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Describe your family

IELTS Cue Card Question 44 With Model Answer: 

Describe your family.

You should say: 
  • how many members your family has
  • what they do
  • how close you are
and explain why your family is important to you.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
My family is incredibly important to me, and I'm fortunate to have a loving and close-knit family. We have a total of four family members, including my parents, my younger sister, and myself. I am so glad that I have got this topic as it would allow me to talk about something that I love so much.

My father is a software engineer, and he works for a reputable IT company. He's always been my role model when it comes to hard work and dedication. His job involves creating computer programs and solving complex technical issues. Despite his busy schedule, he always finds time to help me with my academic and personal concerns. My mother is a teacher at a local elementary school. She has a passion for education and has been a great source of inspiration for me. Her job involves shaping young minds and instilling a love for learning. She's the heart of our family, keeping us organized and ensuring we spend quality time together.

I have a younger sister who is currently in high school. We share a very special bond. We support each other through thick and thin and have countless shared memories and inside jokes. She's a talented artist and has won several awards for her paintings. I've always admired her creativity and determination.

We are an incredibly close family. We make it a point to have dinner together every night, no matter how busy our schedules may be. We celebrate birthdays, holidays, and special occasions with enthusiasm and love. Our home is filled with laughter, discussions, and the aroma of my mother's delicious cooking.

My family is important to me for several reasons. They provide unwavering support, love, and encouragement. They've shaped my values, beliefs, and aspirations. They've taught me the importance of hard work, kindness, and resilience. In times of joy, they multiply my happiness, and in times of sorrow, they are my greatest source of comfort. My family is my anchor, and they give meaning and purpose to my life.

Model Answer 2:
A family is often the most important thing for an individual and is considered a root for many. Without a family, according to some, it is hard to become happy and lead a fulfilling life. For this topic, I am going to describe my family.

In my family, basically, we are five members altogether. They are – my parents, my younger sister, my younger brother and me. We, five people, live in our own house. Besides, we have some other relatives who live adjacent to our house.

My father is a government employee and serves on the District Council, while my mother is a housewife and she takes care of the family. My younger sister is a student in 10th grade, while my younger brother is in 6th grade. On the other hand, I am a university student.

As a District Council officer, my father remains quite busy. My mother remains occupied with the household chores and cooking as we do not have any domestic help. My sister and brother remain occupied with their studies while I spend my day at the university and return home in the evening on a weekday.

I am lucky to have such a lovely family. All of them are close to me, and I am to them. The interpersonal relationship with all the family members in my family is excellent, and we truly care for each other. When someone is in any sort of trouble or faces any difficulty, we try to provide the necessary support immediately. I always try to help my siblings with their studies, and sometimes my father also helps them in completing their school assignments. Besides, my mother takes good care of all our needs. I have an excellent relationship with my father, but I am closer to my mother as she is more friendly to me than any other member of my family.

My family is important to me for different reasons. First of all, it is the place where I belong to. Literally, at the end of the day, I return to my home where my family lives. When I was younger, my family members provided me with all forms of necessary support and I am highly grateful to my parents for the unconditional support and love they provided me. They are still playing the same roles as they did when I was a child. I love my siblings so much and cannot imagine my life without them. My family is my life and thus it is the most important thing to me.

Sample Answer 3:
Many families in rural India are still joint families, and our family is one of them. It brings a sense of deep happiness among us, and we consider ourselves lucky to have a joint family. Thank you for this excellent topic. I am happy to have the chance to describe my family to you.

In many states, the number of joint families is on the decline. But in some parts of India, they are still prevailing. such a joint family contains a notable number of members. In most of the cases, the family is led by the grandfather. He is the family head while his sons and grandsons live with them. My family has also this formation. In our family, I have my grandfather, grandmother, my parents, my paternal uncles and their families. In fact, we are 24 members altogether!

Most of the members are adults in our family, while there are some children and youths of my age. My grandfather is a doctor, and he owns a large chamber where he spends most of his time. On the other hand, my father is a businessman, and he deals with importing raw materials for making plastic goods. One of my uncles is involved in this business. Another of my uncles is a government official, while the youngest one is an engineer. I have two siblings, and they are students like me. My mother is a housewife, and she is responsible for taking care of everything in the house. She is a caring housewife who takes care of most of the things, even the cooking and cleaning with the help of my aunts.

I am extremely lucky to have been born into this family. The family bonding that we share is unwavering. We spend quality time when there is an occasion or during the weekend. When we get time, this happens at least twice a year, we go to a different city than ours to spend our holidays. Having dinner together at night is like a ritual for all of that. No matter what, we sit together at our home and eat our dinner.

My family is the place where I return at the end of the day, and it takes care of me. It supports me when I am sick or when I am down, and it cheers me up to move ahead. I feel an unconditional love for my family. Therefore, my family is so important to me.

Idea Generating for this Cue Card Topic:

To talk about this cue card topic, you should focus on the questions listed below the topic. Then answer each of these questions in a coherent manner. 

Question 1: How many members your family has?: Before answering this question, give a brief introduction. A sample introduction is given below:

I have a lovely family and my family is the most important aspect of my life. I am very close to my family members and they are my best friends, mentors and supporters.

Now say, how many family members your family has and who are they. Give their name and occupation if possible and then your personal relationship with them.

Question 2: What they do: This question should include your family members' personal characteristics and professions. Also, mention what they do with you.

Question 3: How close you are: As you have already said what you do together, give some examples in this section to express your close relationship with your family members. Mention how they interact with you, what interesting things you do together and how they help you.

Question 4: And explain why your family is important to you: To show the importance of your family to you, give one or two examples or events when your family members supported you in a way that no one else would do. Then mention how a family is important to a person and how this is even more true for you.

We would love to hear about your own family. Describe them in the comment section and let people know how much your family means to you. 

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