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Describe something kind that someone did for you

IELTS Cue Card Question 41 With Model Answer: 

Describe something kind that someone did for you.

You should say: 
  • who this person was
  • where and when it happened
  • what s/he did for you
and explain how you felt about it.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
Since both of my parents are engaged in two different professions, I have to be alone at home for most of the time and during a sudden illness in the absence of my parents, one of my neighbours helped me greatly.

It was Aunt Sally who came to my help during a sudden physical illness. She is our neighbour and lives just opposite of our apartment. She is the wife of my father’s business partner and very kind in nature. Although she has two kids, she loves me like her own kid too and never makes any hesitation to share her love and affection to me. I also paid proper respect to her for her kindness to me. In the absence of my parents, she took care of me and even I stay at her apartment when my father goes abroad with her husband for business purposes and my mother goes to meet her parent.

I came back from my school early as I was feeling uncomfortable. Father dropped me at the school and said that he would take me back when the school is finished. But suddenly I started feeling uncomfortable. I was affected with a high fever and it was accompanied by a frequent cough. My muscles were filled with pain and I was feeling like that someone is beating me. Then I asked my class teacher for an emergency leave. The teacher allowed me to leave the school and also sent a school staff with me for my safety. The school staff carried me all the way to my home and handed me over to Aunt Sally as I informed that she will take my care until my parents return.

When I returned home, Aunt Sally took my responsibilities on her shoulder and took immediate actions to make me feel comfortable. She informed the issue to my parents over the telephone and asked them to return as soon as possible. She took me to her apartment, wiped my body with wet clothes and gave some painkillers and other necessary medications after consultation with a doctor. Then I slept on a bed in that apartment and when I woke up I saw my parents are sitting beside me. I would have fallen in a real trouble if Aunt Sally was not at home on that day.

I am truly grateful to her for her kindness to me. She has done a lot of things for me. She never missed one of my birthdays and even she does not forget to wish me on my birthday. I am highly lucky that I have a neighbour like her. She is a motherly figure to me and I find a sense of happiness when I meet or talk with her. When I remember that I was trembling with fever and my muscles were filled with unbearable pain, she was the only woman who came for my assistance. She cared for me like her own son and undertook all the necessary steps for my cure until the arrival of my parents. It is a blessing to me I have such a great neighbour.

Sample Answer 2:
So far I did not have to fall into trouble while I was out of home for my professional engagements until I lost my purse last month. In fact, it was a difficult situation for me and I could not seek help to others for my reserved nature. Mr Iqbal came to my help at that moment. Thank you for the question. It reminds me the situation I was in that day.

Movement for a female in the streets of Mumbai is really tough if you do not have any individual transportation system. Riding the public buses or hiring a taxi is irritating. I lost my purse on a public bus on my way back to home after a hefty working day. When I was to pay for the ticket, I could not find the purse and became perplexed about that. Mr Iqbal paid my ticket and told that he saw from the window that a kid, around 13/ 14 years old, ran away with the purse while I was riding on the bus.  

I was returning home from my office like the other days. But I went for a shopping to get some necessary things for my family. So, there were some other bags and stuff with me and I was unable to take care of everything together. I left the office half an hour before the usual working hour to complete the shopping. When everything was done, I started for my residence located in the southern part of Mumbai. I was waiting for the public bus that will drop me right before the entrance of the apartment complex I live in. The incident happened before riding on the bus. Usually, I take my purse in my hand in such situations but this time I kept it in a bag on my left side. I kept the purse on the bag so that I could pay the ticket price easily. But it was a disaster for me.  

I knew Mr Iqbal for a long time. In fact, he is the friend of my husband and lives a few blocks away from us. He tried to tell me about the issue when I was riding but I could not comprehend it clearly as I had to handle the bags and groceries. Later, when I took my seat and the ticket seller approached me, I could not find the purse. It was an awkward situation for me. I rode on the bus without its fare. Then Mr Iqbal came forward and told the ticket seller about the issue. And then he paid the ticket price for me. I was grateful to him. In fact, it was a great help for me at that day. 

The feelings were mixed. I laughed at myself and at the same time, I felt worried about the consequences of the event. If Mr Iqbal had not been there, it would be humiliating for me to the extreme. The other people would have laughed at me. I cannot think the worst – the ticker seller asking me to get off the bus before everyone. So, the presence of Mr Iqbal and his cordial support brought a sense of relief to me. I thanked him and also invited to visit us at our home. Hearing the matter, my husband also expressed his gratitude for this task. In a word, it was an unusual experience for me.

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