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Describe a popular sport in your country

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 334 with Model Answer:

Describe a popular sport in your country.

You should say:
  • what sport it is
  • what equipment is needed for this sport
  • how it is played
and explain why it is so popular in your country.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
We love cricket, and this is perhaps the most popular sport in our country. The whole nation enjoys this sport as if it is in our blood.

Cricket is played between two teams, and each team consists of 11 players. It is an outdoor sport and requires cricket bats, ball, bails, stumps, gloves, boundary lines, protective gear, scoreboard and sight screens. If children play it in a small playground, just bat, ball and stumps are enough for them.

This sport has three popular formats - Test Matches, One Day Internationals, and Twenty20. The rules of the game and how it is played largely depend on the format of the game. In "one day international" cricket tournaments, two teams compete and the team that decides to bat first plays for 50 overs and set a target score. The second team then chase this run. If the second team can exceed the run, they win. If the first team can bowl out all the players of the second team before they can pass the run, or the second team fails to reach the target, the first team wins. If the score is equal, which is rare but not unlikely, the match is tied. The Twenty20 games follow the same rules except that it has 20 overs, instead of 50. Finally, the Test Matches are the longest format of the game and can span to several days.

Our national team has been playing cricket for many years, and they have commendable achievements in international cricket tournaments. Some of our cricket players are internationally renowned, and whenever they play, the fans feel an adrenaline rush. The nation is mad about watching and enjoying cricket and see their favourite sportsmen perform in the international arena. Every playground and many streets are filled with young players who enjoy this sport even more than our national sport. So it is only natural that we, as a nation, love this sport so much and it is highly popular.

Sample Answer 2:
Saudi Arabia is a country of diversity, and most people remain busy around the clock. But they take part in recreational activities as well, and sports are gaining popularity as outdoor and recreational activities nowadays more than ever before. Football has become the most popular sport in this country and the whole nation love this sport.

Playing football is easy and it requires only a ball and two goalposts to be played. A large playground is used when professional football tournaments take place but some people play it in whatever capacity they have regarding the playground around them which they can access. When someone is playing at a large stadium or in any international match, it is a must to wear shoes, necessary jersey and other protective gears.

A football match is played between two teams, each of which has 11 players. There are different positions in the field and these players play the role of attackers, defenders, and one player acts as the goalkeeper. Both teams try to score goals within 90 minutes by sending the ball to the opposite team's net while the designated goalkeeper tries to save his or he team from conceding goals. After 90 minutes of gameplay, the team that scores more goals wins the match. If both teams score equal goals, then extra time and finally tiebreaker is allowed to decide a winner.

Football is a popular sport in my country for many reasons. First and most importantly, it is an exciting game. When an international match is held in our country, spectators rush to the stadium to enjoy the competition. Our national team plays at the international level and that has made the sport even more popular in our country.

Idea generation for this Cue Card topic:  

"Describe a popular sport in your country."

Here are a few alternative ways of answering this candidate task card/cue card topic:

1. It may sound a bit strange but underwater hockey is a popular sport in the UK. This is a hockey-like sport but it is played under the water. The usual hockey rules are applied in this sport and interestingly, the hockey used here is smaller in size than field hockey.

2. Japanese people love to participate in Judo, which is a popular sport activity. This sport also helps people learn self-defence. People in my country enjoy national and international judo competitions. A good number of judo training schools are also available across the country.

3. Tennis, as a sport, has gained huge popularity in India in recent years. It requires tennis rackets, a tennis ball, a net and a large playground. Our country has also produced some of the noted tennis players in recent years who are revered by many aspiring young players. Whenever these renowned tennis players participate in international events, people watch those matches and thus the popularity of this sport has spread over the years.

4. Motorsports are popular among Spanish people. The country organizes Grand Prix racing events which attract a large number of spectators and fans. Besides, a large number of motorsport participants in international championship belong to Spain.

5. Amid numerous other sports, boxing is highly popular in Ukraine. The country proudly owns two of the heavyweight boxers of the world. They have won the world title in boxing several times. Many of the learners consider them as their idols.

6. Germans are fond of various sports and leisure activities. They take part in various types of sports and golf is one of them. The country has hosted several golf tournaments, and it has gained huge popularity over the years.

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