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Describe a piece of furniture in your house or flat

IELTS Cue Card Question 65 With Model Answer: 

Describe a piece of furniture in your house or flat.

You should say: 
  • what it is
  • what you use it for
  • how often you use it
And explain what is special about it.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
I live with my parents in a small flat in Bakal, a town in Satkinsky District of Chelyabinsk Oblast under Russia. Being a small apartment, we have less furniture and I have a desk of my own.

My desk is made of fine wood and has versatile applications. This is a four-legged desk and requires less space in my room. It is placed on a corner and beside the window of the room so that it cannot create any trouble during the movements in the room. The desk was customised according to the needs of my father (he is a writer by profession) about five or six years ago, and my older brother wanted to have the desk for his own use when we came to reside in the current apartment block. But my father issued the desk for me as I need that more than my brother and he already owns a modern desk for his study and another one for his computer placement.

Earlier, the desk was used to keep books on it but now I use it for several purposes. I use the desk as the place of my reading and at the same time, I store my laptop on it as well. Whenever I need to study, I take a chair and start reading on the desk and sometimes I do my college home works and other assignments. Moreover, sometimes I add an external keyboard on the desk to play video games on my laptop and place external loudspeakers too to listen to songs. Additionally, the desk has two drawers and I use them as my storage. I keep my favourites CDs, DVDs, wallet, pen and pencils and more other smaller but necessary things and keep the drawers locked always.  

I have to use the desk frequently and for countless times in a day. When I am in my room, I usually sit at the desk either for study or for the entertainment. Further, when my friends and classmates come to visit me for different purposes, the desk plays the role of storing their bag and baggage. It is unusual that I am in my room and not sitting at the table. The desk is considered as the centre of my room for me (although placed in a corner) as I regularly use the desk in countless manners too.

The desk is very special to me and I am lucky that my father has given it to me. The desk is made of the finest wood and has a glossy surface. I have tried several times to remove the glossiness of the surface but all my attempts failed. The four legs are polished in a sophisticated manner and the local carpenter who made the desk opined that it would last for over 30 years and will require no servicing or any modification. He added that he had applied some specific elements to make the desk surface scratch resistant to a certain level. I am realising his statement and feeling proud to own such a beautiful table.

Model Answer 2:
I live with my wife in a small rented flat here in Greece. This is a small flat of three rooms altogether and thus I am unable to accommodate less furniture. Among the furniture, the two-seater dining table set is notable and I like it much. Thank you very much for the smart question and I am answering it here gradually.

The dining table is made with oak woods and I have been using it for last two years without any trouble. But sometimes, I am in trouble when I have guests at home. It becomes troublesome for me to accommodate them on the table. Hence, I ask them to use the sofa sets for taking foods. But when I take meals with my wife on the table, it brings a sense of joy to me. Since there are no chairs or seating arrangements, a special mood appears and the moments become too romantic for both of us then.

This is a nicely decorated table with two attractive chairs. The size and shape are small but I think this is the perfect one for both of us. Most of the times, I use the dining table for taking my meals. But sometimes, I use it as my writing table as well. My wife takes care of the cooking and often I help her in this purpose. So, when the meals are cooked, the table is used to place the foods on it before serving. Besides, the dining table is also used for some other purposes like when I enter the apartment, I place the keys and other necessary things on it. After returning from the shop, this is the ultimate place to keep the materials. In fact, the use of the dining table is versatile. It is not limited only for dining purpose alone.

I am sorry that I cannot tell about the frequency of using the dining table as it is used for many times a day. The use begins from the moment we wake up and continues till we go to bed at night. It is used for numerous purposes, as I said before, and even my wife also uses it for her needs. For instance, if we need to place something, we use the table. When guests arrive at home, we use the table to keep the foods and beverages for them. If they bring something for us, we keep that on the table. In fact, it is constantly used and we have the maximum use of it. So, it is impossible for me to count the frequency of its use in a single day. But whenever I use it, I am extremely careful about the table so it might not suffer any damage. My wife is also careful with me when she uses the table.

The table is special to me. I bought it with the first salary after my marriage back in 2015. It was really hard for me and my wife to take meals at home as we did not have any dining table. So, I made a plan to buy a dining table but did not inform it to my wife. I wanted to keep it as a surprise for her. And she was extremely surprised when I bought the table at home. The table is made of the finest oak wood and thus I was in trouble to bear the cost. But I managed everything and made my wife happy with the table. She also wanted to contribute to the table expense but I did not allow her to do so. For the emotional attachment, the table is special to me.

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