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Describe a plant grown in your country

IELTS Cue Card Question 24 With Model Answer: 

Describe a plant grown in your country.

You should say: 
  • what the plant is
  • where it is grown
  • why you like or dislike it
and explain why it is important to your country.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
The oil palm tree is considered as one of the greatest helpful plants of Malaysia. It is an agricultural crop for the country as well. The oil palm tree has grown on the African continent and gradually it came to the country in the 18th century and then massive agricultural production began. Currently, the plant is commercially grown to get palm oil which is used for preparing foods. There are a large number of plantations available in the country that produces the plants as agricultural products and as a result, the country has turned economically solvent. Mostly the landless and poverty-stricken people are engaged in the production of the oil. As a result, Malaysia has become the second largest palm oil exporters in the world.

History of palm tree originates in West Africa and it was introduced in Malaysia during the colonisation by the British rulers. It was brought in the country as an ornamental tree but later commercialization began. Mostly the plants grow in desert lands and currently, it is farmed in estates. There are a good number of palm tree estates where the trees are grown for producing palm oil. Malaysia has allotted over 4 million hectares of lands for the farming of palm tree. When matured, the trees turn around 60 feet in height in an average and start reaping fruits after 30 months. Usually, the plants live for 30 years (maximum). Different varieties of the plant are available but the tenera is the most preferred variety in Malaysia.

I like the plant as it bears two benefits simultaneously. Firstly the trees look beautiful and used for ornamenting places. Secondly, the tree provides the vegetable oil which contributes a large portion in the national economy. Moreover, it has created employment for thousands of people across the country. Although the plant is African, it has turned into a symbol for Malaysia. The oil derived from the plant is enriched with high beta-carotene and thus a healthy element for cooking foods and also is lower in cost comparing the other vegetable oils. I prefer the plant as it is not harmful to the environment too and requires less attention than the other plants. Only a rough surface is enough to grow the plant and it grows up well without any special care or nurture.

The Malaysian economy is highly grateful to the palm plants for producing the oil. The reddish coloured oil is used in different belts of the world including Southeast Asia and Africa for low cost and health benefits like low cholesterol. Many of the poor and poverty-stricken population have changed their luck after planting the palm trees. In 2007, it was estimated that over 4 million hectares of lands had been used for palm tree farming for commercially producing palm oil in Malaysia and in 2011, the coverage stood to around 4.9 million hectares and thus the production of palm oil in Malaysia has increased much. Statistics show that the palm oil production in 2011 was over 18 million tonnes while it was over 16 million tonnes in 2010. 

The Malaysian economy has got a boost by exporting the palm oil across the world and this is the second largest country that exports palm oil (Indonesia is in the first place) after meeting the local oil demands of the country. A rock-solid industry has been set in Malaysia based on the palm plants and meets 46 per cent demand of the globe. Palm oil manufacturers have installed refineries in the country to purify the crude oil which has also created employment opportunity for the unemployed population. As a result, the living standards in Malaysia have increased to a standard level.

Thereby, the palm plants are essential for the country and different initiatives are underway to make the palm oil industry more sustainable so that it could meet the demands of the half of the world population.

Model Answer 2: 
Eggplants are one of the most common types of vegetables and eaten almost everywhere in the country. This is a popular veggie and could be taken in different forms. Usually, eggplants are cooked or smashed or used as curry but some other delicious recipes are also prepared with it.

The eggplant is locally known as brinjal and found almost everywhere in the country. The climate is temperate and the eggplant cultivation is going on in large scale and as a result, the vegetable is available round the year in the local markets. The eggplants usually grow to 40 – 150 centimetres and softer than the other food crops and vegetable. The flower of the plant looks beautiful with its white and purple colour. The skin of eggplants is dark purple and it is found in several varieties.

The plant is grown across the country and particularly in lands where water is not clogged in. The shapes and sizes of the plant differ based on plant types and usually, three types of varieties are available in the country and they are available in green, purple and white colours. The plant needs proper care and water to grow completely and tropical or subtropical climate is the best for its growth. The plant seeds could be sown directly on the ground but have to remain careful about diseases and pests. In fact, the plants are more prone to being infected by the insects and diseases. It is better not to sow eggplants amid different other plants in the same garden and moderate space should be allotted for each of the plants (at least 25 inches between plants).

I like eggplants for some particular reasons. Eggplants are one of the most delicious vegetables that people eat and this is available at any time of the year. People need to wait to enjoy the seasonal vegetables but eggplants are different than those. The items produced with eggplants are filled with a great smell and when roasted, they taste extremely different. Eggplant smashes are also delicious and taken with rice, paratha and other food ingredients. The smashes are commonly known as Bharta and could be made using sweet and sour flavours but when the curry is prepared with potatoes, it tastes superb! When spices are added to the curry, the taste turns heavenly.

Eggplants are important for my country in different perspective. The first and most important aspect of the vegetable is that this is a highly nutritious plant with low calories. This is helpful for preventing weight gaining and in some cases, it is suggested as part of treating inflammation and controlling high blood cholesterol. Besides, scientifically it is proved that eggplants are helpful to prevent cancer and some other diseases like diabetes. So, a large number of people consume the veggie. Besides, the prevention of heart disease is another feature of eggplants and for all these reasons, it has become one of the most desired vegetables in the country. A great number of people are consuming the vegetable round the year and keeping their health in a good shape.

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