two-player game requires a lot of attention. Usually, it is played on a checkered board and the two opponents are trying hard to defeat each other. This is the only game that could be played at anywhere including both indoor and outdoor spaces. Not much space is required to play the game and the players are usually more intelligent than the regular people. There are 16 pieces on each side of the game for each of the player and the most intelligent one wins the game after lots of mental efforts. It is believed that game has been originated in India and it was before the 10th century. The players are to attack their opponent with soldiers, kings, queens, rooks, knights and bishops to win the game.

When I was in my senior high school, I met a boy, Samuel Rodriguez. He was an exceptionally intelligent boy and loved to play chess. I had one thing common with him. We were neighbours and as a result, I frequently visited his home. Suddenly, one day I found him playing chess alone. I had the curiosity to play chess but could not materialise the desire as I did not know how to play the board game. So, I asked Samuel to teach me chess. He taught me chess like an expert teacher. He explained the capacity of the pieces and their abilities as well – what they can do or what they cannot. It took around a week for me to learn the entire game. But in the early days, I could not win the games due to my unskilled attempts. Gradually I have improved in the game and can finish the game within the first ten minutes.

I usually play chess with some of my friends who are interested in playing the chess. My father was a great chess player and had won many prizes in different competitions. But I could not manage time to play with him as he remained busy always and also did not want to play with me as well as I could not take proper attempt to defeat him. So, he was a bit irritated with me over chess playing and thus avoided me. However, now as an expert player, I play the game with my colleagues, wife and sometimes with my relatives who are also experts in chess. Besides, I am planning to participate in the upcoming chess championship in the annual sports day at my office.

I always enjoy the game because it is a mind game and requires lots of patience and intellects. Unless you are equal to your opponent, you do not have chances to fight back and finally, you have to lose the game. It is enjoyable when you can discover the next attempt of your opponent and can accordingly take preventive measures to save your soldiers and other pieces.

Model Answer 2:
Playing card is my hobby and this is one of the most popular indoor games that many of the people prefer it like. Yes, this is my favourite indoor game that I often play at my home.
This is a very popular indoor game across the world. It is popular for many reasons. There are some specific games available to play with the cards. In fact, the number of games with cards is countless. There are some traditional games while there are some specific games as well. I am able to play some of the traditional and a few specific games. The rules of playing card games are different in places.  

When I was a child, I saw my dad playing cards at home. And most of the time, he played alone while I sat beside him. He was the first teacher of mine in learning card games. He knew lots of tricks with the cards and taught me some of them. My father used to tell that if I practice more, I would be able to deal with the cards perfectly. On the other side, when I went to college, I came to know some other card games and played with my college mates. Some of the college friends knew some special ways to play cards. But I have never participated in gambling with cards while some of my friends did.

I have played cards in several places. But I love to play it at home. Solitaire is my favourite card game and I can pass hours by playing this game. Sometimes, I play the card with my friends at their homes too. When playing cards at out of my home, I usually carry a packet of cards with me for some reasons. In fact, I cannot play a card if the cards are of not standard quality. So, I carry a packet of my own and use them when I find the cards are not of my standard.

I have enjoyed playing card games. Actually, the enjoyment cannot be described in words. It a kind of addiction that only the card players know. Besides, there are different types of games are available with the cards which create a sense of enjoyment for the players. It has also some positive impacts. Playing cards help to take an instant decision. Besides, dealing the cards also is a matter of high skill. If you can shuffle and deal the cards perfectly, it points that you have some extraordinary skills in you. Playing cards also is a great way to pass idle hours. For all the reasons, I am in love with the game.

If you can talk about the cue card topic "Describe an indoor game you have enjoyed playing in your free time." you should be able to talk about the following IELTS cue card topics as well:

  • Describe your favourite game or sport. 
  • Describe something you often do with your family members. 
  • Talk about an indoor game popular in your country. 
  • Describe something you like doing at home. 
  • Describe an indoor game you like to play. 
  • Talk about a game or sports you would like to learn to play. 
  • Describe something you would like to start doing. 
  • Describe an activity you often participate in. 
  • Talk about a game or competition you have recently taken part in. 
  • Describe a game you played in your childhood. 
  • Describe something you enjoy doing in your free time. 
  • Describe the leisure activity you like most.

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