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Describe a famous celebrity from your country

IELTS Cue Card Question 58 With Model Answer: 

Describe a famous celebrity from your country who you admire.

You should say: 
  • who the person is
  • what kind of celebrity this person is
  • describe why this person has become successful
and explain why you admire this person.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
Professional wrestling is one of the most important entertaining issues in the current days and a large number of wrestlers participate here. Raymond Leppan is a South African professional wrestler whom I admire most.

Raymond Leppan is a professional wrestler and he is originated from South Africa. He is currently engaged with the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and primarily popular with his ring name – Adam Rose. He is also a former FCW Florida heavyweight champion with his ring name was Leo Kruger to show respect to the former South African President. Paul Kruger. Despite his sky-rocketing popularity in the wrestling arena, he is simple in his living with his wife and two kids.

Raymond Leppan is a wrestler and his debut was at the age of 19. After the initiation of the professional wrestling, he experienced numerous ups and downs but the rate of success is more than his failure. He began his career in South Africa and then entered into the World Wrestling Professionals and consequently became the WWP Heavy Weight Champion. He started his career with the WWE in 2010 and he lost most of his matches under the WWE in the beginning. He changed his ring name aiming to pay a tribute to one of his relatives and the president of South Africa and challenged some other wrestlers. He has also participated in some of the groups of the WWE to entertain the audience inside the ring.

In the beginning of his career, he experienced fall and he stood up again. He is perseverant and never knows to give up hope. As a South African national, he had to undergo different barriers in his careers like he did not get the permit to carry on his career as a professional wrestler in the beginning of his entrance at the WWE premises, and then all the complexities were resolved after few months. He started losing in the WWE ring for weeks after weeks. But he started winning back when the titles in rematches. He also formed a team with different other professionals of his genre and became successful in winning the matches.

I admire the person mostly because of his perseverance. He never gave up his career and ultimately he has turned into a famous one in his own industry. He started to participate in the matches with less importance and then gradually he moved for the valuable matches and titles. Though the matches were unpredictable and he was a beginner, most of the time he lost, and this was no wonder for him. He took lessons from the matches and applied the earned knowledge in the next competitions to be victorious. He is also a participant and performer in all the activities of WWE. When WWE rebranded its arena to NXT, he also was one of the key performers. For all of his efforts, he is the star of WWE today.

 Model Answer 2:
Among the celebrities in my countries, I like Ms Nadiya Diyan most for some reasons. She is a charming lady and hosts a sporting event at a local television station. She is a very famous celebrity across Indonesia and she is also famous for her news presentation on the same television. Thank you for the smart question. Now I will describe everything I know about her.

Ms Nadiya Diyan is a popular figure of Indonesia not only for her beauty. She is skilled in news presentation, anchoring various events and most importantly she was an aspiring model before she took her career as a host of television events. I know her since her childhood. She used to live with her family just beside us. From an early age, she developed a fascination for working on mainstream media. And after lots of struggle, she has established herself into a popular position. A lot of people like me now admire her. 

She started her career as a fashion model. In fact, she is a bit, fashionable woman. She loved to go with the latest fashion from her early age. But she did not get a positive response and feedback from her family on the fashion modelling issue. Her father was a religious man and he could not prefer his daughter to be a fashion model. So, she had to pick the other career. She started news presentation and anchoring various live events. As a result, she got popular and her popularity raised gradually. She has been in this profession for past five years. Now her family is satisfied with her career. Only after completing her academic activities, her family allowed her to continue with the career. So, life was not easy for her as it appears today. With her charming presentation skills, she has won the heart of millions of audiences across the country.

Ms Nadiya has become successful in her career. She is successful for multiple reasons. First of all, she is a hard worker. I have seen her participating in several events and she managed to handle everything perfectly. Besides, there are no scandals about her so far. In fact, without a scandal, it is almost impossible for the celebrities to occupy a berth among the people. But the scenario is a bit different for her. She holds a clean image and based on her honesty, sincerity, dedication and skills, she is one of the most sought celebrities of the country. Her news presentation style is a bit different than the other news presenters. When she hosts any event, she tries to make the event a perfect one. When she is in the live telecast, some of the audiences try to create a nuisance with her but she smartly manages the issues. So, she got more popularity for her public relation management skill.

The combination of beauty and smartness is few in the present days. She could be an example of beauty and smartness together. She loves to socialise with people which is the opposite trend of the media celebrities. When someone asks to take a photograph, a majority of the celebrities try to avoid the requests but she is the exception here. Actually, she loves to be with people and enjoy their company. She tries to be a good memory for people and thus she got a recognition across the country. She is humble and never becomes rude to her subordinates when they make mistakes during the live telecast. Rather she tries to manage the issues as part of teamwork. Considering all of her qualities, I admire her most than any other celebrities.

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