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An interesting conversation you had

IELTS Cue Card Question 52 With Model Answer: 

An interesting conversation you and one of your friends recently had.

You should say: 
  • what the conversation was about
  • who you had it with
  • where and how long you had this conversation
And explain why you think it was an interesting conversation.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
I am Silvia Costa and in my school, I have many friends and classmates. All of them are dear to me but my best friend is named Emmy and she lives beside my apartment. I had a conversation with her a few days ago about the day out we had in the last month.

I had a chat with Emmy for about one hour and I described her about the things we did in the outing. I with some of my school friends and mates went on a day out and travelled different parts of the Paris city. Emmy could not accompany us as she went with her parents. In the conversation, I told her that we went to see the Eiffel Tower and the Musee du Louvre on the day. I talked over the tower and the museum and the things we had seen there. Since she could not go with us, I tried to refill the gap with the descriptions about our visit so that she could also know about what we did in her absence.

The conversation (chat suits more than conversation) was held with Emmy Bartholdi. She is also studying with me in the high school and lives just beside our apartment. I like her most and she is my best friend as we have similarities in different issues. First of all, she loves to read books, and I too. Sometimes we exchange books particularly the thrillers. When we plan to go for a day out, she agreed in the beginning but could not be present at the event as she had to go for a visit to her paternal aunt on an emergency basis with her father. When she returned from her relative’s place, she asked me to describe the entire event.

On an evening and after attending the class, she returned home with me. After around an hour she came to our apartment and started the chat. We talked for an hour over the day out and I also showed her the photos that I captured and shared on my social networking site account. We discussed different issues as well and she told that her paternal aunt suddenly fell ill and was hospitalised and thus she had to rush with her father to meet her immediately. I also described what we did on the day, where we stopped, from where we took our foods, which sort of fun we had and more other issues.

Actually, both of us remain busy with our home assignments, studies and other small domestic chores like helping mom in different ways or decorating the apartment and such other tasks. So, we cannot manage time to sit and talk together. In school, we also do not have extra time for the pressure of academic activities. Sometimes she comes at my home or I go to her to exchange books. But we do not talk usually at those moments. So, it was an interesting talking event with my best friend and it was more like a small event of the two. I entertained her with cookies and coffee while she brought a large chocolate for me. In fact, the conversation was great.

Model Answer 2:
Watching cricket was one of the best preferable activities for me and still, it is. So, after watching a high voltage cricket match, I had a conversation with one of my intimate friends, Johan. We discussed the cricket match and many other issues related to this game. Thank you for the question. I will describe the conversation in brief now.

It was an exciting match between Australia and India. The match was about selection on the semifinal of a renowned series. The two cricket teams had struggled a lot to appear in this semifinal stage and the winner of the match would be eligible for playing in the final. Hence, both the team played hard to prove their worth. But there were some lacking in the Indian team and they finally lose the game with a huge difference to Australia. In fact, there was a team spirit in Australian cricket players which was absent of the Indian players and there had been a lack of inspiration among the players which led them to be the loser.

Johan Cohen was one of my associates in the university and we live in the same place. He often visited me and he loved to enjoy cricket on television like me. When it was about any exciting cricket match here in Australia, he tried collecting the tickets to enjoy the match in the stadium. But this time it was our bad luck that the match took place in India. And it was not possible for us to visit India to enjoy the match. So, we watched the match on television. Besides, my younger brother, Jack, was with us. He is also ca cricket fan but supports India. So, there had been a clash between me and my brother. Johan interfered and controlled the situation. In fact, I was happy with the victory of our national team.

When the match was over, I had the conversation with Johan for about one hour. We usually discuss the lacking of the matches like expert critiques and on that day we did the same. The conversation took place on the rooftop of my residence. We went to the roof for a smoke and discussed lots of things regarding the match. The bowlers of India did not have the concentration. On the other sides, the fielding department of the team was weak. As a result, Australian batsmen took the chance and generated a high score – 371 within 50 overs. So, it was a very hard for the Indian players to chase the target. The bowling squad of Australia was stronger, particularly the spin bowling showed a magic on the match. Some of the Indian batsmen could not make any run before being out. We discussed such many issues on that day.

It was an interesting conversation for both of us. We sorted out the defects of both the teams. India lost the game but it does not point that Indian team is less competent. They needed to focus on the game but they could not do so. On the other sides, a couple of Australian players could not play well and the rate of misfielding was more than the opponent team. So, if they could have noticed on the issues, the score could climb more. Besides, the Indian team did not take Australia seriously and it appeared that they were overconfident as the match was being held on their own ground. This was another mistake from their part. Johan and I discussed over such interesting issues and thus the conversation turned interesting and lasted longer.

Part 3 – Details Discussion: 

Q. What are the differences between topics that women and men usually discuss?
A. The conversations of males and females are entirely different. They discuss different topics. When the males meet, they talk ab topics like the current political situations, sports, major national and international events etc. But when the females gather together, they usually discuss the issues of cosmetics, clothing, and food recipes, planning for any upcoming events, and more other similar issues. But men mostly talk over issues related to them or their surrounding environment that may affect them while the women seem careless over the issues as their male counterparts are there to take care of them.

Q. Why are some people afraid of public speaking?
A. Sometimes people are afraid to speak publicly because they lack confidence and sometimes they are shy. It also occurs that some of them have had bitter experience for talking in public. But the lack of confidence is the most important factor in this case and people lose their confidence level when they start to talk before a gathering regardless of formal or informal. A great deal of practice is able to improve the situation. Confidence level, thus, will be increased automatically if someone keeps practising the public speaking.

Your preparation for this Cue card will help you to answer the following Cue card topics as well:  

  1. Describe an important conversation you can remember you had.
  2. Describe an interesting conversation you had with an unknown person.
  3. Describe a recent conversation you had with a friend.

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