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Describe a subject that you didn’t like in your high school

IELTS Cue Card Question 51 With Model Answer: 

Describe a subject that you didn’t like in your high school.

You should say: 
  • what the subject was
  • who taught that subject
  • why you needed to study it
And explain what the main reason for you not to like it.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
Education is the process to enlighten people and in the course of time, their studies people are to go through some books, texts and subjects. But in most of the cases, they do not prefer many of the subjects for some mysterious reasons.

When I was in my high school, I also had to undergo different stress over my studies and I was afraid of one subject – Mathematics. It was the subject that I could not like in my high school and even in the current days of university era, I do not prefer doing mathematics. I actually do not understand the logic of the subjects. Besides, I also cannot remember the algorithms and other rules to solve the critical problems and it takes unusual time for me to solve a single problem. I have no idea why it happens to me but I am quite fine with the other subject like physics, chemistry, English, general knowledge etc.   

Mr Pherrel Bill used to teach us the subject in our high school days. He was a great teacher and only for him I have passed my high school exams. Under his direction and guidelines, I studied mathematics both in school and at my home. Mr Bill liked me very much but he was highly strict about the studies. He used to make the logic and rules clearer to me but unfortunately, I failed to grab those rules. When it was my term to solve a math on the whiteboard, I made mistakes frequently. When Mr Bill ordered for math homework, only my copy was filled with mistakes and he solved the problems one after another and rebuked my saying ‘dumb’ for my mistakes.   

Like the other mandatory subjects, mathematics was mandatory too for us in the high school and it continued till my senior high school level. In our days, we had eight courses including mathematics, English, cultural studies, etc. To pass the exams and get promoted to the next level of the study, I had to keep a close contact with the subject. It was a full course and most of the time I did not score that is required to pass the exam. So, I was always afraid of the copy check times when the answer scripts were given to us and the progress report to the parents. If I had chances, I could have discarded the subject from my list for the unusual complexities.

Basically, I do not like mathematics for its complexity and strange rules. There are few rules that I cannot remember and I turned perplexed when I started doing the sums. It appears to me that most of the problems are made in a manner that I cannot solve them alone. Besides, when I start over working on any mathematical problem, it appears that all the rules are blended together in my head. I replace the rules of one problem with another and thus I cannot complete the problem. When I check a math after completing, I find that there are some unusual mistakes like placing wrong figures, and mistakes in writing the algorithms etc.

Model Answer 2:
I have just crossed my 18 but still miss the high school days. At present, I am an undergraduate student of a reputed university in Singapore and doing very well with my academic studies. Almost all the subjects are preferable and I like them. But in my high school days, I had some troubles with a couple of subjects and History was the leading one.

It was History that made me annoyed during the high school part. In fact, it was the most irritating subject to many other students as well. It was tougher than any other subjects. The most terrible fact was memorising the historical events and write them down on the exam scripts. The most complex issues were dates, events and places. It became more difficult when we were asked to prepare assignments for any specific event or issues. Actually, none of us were attentive at this course and consequently had to struggle during or before the examinations.

Ms Suang Ting was the teacher of History in our school. It was one of the reputed schools in the locality and specialised for extracurricular activities. But the teaching methods were completely different than the other ordinary educational institutions. So, I had to be careful about the studies in line with the other students. Besides, our teacher was strict in some cases. She did not allow us to attend school without preparing lessons of History. If anyone did not complete the lessons, they had to undergo punishments. Further, the punishments were different than the usual ones. She did not beat us or shouted in the class. She simply asked us to write down the lessons for several times standing on our feet. So, considering the punishment types, the students never missed her lessons.

Education is a gradual process. It has numerous aspects that cannot be counted. With the passage of learning, we come to know about a lot of unknown things and matters that prove useful to lead a happy and enriched life. So, the subjects in high school are selected in such a manner that can help us know the unknowns. As part of the fact, History was enlisted on the list of school’s academic curriculum. Moreover, another matter could not be ignored at all. History is a subject that helps to learn a good number of lessons. In fact, history is the events of past. It informs what people did and how they did. Besides, it also shows the consequences of any particular event, and how to handle the situations. So, it was of great importance to study the subject. At the same time, it was a full course carrying 100 marks. To pass the course, I need to study it regardless of my private feelings. 

I am a mischievous boy since my early childhood. So, in most of the cases, I was reluctant to continue with my studies. And when it was about History, I could not resist myself from giving up the study. The texts appeared extremely irritating to me. In fact, it was difficult for me to memorise the entire ups and downs of a nation or any individual’s life. There are a good number of historical figures and events are found in the books and it was impossible for me to remember every one of them to cross my exam barriers. Further, the questions on the exam were made critically that made me perplexed. I became unable to answer them perfectly. I also was unable to relate them to logic and scenarios of the present days. So, the relationship of mine with the subject History was not in good terms. I always disliked it.

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