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Describe a useful plant you know about

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 340 with Model Answer:

Describe a useful plant you know about.

You should say:
  • what it is
  • where it is available
  • what it looks like
and explain how this plant is useful.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
Tulsi (also known as holy basil) is one of the most common plants in India and it is used for various purposes. It is also known as the queen of herbs and is also popular for its healing properties. This is a kind of herbal plant and comes with a huge number of advantages and even people, these days, have this plant in their homes. They use the plant leaves to cure the usual diseases and health disorders. I think this is a great cue card topic for me and I will answer the remaining questions happily. Thank you for this opportunity to let me talk about a useful plant.

Tulsi is available across the country. But due to the wide medical benefits, people are now growing the plant inside their homes. The plant needs natural conditions to grow perfectly. So, it is planted in places where natural light is available and air flow is smooth. People living in apartments grow the plant in their balconies as well.

This is a small green plant. The leaves are small and are adorable to look at. There are four types of Tulsis are available across the country and each of them has different medical properties. A part of the plant is used to produce the herbal tea which is beneficial for human health. Another type is used to extract oil to produce herbal toiletries and to serve many other purposes.

The plant is useful in many ways. The Tulsi oil is beneficial to control insects. Tulsi leaf juice is effective to cure respiratory disorders, coughs, cold and even fever. Even Tulsi oil is applied as ear drop to remove the dust and dirt from the ear. Prevention of malaria is another important feature of this plant. Often Tulsi is referred to be used during indigestion or preventing insomnia. So, it appears that the plant is really useful for people.

Sample Answer 2:
Thank you for this nice topic. Talking about a plant is not an easy task as there are numerous plants available around us and picking one is indeed hard. But this time, I feel comfortable with the question as I know about a useful plant. You might have heard the name of the feverfew plant. I will talk about this beneficial plant.

Well, this is mostly a medicinal plant and not available across the world. The plant is also known as bachelor’s button or featherfew. The plant has great medical advantages and it is frequently used to remove arthritis or headaches. Besides, it is also applied for treating fever and I think the name has emerged from its fever battling quality.

A large number of such plants are found in the European continents. Some parts of the USA also have the plants to some limited extent. Besides, the plant is also seen in a few places in the African region. But the plants are comparatively better found in Europe.

The plants have a special look. To me, it appears like a sunflower due to its appearance. But some other people might have a different view than mine. They describe the flower as the daisy. The yellow centres are bright. I compare it with the sunflower due to the yellow portion while the other people like to compare it with a daisy. Whatever the looks are, the plant is truly gorgeous to look at and also can raise the beauty of the places where planted.

The feverfew plant is useful in different ways. First of all, the plant has some herbal properties that help to treat different health disorders. Besides, the smell of the plant is also adorable though some other opposing views are also available. But it could be a great piece for decorative art at home or for any garden.

Cue Card Answer 3:
Thank you for this interesting topic. In Canada, a large number of plants are available and they are important for many reasons. Wild leek is one of them and is useful in several ways. This is a long plant and is green. Interestingly, this is an edible plant mostly used for preparing salads and juice. In fact, this is a particular plant that is preferred by a huge number of vegetarians in the country and has a great variety.

The plant mostly grows in marshy areas. Across the woodlands of Canada, the plant is available. Recently, commercial cultivation of the plant has also begun due to its outstanding demands among the vegetarians. Besides, newer application of the plant is on the way. Herbal benefits of this plant are also notable.

 Wild leek is identical to onion leaves. Both of them have a similar look. It comes with flat leaves like the onion. The size of the plant is long and all the varieties are of green colour. The leaves are long and have smaller roots too. But when eaten, the roots are cut out and only the bodies along with the leaves are used. The height of the plant is average and looks really good when they are attached to the ground.

The plant is useful in different terms. First of all, this is an edible plant. Besides, the juice from the plant is healthy and contains some of the necessary nutrients. When salads or soups are prepared with this plant, it tastes different. The plan contains fibre, vitamins, and minerals. So, there are no negative impacts on the digestive system.

Idea generation for this Cue Card topic:  

"Describe a useful plant you know about." 

The hints below will help you answer this cue card task in some other manners. The hints here will help the beginners to start the cue card task in their own way.

1. Drinking tea is highly beneficial for health. In fact, almost everyone is habituated to drink tea. But have you ever noticed a tea plant? This is a small plant and needs some special care to grow. Besides, not all the lands are suitable to grow tea. The plants grow well in the African region and some parts of Asian belt including Sri Lanka, China among others.

2. Yarrow is considered as a herbal plant for its amazing quality to stop bleeding in wounds. This is a nice looking small flower plant with clusters of flowers. The umbrella-shaped flowers are formed in clusters. The plant is also beneficial to reduce colds, preventing diarrhoea and even stomach ulcers. It is available across North America.

3. Everyone adores Lavender for its medical benefits. The plant is also useful to decorate residential gardens and similar other places. Lavender is mostly used for its health benefits and it works great as an anti-depressant. I use the lavender oil for a smooth glowing skin.

4. I love taking spinach. This is an edible plant and available across Central Asia. This plant gained fame for its huge benefits. It contains some of the essential vitamins needed for human body development. People prefer the plant as it helps to boost the cardiovascular system and improves the eyesight. Cholesterol is a big problem in the present day. And spinach helps control the rising cholesterol level.

5. Have you ever wondered why Lady Ferns are used to decorating home? The answer is simple. Lady Ferns has some decorative value. It is used treating some health disorders as well in line with adoring residences. The plants look beautiful with a tight body. Recently, recipes have been being made with the plant too.

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