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Describe a place that you have visited and particularly liked

IELTS Cue Card Question 54 With Model Answer: 

Describe a place that you have visited and particularly liked.

You should say: 
  • When you visited there
  • Who you went with
  • What was most memorable
And explain what you liked most about this place.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
Singapore is a highly charming country and as a Pakistani, I had the chance to visit the country last year. I liked the Botanic Garden most of the other places in Singapore.

My parents wanted to go for a shopping to get clothing and other necessary elements for observing the Eid Ul Fitr last year and they planned to visit Singapore. It was my father’s desire to shop in a foreign country for at least once in his life and accordingly he made the plan. After reaching the country, I was charmed with the extraordinary beauties of the city and streets. It was a lively country and the brightly illuminated city made me amazed but I was astonished after visiting the botanic garden. The greeneries of the garden made me feel fresh. The garden was the only rainforest of the country and was occupied by many other people who want to recover their health and take a deep breath.

My parents accompanied me during this trip (in fact, they took me with them to carry the shopping bags and materials). Whatever the purpose was, we passed some wonderful moments together and the tours were astonishing. Before we started the journey to the country, some other business partners of my father also handed over few lists and accordingly money to get the listed things for them. It was truly difficult for us to sort the listed things and at the same time get the things were planned to buy from the local markets. Later my father contacted to one of his partners and reduced the load to some extent saying that he would be unable to bring all the listed products.

Mostly we were busy with shopping throughout the days and had little chances to visit across the city. My parents were busy with shopping and one day I took a leave in the morning from them to visit the city. They did not allow me at first and then agreed on the condition that I would not go far. So, I started the lone-journey and reached the botanic garden. The garden was filled with different trees and plants and some of the parts were filled with unknown floral scents. I also saw some people who were having physical exercise and some other people were performing yoga and breathing exercise. I took part in yoga and the participants welcomed me warmly. This is the most memorable part of my visit to the garden.

In my native land, Pakistan, I have never seen such a huge garden like the one I have seen in Singapore. Therefore, I was attracted most by the garden and fell in love with that. I liked the garden most for its natural beauty. Besides, there was a food court just beside the garden entrance that served delicious foods and I took a breakfast on the court with softly boiled eggs, toasts, and a cup of coffee. It is the traditional breakfast of Singapore and tasted excellent. Moreover, the orchid garden inside the place was filled with numerous types of orchids and hybrid species.

Model Answer 2:
I have never been to the USA before January last and it was an amazing experience for me. I went to Florida for attending an official conference to represent my Chinese wristwatch manufacturer. In fact, it was the very first visit for me out of my country, China. And I visited some of the places there. But I liked the Panama City Beach more than the other places. Thank you for the question.

I had no idea about the natural beauty of the Panama City Beach. In fact, this was a resort city in Florida and a large number of people visit the city each day. So, the place is a moderately crowded round the day. Many of the local people flock in the evening to enjoy the sunset scene and take photographs. Being located near the Gulf of Mexico, the weather of the area is temperate. This is the beach that proudly owns sugar-white sands which have increased the attraction of the place. Besides, the water is also crystal clear.

I went Florida with two of my colleagues and one of my bosses. In fact, the tour was planned to seek opportunities to expand the market. I have joined with this wristwatch manufacturer as a sales analyst and strategic coordinator. This is not a newly emerged wristwatch manufacturing corporation rather the wristwatch is its fresh wing of business. Before joining with them, I was engaged as a computer hardware manufacturer and played the role of strategic analyst. The authority had sent me in the USA to explore any suitable opportunities for my company. They are, in fact, trying to expand the business in the international market. Some other tours have also been planned where I would an important role player. In the USA, I found plenty of opportunities and had set some effective strategies as well. It was a successful tour.

Visiting the Bay County in Florida was the most memorable experience. I had visited some other parts of the state but liked this place most as it contains the beach. This was a small area with a gross population of over 12,000. The city is also known as Panama City in short. The beach is unique in some sense. This is completely different from the other ordinary beaches only for the white sands. When walking on the sand, it provides a heavenly feeling. Besides, sitting on the sand during the sunset provides a pleasant feeling too. Moreover, there were some other activities that I liked most and they will remain in my memory for a long time. In fact, I felt lucky when I heard that the beach was known as the most beautiful beach in the world. Not everyone gets the chances to visit it. 

I liked the place for some other reasons. I got only a single day to pass here. So, I started early for the beach. Since this is a popular vacation destination, people started gathering even in that early morning. They participated in various types of outdoor games and sports. I also participated in some of the activities and liked the shopping mall near the beach that sells a grand number of products at a reasonable price. I also liked the sunset scene. It was a great experience for me to see the sun setting down in the sea. I do not know how the day was passed. But the memories are still in vivid in my mind. I wish to visit the place once again if I could manage everything.

If you can comfortably talk about this topic, you should be able to talk about the following Cue card topics as well:  

  1. Describe a place you have been to recently.
  2. Talk about a tour you remember well.
  3. Describe a place worth visiting in your country.
  4. Describe a famous tourist destination in your country.
  5. Talk about a place you have never been to.
  6. Describe a place you would like to visit.
  7. Describe a place you have visited as a tourist. 

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