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Describe an ambition you have not yet achieved

IELTS Cue Card Question 2 With Model Answer:

Describe an ambition you have not yet achieved.

You should say:
  • what it is
  • how long you have it
  • what you have to do to achieve it
and explain why it is important to you to achieve it.

[You will have to talk about the topic for 1 to 2 minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
I have long been dreaming to become a skilled IT specialist and establish an IT agency that will provide all forms of IT related services. The age is advancing faster than imagination. So, boarding on IT is a useful one and it has made me interested in the arena. Information Technology commonly known as IT is one of the most desired professional arenas for the Asian graduates like me in the current world. I dream of form my own IT firm that will serve the global clients in smooth and professional manner.

I have been dreaming of the IT agency a few years back. The idea hit my brain when I came to study in the city of Delhi from my own town of West Bengal and found that many of the students are engaged in different part-time jobs at the IT firms. Mostly they were the students of my level.

To reach my goal, I have started studying different IT related issues. To gain practical knowledge, I admitted myself to an institute to get trained into different tasks that should I pursue in future for my agency. I have started getting extensive training on different software and applications that are commonly used for designing websites, graphical issues, animation preparation, editing videos and more others. Moreover, I have already started depositing money for supporting the agency initially (in the beginning I will start on a very small scale and thus saving money from my regular expenses). As I do not have any stronger support, it may take around a year to form the agency.

Currently, in India, the number of unemployed people is stable but it may rise within a few years. Since the youths are interested in the Internet technology and online activities, IT is a great source of income for them and me as well. If I could establish an IT firm or agency that will provide some specific services, in the beginning, I think I will be able to recruit some of the educated youth who are willing to work with me. It will be helpful for me and for them at the same time. Moreover, I am patient and I never give up. I may have ups and downs but I am keeping provisions to survive in the initial stage and once the agency becomes renowned, hopefully, it will not be sitting idle.

Cue Card Answer 2: 
I have a great aspiration to establish a nonprofit organisation in my hometown that would help the skilled but non-educated youth. The idea emerged in my mind when I read a success story of a skilled but less educated young person in my district a few years back. This particular person had been a successful small business owner with some financial help and advice from an NGO. I thought there are so many such young people in my hometown who could also establish and run their own businesses if they are backed up financially and are given proper advice.

It was probably 2012 when I had the idea and after that, it has become one of my greatest ambitions to be fulfilled. I have done a lot of research and talked to many individuals and most of them agreed that the idea is quite fascinating. They also warned me about the challenges I will have to face to make this dream come true. I quite agree with them as it would require a firm determination, my own establishment and financial solvency to actually start it. As it would involve financial aid and supports from professionals, I would require solid reasons to convince some banks to back up the organisation I would set up and also help from local influential political leaders would be required.

My father is a successful businessman and a renowned philanthropist in our locality. I had a discussion with him and he gave me a lot of advice and also promised me that he would help me in every way possible as he finds the whole idea very promising and meaningful. I, in fact, dared to dream such a big ambition because I know that my father would back me up in anything benevolent for others. I would first finish my Master's degree in a foreign university to get better exposure to new ideas and research facilities and then would come back to my hometown to start my nonprofit organisation. That would only be the beginning of my target. I will have to go a long way and work really hard to fulfil my desire or dream I have told you about.

I belong to a family where most of the members are established businessmen and have done something helpful for others. For example, my uncle finances a day-care centre for children, my father is one of the founder members of a charity organisation while my grandfather runs two schools and a college and so on. Following their footsteps is very important for me and I also have an aspiration to be able to help others.

Rounding off questions:
Q. Is it important for us to have ambitions?
A. Yes, I think ambitions in our life help us to work harder and do even better. While positive ambitions can take us further and fulfil our dreams, negative and selfish ambitions can often drive us in the wrong way.

Q. Will it be easy for you to achieve the ambition you talked about?
A. I do not think it would be as easy as a pie. However, I believe that it is achievable with my determination, hard work and passion. I am somehow convinced that I will work very hard to achieve this ambition.

Idea Generation for this Cue Card/Candidate Task Card Topic: 

For this cue card, you should describe one of the big ambitions that you have not achieved yet. Following are some of the clues to let you brainstorm and organise your own answer. Don't forget to add your answer in the comment section for our evaluation.
  • Your ambition to get a higher degree. 
  • Your ambition to work for a large company or organisation. 
  • Your ambition to establish a business of your own. 
  • Your ambition to study or live in a foreign country. 
  • Your ambition to learn a particular skill. 
  • Your ambition to do something for the people of your area. 
  • Your ambition to become a famous leader, politician, dancer, singer, sports person, model, filmmaker, artist, designer, etc. 
  • Your ambition to go on a religious pilgrimage. 
  • Your ambition to buy a luxury/ expensive item like a car or a house etc. 
  • Your ambition to travel to a part of the world. 
  • Your ambition to become a certain professional. 
  • Your ambition to implement an idea.
[Don't forget to write your own ambition that you are yet to achieve in the comment section of this article.]


Useful Vocabulary for describing this Cue Card: 

Desire and determination someone has to achieve something- is often called an ambition.

  • 'Ambition' Synonyms: Aspiration, goal, aim, purpose, desire, wish, target, dream, appetite, longing, yearning, zeal.
  • Requirements to achieve an ambition: Determination, hard work, passion, desire, motivation, enthusiasm, commitment, zeal,  eagerness, energy, qualification, initiative, hope, luck, vision, objective.
  • 'Achieve' Synonyms: Reach, attain, accomplish, gain, complete, earn, obtain, enact, carry out, resolve, win. 
  • 'Important' Synonyms: Vital, essential, crucial, significant, vital, urgent, key, salient, meaningful. 

Part 3 – Two-way discussion:
Q. What are the important qualities to achieve our ambitions?
A. The most important quality to achieve ambitions is sincerity. Then it should be followed with perseverance. One has to stand up against all the odds, so s/ he should never give up. A can-do attitude is also a must to reach the ambition
Q. Are all ambitions good in life?
A. Sometimes, all the ambitions are not as better as it appears in the beginning, It happens because people start turning ambitious at a tender age and thus they cannot differentiate between the right and the wrong. Thereby, when they start walking on the road leading to their ambition, they do not know if it will be right or wrong for them.

Q. What type of ambitions young generation in your country has?
A. Majority of the Indian youths want themselves to occupy the typical roles of the society. They prefer to be doctors, engineers, scientists, politicians, government service holders etc. But there are some other youths who dream to change the country with their tasks. They prefer altering the corruptions from all the levels of the society so that people could have a better living and lifestyle. 

Q. Would you focus more on achieving your ambition or doing things you love to do?
A. I have to focus more on reaching my ambition rather than executing the things I love to do. Once I am at my destination, I will have much time to spend on my interests and hobbies but if I waste the time now, I will be unable to reach the target. Moreover, time is the most precious thing in this world, so I believe that wasting time is foolish. I should march on the actions I have decided that will lead to my ambition

Your ability to talk about this topic will enable you to answer the following IELTS cue card topics also: 
  • Describe an ambition you have in your life.
  • Describe something you want to achieve. 
  • Describe an achievement you have in your life. 
  • Talk about a positive change you would like to have. 
  • Talk about a quality you admire among others. 
  • Describe something which is important to you. 
  • Describe a recent success you have had. 
  • Describe a goal you want to be fulfilled in your life. 
  • Talk about a future plan you have. 

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