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IELTS Speaking Part 3 - Question set 9

Question set 9: Two-way discussion.


•  What are some of the ways people can help others in the community? Which one is most important?
Well, the community is constituted of some people who follow some common rules and share some common views. They have frequent interactions. So, there are a large number of chances to help the others in any specific community. I think the most important thing is spreading education to others. There are many people who are highly educated and on the other hand, the remaining others are uneducated or semi-educated. So, the educated should take responsibility to spread the light of education to the others. Besides, people may fall in distress like they may be in need of financial assistance or any other administrative help to solve some their issues. Here the other community members could contribute. They could contribute with financial assistance or they may help get the desired administrative help if they have any influence over the local administration.

•  Why do you think some people like to help other people?
Thanks for such an impressive question. There are a wide number of people around us and most of them are not willing to help the others instead they try taking advantages. But there are some people who really want to help others and I think their families are responsible for growing such an adorable mentality. You know, a family is the first educational institution for the children and most of the social learning they receive is from their respective families. So, when we see a positive attitude among them, it should be acknowledged that the attributives are the gift of their families. Besides, there are some other people who like to help others, naturally and they do not need any learning for that. They are great people, indeed but the number of such people is less in the existing context.

•  Some people say that people help others in the community more now than they did in the past. Do you agree or disagree? Why?
The statement is partially correct and I do not completely agree with this. It appears to me that people were more helpful in the past days in a community and now many of them have become self-centred. They do not actually care for others unless they also suffer from the same problems. But in the past days, when one of the community members fell in distress or experienced some disorders, others used to rush to help him or her. But what is the situation in the current day? I think you will agree with me that most of the time people are engaged with their social accounts and checking-in to places they travel to. The bonding among the community members has been slacked off for several reasons. It also happens that a tenant in a flat is unaware of the neighbours. Everything has been mechanised. So, I think people helped each other in the past days than the current days.

•  What types of services, such as libraries or health centres, are available to the people who live in your area? Do you think there are enough of them?
In my locality, Hyderabad in India, there are no such facilities. We do not have any common library for the use of all the people. But there are some health centres in some places, and they are not enough for the people living there, I think. There are two health centres in my locality and mostly they serve for pregnancy and family planning. But the centres should also deal with some other issues like water, sanitation and hygiene. Besides, the numbers of staffs in the centres are not enough. Each of the health centres has only five staffs including two doctors (one male and another female). But they cannot provide the required service to the patients there. Moreover, I feel the necessity of a public library and the local people have been appealing for past few years to the local administration to establish a library centre, but there are no initiatives at all.

•  Which groups of people generally need the most support in a community? Why?
Usually, the senior citizens of a community are the most vulnerable section. They have served the nation and with the passage of time, they are now unable to do something for their living. Thus, they are in great need of support in a community. Being aged, they lose the ability to work for their living and has to rely on their family and the community. But unfortunately, in most of the cases, they are denied their rights. They lack access to social safety nets or in any other supportive events initiated by the public and private organisations as they are unable to interact with them. So, they are in need of support than any other groups in a community.

•  Who do you think should pay for the services that are available to the people in a community? Should it be the government or individual people?
Well, this is an important aspect of living in a community. Usually, a community is a space where some people live together in a locality and they pay a notable amount to the government in the form of taxes. So, to have the common services, the government should take necessary steps. It is the government which is receiving the taxes from its citizens and in return, it should execute the duties and responsibilities it promised to the citizens. There is no need for a government if all the activities are done by the citizens. Rather, the citizens elect a government to take care of themselves and provide them with the necessary services and facilities required to live in a community or society.

Doing new things:

•  Why do you think some people like doing new things?
Well, I think you will agree with me on this point that humans are curious by nature. So, they are always busy in inventing newer things. But the inventions are not always meant for the use rather they are the result of the deep curiosity. When people turn more curious, they try to explore their surroundings and perform newer experiments. When the inventions become useful in some cases, they become happy and keep their activities of doing new things on. Besides, most of the people do new things to meet their thirst for the unknown and the unseen. They usually do new things when they are in a new environment. But there are some other people as well who are reluctant to do new things and it has been found that they are introvert in nature. Further, it is often fun for the people to do new things and I think most of the people do new experiments only for enjoyment.

•  What problems can people have when they try new activities for the first time?
Right you are. There might be several problems when people performing newer things for the very first time. I think it may happen that the entire task may get disturbed seriously. Or the performers may injure themselves. It is quite natural that there would be some mess for anything if that is done for the first time. I have also experienced that the entire project was destroyed for the novices. The first thing the novices may experience is the adjustment with the thing. For instance, if you want to drive or ride a motorbike, initially you might experience some maladjustment with the motorbike riding. If you make some minor accidents and break some of the parts of the motorbike that will be appreciated as well as you are riding for the very first time. But, after a few days, when you will be comfortable with the riding and driving, there would be no such minor accidents. Thereby, I think the adjustment is a big issue in the case of first time.

•  Do you think it’s best to do new things on your own or with other people? Why?
If you want my personal opinion, in this case, I would rather prefer to be in a team instead of making a solo attempt. I think it is best to be in a team in such cases. When you are trying something new, you might have no idea about the thing and there are chances to make mistakes. But if you work with other people, it may happen that someone among the other members is aware of the issue or have some sort of knowledge that may prove helpful. Besides, when you are working alone and if you fail, the entire responsibilities are on you. But if you are in a team or in a group of people, you are not to be blamed alone. Consequently, you won’t be ashamed of the activity. So, I think this is best to work with people.
•  What kinds of things do children learn to do when they are very young? How important are these things?

When the children are young, they mostly learn about the reactions of their surroundings as they see those reactions performed by their parents and family members. If the family is educated and well mannered, the children will learn some amicable behaviours and they will start exercising those with others. But if the children belong to families where there is no peace at all, they will be influenced by negativity. Negative attitudes will influence them and they will apply the ways in their regular life. This is a crucial issue for the children and helps them to grow socially. When they will learn some of the best social practices from their family, they will apply the practices in their surrounding and finally, they will have some good friends and well reputation. On the other hand, if the initial learning is below standard, it is expected that the children will be out of the track and will grow up without the sense of morality.

•  Do you think children and adults learn to do new things in the same way? How is their learning style different?
Well, the question is a bit grave. The learning style for the adults and the children is almost the same. But there are some basic differences. When the adults learn something new, they usually hide their emotions while the kids cannot hide the emotions and thus they are seen cheerful when they learn new things. There are no notable changes have been found so far regarding the learning style of the adult and the children. Both of them are seen curious in learning and try to be as much attentive as possible for them. Besides, both the learners try to exercise what they have learnt and spend a part of the day to have the practice. So, it is proven that the kids and adults learn new things in almost the same way.

•  Some people say that it is more important to be able to learn new things now than it was in the past. Do you agree or disagree with that? Why?

Yes, I agree with the statement as there are different changes found in the current days. Many of the past things and issues have been changed greatly. So, it is highly important for all to learn about the new things or they will fail to move forward. This is the age of science, technology and newer inventions. Each of the inventions is applicable in human life and been invented to make the life easier than the past days. So, if people remain unaware of the new things or the inventions, it will be detrimental to them in the long run. They will lag behind in the race and their advancement will get a sudden blow as well. Thereby, capacities should be increased to learn about new things and this is important for all, indeed.


•  Is it important to conserve old buildings? Why?
Well, I do not think that this is important to conserve the old buildings. It is true that they are our heritage but sometimes we need space for the newer things. Usually, the old buildings are larger in size and shape. In most of the cases, the buildings are of no use at all. They are only kept as showpieces for people. If modern structures are built replacing the old buildings, then I think the newer one could accommodate more people inside the building. Besides, the spaces used to make modern buildings is smaller compared to the old ones, the empty spaces could be used for some other purposes. Many of the people are of the view that the old buildings contain large gardens and those may also get destroyed with the demolitions of the structures. But if the gardens are re-built with the modern structures covering large spaces, I think that would look more beautiful than the former one.

•  Is the history useful for the coming generations? Why?
This is a vital question. History is not that much useful for the coming generations as much the importance of history is considered, I think. Many of you could have different views in this fact and I humbly admit the logic. But, history actually helps to make people aware of the past issues and mostly focus on different types of movements, revolutions etc. History helps to make people aware and take lessons from the past events. It reveals the mistakes and advises not to do the same mistake twice. Interestingly, there are no such practices or situations found in the current days. So, we do not need to learn from the history. Thereby, I think history is less useful to the young generations. But it should be acknowledged that the coming generation should be aware of the histories of their respective countries. It is helpful to make them conscious of their own origins.

•  What is the difference between houses built in the past and now?
Well, there are some basic differences in the houses built in the past and present. The houses in the past were made with ample space. Usually, the rooms were wide and spacious. There were options for natural lightings. In most of the cases, the houses were one storied and had a large rooftop where people used to plant different plants and had gardens before the open space of the house. Many of the houses were built with porches that lead to the main entrance. But the houses built in the present days are a bit dissimilar. The number of multistoried buildings is more in the current days. Besides, the rooms are not that much spacious as it was supposed to be. There are no porches rather the modern houses have underground garages to park vehicles. Most of the houses are stretched to the upwards due to lack of space and thus the majority of such buildings have no greens with them.

•  What are the differences in sizes of houses? Why?
Size matters most for building a house. In the past days, the spaces to build a house were more comparing the current days. The most important cause to have more space was the less population. With the advancement of time, the global population has also increased to the greatest extent. So, it is becoming tougher to accommodate the population. As a result, most of the lands are being used to make houses and even the arable lands are also used in some parts of the world to accommodate the growing population. When you are to accommodate a large group of people, surely you will be in need of large spaces. But, in the past days, the population was limited while the spaces were more. People had more individual lands where they have built houses in large open spaces with suitable facilities. But in the current days, the lands are fragmented and have made the spaces limited due to the overpopulation in different parts of the world and accordingly, the houses are being made with smaller shapes to accommodate the growing population.

•  Do you prefer a big or a small house? Why?
To be frank, I prefer to live in a small house with some specific conditions. The house must be served with modern amenities. In fact, I am habituated to live in a small house and small room in a corner will do fine for me. Living in a large house appears unusual to me. I do not love empty spaces whereas most of the large houses own some sort of empty spaces. Besides, I feel uncomfortable with the large house in night times as I have experienced are some spooky environments in a large house. Besides, modern facilities are absent in the large houses (like – there are no attached toilets). So, I prefer to live in a small modern house.

Domestic Food production:

•  What are some of the main food products ("foods") that your country produces?
Thanks for asking the question. Australia depends mostly on agriculture and as a result, the cultivation of agricultural products is more here. The country mostly grows wheat, oat, barley, maize, canola, sorghum, field pea, lentil, Lupin, sunflower seed etc. more than the other products. Besides, some other animal food industries have bloomed here greatly. Among them, the most notable are beef industry, lamb industry and pork industry. Beef is considered as one of the main food products after wheat. Fisheries should also be noted here for their substantial presence on the list. Dairy products are also mentionable in this case as the number of dairy farms is not trivial. Most of the agricultural products are grown on vast tracts of lands and at the same time the animal industries are located out of the cities. There are no irrigation facilities available in the city areas and the city environment is not suitable for the crops.

•  What are some food products that come from different parts of your country?
Usually, the animal foods come from different parts of the country in line with some of the agro-foods. The dairy farms and animal foods industries are located in different parts of the country and the foods are sent to the cities after having a perfect process. People mostly take the animal foods from the superstores of stores and they collect them from their respective sources. Besides, the wheat, barley and oat also come from different parts. There are no central systems to grow the products in the city. New South Wales produces the largest part of the wheat production in the country while Tasmania produces the lowest part of the oat. The cattle production is one of the most important sources for the beef industry and cattle is raised in different parts of Australia.

•  What widely consumed food products are mainly imported into your country?
Well, Australia is not a self-sufficient country in foods and thus requires importing foods from the other countries and world market. The most notable foods it imports include fruits, processed fruits, seafood, different types of vegetables etc. Though the vegetable production amount is notable, it needs to be imported for the huge consumption level. Vegetables are dominant in many of the Australian homes in line with the non-vegetable elements. Interestingly, Australia grows almost all types of agricultural products but it needs to import some specific products like processed fruits. Though the processed fruits are widely consumed by the citizens, there is no fruit processing industry in the state and thus the imports have turned into a profitable business for some of the Australians.

•  Do you think it's important that a country is self-sufficient in food?
Umm! I think it is impossible for a country to be self-sufficient in food production. But it is important to be because when a country starts importing foods from the other countries, the prices of the imported goods get a hike naturally. Then it becomes impossible for the ordinary citizens to get the foods. Only for geographical disadvantages, a country becomes infertile or unable to grow all sorts of agricultural products. The country deprived of the food products may replace the lacking with import and thereby, I do not think that it is important for a country to be self-sufficient in food production.

•  Besides food and the product you mentioned earlier, what else is made in your country?
Well, Australia is a country which produces more other products. The most notable elements are wool, sugar cane, poultry, nuts, cereal etc. A large portion of the wool comes from the lamb industry. Poultry farms help meeting the poultry needs of the country. Fruit like apple is another important source of agriculture. Vast tracts of lands are used for apple production. But sometimes the productions are hampered by some specific disorders like droughts and deforestation. But in the recent years, there are no such disorders found. Australia exports its dairy products in the world and is considered as one of the influential entities in producing dairy and agricultural products.

•  Do you think the globalisation of industry and commerce is a good thing?
My view on the issue may be different. I actually do not believe that the globalisation of industry and commerce is good for the countries. There are few reasons behind my belief. Firstly, when an industry is transferred to the other countries for globalisation, it actually loses its uniqueness. Besides, the quality of the produced also gets down. For instance, you are skilled in making sculptures and you have an industry in your own country. I am unskilled about the making or process and if I am to replace you suddenly, the results will be worst for my being novice. The issue about the industry is the same. When a traditional industry is shifted to another country or culture, it is a bit difficult for that industry to survive. So, it appears to me that the idea of globalisation, especially in the commerce and industrialisation, is not good to some extent.

•  Do you think every country should make everything it needs or should it import some things?
Um! This is a very technical question to answer. It actually differs in certain cases. As I said earlier that it is impossible for a country to be self-sufficient, it is possible for the country to be moderately able enough to support the needs of the country. Definitely, it is impossible for a country to be self-reliant from every aspect but it could produce the necessary things it needs in a sufficient quantity and sometimes it could also sell the excessive produces to meet its own needs. When the unused parts of the productions will be exported, it is expected that the costs for import could be adjusted to some level.

•  What are the disadvantages of a country producing everything it needs?
This is true that a country is unable to produce all the things it needs but if it is done in some cases, there would be some negative impacts on the overall economy, I think. When a country will be self-reliant, it will not need any more to import anything from the world market and as a result, the relationships with the other countries will be reduced. Besides, the products inside the country will be cheaper and smuggling of different products which are not produced at all in the country may rise to some larger extents. The currency rate may also fail which will lead to an economic disorder in the country.

Survey and Opinion:

•  What kinds of organisations want to find out about people’s opinions?
Thank you for allowing me to answer such an important question. Usually, different organisations need peoples’ opinion over diversified issues and I think the government, advertising agencies or research organisations require the opinions most. If we consider the governmental issue, it is found that the government is always formulating some sort of rules or policies for the betterment of the people and to get a mass consent from the people for the better implementation of the rules or policies, it requires public opinions. Secondly, the advertising agencies require public opinions before or after launching any of their projects or products. Without a massive feedback from the targeted audience, it is impossible to expect the success of any products. Moreover, often the research organisations require public opinions to get informed about any specific issues they are involved with.

•  Do you think that questionnaires or surveys are good ways of finding out people’s opinions?
I have a different opinion about questionnaires or surveys undertaken to get public opinions. I think in most of the cases, the exact information is not found in such surveys or interviews with questionnaires. It happens as most of the time the questions cannot represent the actual situations or they are unable to depict the entire scenario to the interviewees. Often the questions are made with wrong consideration and as a result, the exact answers are not found. Sometimes, the questions are too private to answer for the respondents and they turn reluctant in such situations, and if they are insisted on answering, they may provide wrong information which will damage the research. I think, not taking is the best ways to collect people’s opinions. In such cases, a team of two individuals is appointed to talk with the people and note down the speeches.

•  What reasons might people have for not wanting to give their opinions?

As I said before that some questions are too private to answer. People usually try to avoid such questions and do not want to provide the exact opinions. Sometimes there are few questions related to the governmental policies and they also do not want to opine on the issues as those are potentially harmful to them. Besides, people do not want to share their information or opinion fearing that those issues may be publicised with their names. It is impossible to provide positive feedbacks most of the times and if those are publicised, they may have some detrimental impacts on their surroundings. Another important reason, I think, is that the data collectors’ failure to convince people over providing information during the data collection period. Since the data collectors are hired on a temporary basis, most of them are unskilled and non-professional and cannot represent the importance of the data collection process.

•  Do you think it would be a good idea for schools to ask students their opinions about lessons?
Umm, yes, I think it would be a great idea. Most of the students do not want to learn lessons at home for several reasons and accordingly cut a sorry figure in their exams. A participatory environment could remove the problem to the greatest extent. If the students are asked to opine about their lessons, I think, they would tell about their problems. The most important thing here is that the kids do not want to feel ashamed about their lessons and thereby if they do not understand anything, they remain silent or do not express their inability to understand the topic lest the entire class laugh at him/ her. So, if opinions could be asked for their lessons, they will gladly participate in the process to avoid the complexities of feeling ashamed.

•  What would the advantages for schools be if they asked students their opinions?
There would be different advantages if the students are asked to describe their opinions. The first and important advantage, appears to me, is that they will be able to express their preferences. Some of the lessons might be difficult indeed for them and if the teacher asks questions from that specific lesson, there are chances that the students will fail to answer the questions and as a direct consequence, their scores will go down. Besides, if they are asked to opine, they will perform the lessons without any excuse. They would not have the chance to place any objections over the lessons as they decided that earlier. Moreover, when the school authority will ask students about their opinions, the students will start thinking that they are being evaluated by the school authority. It is helpful to expand their mental faculty. These are the few advantages if the school authorities ask about the opinions of the students.

•  Would there be any disadvantages in asking students’ opinions?
Well, there might be some disadvantages in this case as well as nothing in the world is without disadvantages. In line with the good performers in a class, there are some naughty students as well who are always looking for chances to make a mess around. So, when the school authorities ask to opine about something, the naughty students try to take advantage of such events. They never agree with the other ordinary students and try to create a chaos in the class. Besides, there are some students, who believe them to be the best of the class, pushing their nose over the issues frequently and hardly allow the other ordinary students to express their opinions. So, asking opinions to the students is not always effective. But another issue should be considered that the opinion seeking is effective for the lower grade as they are not that much wild like the upper-grade students.

Becoming famous:

•  Do you want to become famous?
Thank you for your pretty question. Well, it is not easy for me to explain whether I want to be a famous person or not but I definitely want that people should know about me. I have a good number of worst experiences and if I were a celebrity, I mustn’t have to experience those. I am a painter by profession and would like that, people would know about me and my paintings. Basically, I love to paint landscapes and thus have travelled in different parts of the words only to get the right locations for my painting. During the trips, I had to communicate with the people and tell them about my aim so that they could help me in different aspects as I was in distant places from my native land. If I were a famous individual, then they would have come to help me by themselves and even I did not need to seek their help. Besides, I also had to experience some negative effects in immigration (I don’t want to mention the state names where I was neglected as a painter), and the authorities made delay to allow me entering the countries. But imagine if I were a celebrity who is admired across the globe, certainly I would not have to suffer such consequences. Legal barriers would have been easier for me to cross. Besides, I would have gained much wealth as well. But I think I do not need the celebrity status rather people should know about me and respect me from the core of their heart. It will inspire me to paint more attractive and real-life paintings.

•  How to become a well-known person in your country?
Hmmm, it is not easy to be a famous person in India. The first thing is that you should have some political connections like you should be related to some political leaders or you can also involve yourself in politics if you want the name and the fame. Besides, mass media plays an important role in making someone famous or replacing him/ her with someone else. If you can be a media personality, it becomes easier for you to be famous. But if you want to be a famous person and lack the aforesaid ways, I have another idea – you can enroll yourself in any reality show. A wide number of reality shows are available in the country and their rating is higher. Many of the people watch those reality shows and you can enroll yourself after your choice. When the show will be aired on air, people across the country will watch you on television. This is a way to get popularity and I can name many of the ordinary people who have become famous with the reality shows. But, if you truly want to be a well-known person, I will suggest you to work hard whatever you are up to. Without a hard work, you do not own a chance to stand. Gradually your chance will sharpen your skills and you will be a renowned one.

•  What kind of people can become famous in your country?
Well, fame is not a cheap thing to pursue. Everybody cannot be famous. In India, there are a large number of people who are famous across the world ranging from Subhas Chandra Bose to Bollywood superstar and former Miss World Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. They have become famous for their talents, skills and efforts. They are renowned by their name and do not need any other special titles or linkages to be exposed to people. They have become famous for their sincere efforts. They, in fact, did not do anything to be famous rather it is their devotion to the work which has elevated them to the level of the celebrity. So, people who have struggled in the beginning of their career or life and continued the struggle for a certain age, they have become well-known. They may not look similar or may not own the similar qualities but one thing is common among them. All of them have struggled in the beginning. I think you are informed about the issue of Indian independence. That did not come overnight and the leaders had to struggle for long. As a result, they achieved the independence and by the same time, the people who had advanced roles became famous across the country and in the world by the same time. Industry is termed as the key to success but I think it is also the key to be famous in my country.

•  What are the advantages and disadvantages of being famous?
Well, everything in the world has two sides – advantageous and disadvantageous. If I consider the advantages of being a famous person, the list will be longer. But if I consider the disadvantages, the list won’t be smaller either. When a famous person moves from places, s/ he receives warm receptions. Often they are invited to the top class parties or at events. Their presences appear to add some extra splendour to the events. They are admired by all at the functions and thus they get some chances to socialise. Using their name and fame they also can earn wealth which is a necessary thing to live on this planet. This is a practical issue. But the negative consequences are also important to remember. If you are a celebrity or famous, you might be feeling uneasy when you are on the street. When you walk through the street, people will gaze at you like you are an alien. Some may try to touch you, talk with you while some intelligent people will try to take a photograph with you. In the beginning, you may have some good feelings but when it will be a regular phenomenon on the streets, you will be fading away with your fame. You cannot do any public work or join at any public programs. Security will be another important issue for you. You need to have proper security arrangement to handle the crowds. If you are in the market to have some stuff, the shopkeepers may charge more than the regular price for your name and fame. You are in a restaurant to satisfy your hunger and people are noticing each of your movements. You cannot take even your meal peacefully out of your home. These are the disadvantages of being famous.

•  What do you think of the privacy of a well-known person?
In fact, the well-known persons have no privacy or private life. Each of the events may be exposed to the public. You cannot be surrounded by four walls all the times and thus you need to be out of your home. If you are a politically well-known person and make the slightest mistake, the media will expose the issue which may have disastrous impacts on your personal life. The media often tries to publish some untrue facts aiming to increase their circulation. As a result, the privacy of the well-known person is destroyed. I think, this is not fair actually and they should be allowed to have some private life. When they are exposed to media with some private events it is not a problem at all. The issue is that the exposure is made negative which creates disastrous impacts on them. Often we hear about the media scandals and try to believe that before justifying them. It should not be done and this unethical. Everyone must have their own private business and it should be made easier so that they could enjoy their privacy. They have become famous for their hard efforts and if we do not allow some private spaces for them, it would be wrong for us. Peeping on their window will not be considered as part of decency and the media should give up such silly activities.

•  What do you think of the relationship between a well-known person and advertising?
Advertising is the most important way to publicise a product or service. Generally, the common people are eager to know about the private life of the well-known persons or celebrities. Most of the time they try to copy the well-known figures and the multinational companies and corporations take this chance. They hire the celebrities to advertise their products. The well-known persons advertise the products even sometimes being unaware of the product features. The advertisement scripts are written attractively so that the common people could be attracted and the performance of the celebrities, on the advertisement, does the remaining. For instance, Lux is a beautifying soap and different female celebrities advertise for it. The people who are exposed to the advertisement will think that the celebrity is using the soap and why should not they have a try? So, they get the soaps and the producing authority makes the profit with a small investment in the advertisement. I think the relationship between a well-known person and advertisement is clear. The positive image of the well-known person is sold to advertise any product irrespective of quality. But the people who are participating in the advertisements should collect proper information about the product. Unfortunately, if the products are made with below standard materials, they will lose their credibility.

•  Would you be influenced by the well-known persons in TV commercials?
If you want to know about my opinion, it is difficult to influence me with the television commercials. I try to justify a product before getting that from any superstore or local markets. Most of the time, I try to find out the quality and quantity instead of being influenced by the TV commercials. In the beginning, I was cheated on many times. I watched the advertisements and went to the stores to get the products. But I did not find the products were made with quality materials or sometimes they were less in quantity. You will laugh at my logic, if a celebrity could be fair using any specific brand soap or fairness cream then there would be not black-coloured people in the world. In fact, the fairness cream or the other cosmetic products cannot make people fair and the complexion has nothing to do with humanity or skills and expertise. After realising the fact, I have given up to be influenced by the advertisement. I always follow my own rules and principals. Before getting any product or service for me, firstly I try to find out the producer and seek their reputation. But sometimes I have to rely on the advertisements as there are no ways to find out of the producer and I took that as an experiment for me.

•  Do you often talk about singers with your friends? What do you often talk about?
Oh, yes! I often talk about singers with my buddies in informal gatherings. We all love songs and especially I love listening songs when I paint and mostly prefer the instrumental music. But the discussion topics are nothing special. Often we talk about the private life of the singers and how much they take for their performances. Sometimes, we plan to meet any reputed singer and then cancel the plan with the thought it is nothing special for us. Besides, we also discuss the new release of the singers and how they are popular in the market and such other similar issues. Moreover, planning to attend an upcoming show is the part of our discussion and accordingly, we contribute getting the tickets.

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IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 204 with Model Answer: Describe a time when you were stuck in a traffic jam. You should say: when it was where you were going how long you had to wait and explain how you felt about this. [You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.] Model Answer 1: India is a populous city and traffic jam is a very common issue for the citizens of the country, especially people living in urban areas. The situation is too irritating that sometimes people cannot control their emotions over traffic jam and start walking leaving their vehicles behind.

Person in your family who you most admire

IELTS Cue Card Question 10 With Model Answer: Describe the person in your family who you most admire. You should say: what his/her relationship is to you what s/he has done in your life what s/he does now and explain why you admire this person so much. [You will have to talk about the topic for 1 to 2 minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.] Model Answer 1: 'Family' is the most precious thing for everyone. One cannot live without a family, and even if we notice deeply, we could see that familial bonding is also found among animals. Thus, the importance of having a family cannot be ignored to live on the planet. A family is a place where anyone could expect to get anything without the promise of return in exchange. In my family, I admire my father most. He is the key person in our family and maintains the family in a solid way. He is my hero in my life. My father is truly an a

Describe a competition that you took part in

IELTS Cue Card Question 32 With Model Answer:  Describe a competition (e.g. TV, college/work or sports competition) that you took part in. You should say:  what kind of competition it was and how you found out about it what you had to do what the prizes were and explain why you chose to take part in this competition. [You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.] Model Answer 1: Sports competitions are one the great sources of joy and enjoyment. Both the participants and the spectators enjoy the competitions and sometimes the events are telecast live on television channels and even some multinational and corporate companies sponsor for the program in exchange for their advertisements.

Describe your family

IELTS Cue Card Question 44 With Model Answer:  Describe your family. You should say:  how many family members your family has what they do how close you are and explain why your family is important to you. [You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.] Model Answer 1: A family is the most important place for any individual and it is considered as the root of people. Without a family, one cannot have a decent and happy life. I also live in a family consisting of several members.