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Talk about a situation when you saved some money

IELTS Cue Card Question 35 With Model Answer: 

Talk about a situation when you saved some money.

You should say: 
  • why you did it
  • how long it took you to save this money
  • how much you saved
and explain what you did with it.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
Money matters and considered as the most important thing in this material world, and people are after it (literally) to meet their expenses. But we need to save it too for different purposes. I also had to save some money for buying my brother’s birthday present.

I was 11 and was in my 5th grade when my younger brother was born. He was too cute in his childhood that everyone started caring for him. I also cared for him as his older brother and the sense of brotherhood was raised inside me by my father. Days were passing by and the little kid started maturing. His first birthday was appearing and I planned to gift him a nice present. But I did not have enough money to buy a gift for him instantly. Therefore, I started saving money marking the day. I had to generate the money by reducing my regular expenses.

It took nearly five weeks to gather all the money required for the present. But fortunately, I found that I have gathered more than the actual amount and also invested the amount to buy another present for him too. I had bought a block set and a book of colourful images for kids ranging from 12 -24 months. My parents and other relatives like the presents most and also praised me for my affection to my younger brother. In fact, I was also glad to be able in buying the gifts for my younger at an early age. But the irony is that the block set was lost and the books were torn up by him.

My parents did not give me much money at that time but they cared for me and met all my needs instantly. Sometimes I demanded few bucks from them saying that I will go for a day out with my friends or have to participate in a programme arranged by my school friends and such other excuses to collect the money. In five weeks I gathered 38 dollars. I could have gathered more but I had less time before the birthday appeared. Moreover, I planned on gathering the money all on a sudden when I heard that his first birthday will be celebrated in a festive manner.

I went to the local shops that were selling toys for kids of all ages and I selected a block set for my younger brother. I liked the block set mostly because of its extraordinary features and that also allowed the players to create different structures including cars, buildings, robots, animals and many other things. The sets were round edged and thus there were no chances of physical damage or injury during the play. I also bought a colourful book that contained images of different things to make the kids familiar. It was printed on the best quality paper with the lamination of standard plastic materials.

Sample Answer 2:
When I was a child and lived in Delhi, once I saved some money to buy a bicycle for me. In fact, it was a foolish decision for me as I was unable to get the huge amount of money needed for the purpose. But it was interesting as well. Thank you for the interesting question and I will describe it here.

I lived in a moderately populated location in Delhi with my parents. My school was far away from our residence. So, it was difficult for me to move all the way by walking. Besides, the number of transportation was fewer than the present days in the locality. In fact, it was the beginning of the 1990s and development just started the journey across the city. Sometimes, I used to go to school on my father’s motorbike but when he was in hurry, I had to walk alone for the school. My mother was unable to move with me as she had to take of the household. So, I started saving money for a bicycle.

I saved money for over a year. Actually, in those days, the expenses were less than the present. So, I did not get a huge amount of pocket money. Even sometimes, I was not entitled to the pocket money, my mother prepared snacks for me. So, I did not get the pocket money on that day. In such a setting, it was difficult for me to save money. If I got 10 rupees, I used to spend half of it for snacks and saved the remaining half. I saved money in this ways for around a year and it was really difficult for me to save. Sometimes, I was unable to save as I had to spend the entire pocket money for some other purposes in the school. But I tired utmost to save at least a minimum portion from there.

I saved nearly 3000 rupees in a year. But not all of the money was collected from my pocket money. Sometimes, I saved from a donation of my father for different tasks. Even I bargained with the shopkeepers to save a very little amount as well to increase my fund. I saved all the money at a small depository at my home and finally at the end of the year, I broke that and found the amount. However, it was one of the greatest achievement of my life. In fact, the amount of money was huge to me in that days. None of my age-mates had gathered such an amount before.

I bought a bicycle with the money. But my father had to add some additional cash to mine. He was happy to know about the saving and the habit that I formed at that early age. I was extremely glad about the bicycle. I used that as my primary vehicle to move in places. Citing my example, some of the local kids of my age also started saving money but their parents bought them the bicycles before they could complete the savings. Later, the children who had bicycles used to move together and a sense of bonding grew among them. In fact, I have got some of my best friends among them and they are still with me in this matured age.

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