Describe a part of the world you would like to visit

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 330 with Model Answer:

Describe a part of the world you would like to visit.

You should say:
  • where it is
  • what you know about it and how
  • what you would like to do there
and explain why you would like to visit this part of the world.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer:
The European states are considered as the most attractive places and if I have the chance, I would like to visit the European parts and to be more precise, I would like to visit the countries like the UK, Germany, Spain, Greece, France, Italy, Turkey, Cyprus etc. These are the lands which are considered as the most beautiful part of the world. A wide number of cultural diversities are also available here. This is a special cue card task for me and I am glad about it.

I love to watch movies and analyze the movie plots, locations, casting and other issues. I do it solely for my private interest. And I came to know about most the lands through the movies made in different countries. Whenever I saw an exotic location in any movie, I used to search for the locations and came to know about them. Besides. Reading books also have played an important role here. I came to know about many interesting places on books and later I searched them on the internet.

I want to pass my leisure moments. In fact, those are the places which are really attractive. And they are perfect for holiday activities. The places are well decorated with natural beauties and people often visit the places for a complete relaxation. So, my purposes are not dissimilar from the other people. I want to enjoy my life with my besties.

To be honest, I have developed an idea from the movies and after reading the books that the European belt is the best part of the world. The seas, white and sandy beaches, the sunsets, the golden water during the sunset, fishing, boating, leisurely hours on a beachside town etc. are really enjoyable and I want them to experience in my life.

Idea generation for this Cue Card topic:  

"Describe a shop that recently opened in your hometown/area." 

Traveling is quite advantageous both for learning and pleasure. So, people travel around the world but the places may vary based on individuals. Here are some other hints for the IELTS candidates to deal with this cue card task.

1. I love sailing and the Mediterranean beaches are the best places. I would like to visit any of the beaches in this region and sail. I also would prefer to be alone. Necessary foods and water should be preserved on the small boat. And I will sail on the day. The past experience was filled with thrill and I want to have it now as well.

2. I have a dream of climbing the Himalayan mountains. Being a daunting task, many of the people are afraid of climbing. And many of the attempts have been wasted too so far. Climbing a mountain is thrilling indeed and as I have past experience to climb, I would like to take the attempt. Besides, it would help to visit the localities surrounding the mountain range.

3. History of the United States of America is enriched and there are numerous historical places to see around the country. So, I want to pay a visit in the USA. Necessary preparations are almost done. I have a plan to visit different historical places of the country.

4. I love to enjoy the natural views more than anything. Greece mainly consists of islands with natural views. And so, I am planning to make the next trip to any scenic islands of Greece. I have also informed few of my friends about this plan and they agreed. In fact, this region of the world is highly adorable and the local traditions and cultures are awesome.

5. People of Asia have a great reputation for maintaining their own culture and customs. I have a plan to experience the matter by myself and in next summer I will go to visit Asia, particularly some of the large Asian countries like China, India etc. Hope it would be a nice visit.

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