Describe a leisure activity popular in your country

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 324 with Model Answer:

Describe a leisure activity (a game, hobby, or sport) that is popular in your country.

You should say:
  • what this activity is
  • where people do it
  • why people enjoy doing this activity
and explain what you like/dislike about this activity.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
At present, the Iranians have leisure hours, and they can enjoy so much leisure activities than before. So, a good number of activities are being exercised every day. And most importantly people are enjoying them. Playing video games is a popular leisure activity among the Iranians and they play it frequently. The games are more popular among the young adults and almost every home contains the electrical gadgets to play the games. There are various types of video games are available and most of the time the people spend time in playing them to pass their leisure activities. Thanks a lot for this nice cue card topic.

Usually, the Iranians play the video games inside their home. They connect the gaming gadgets with television and create a gaming environment. Some of the games are available on smartphones too. But people prefer to have the games on large screens. So, the number of such gamers is on the rise and they are really getting skilled in this way.

Playing video games have some benefits. The most important thing about the video games is that they provide a great pleasure to the gamer. When the gamers are in the playing mode, they even forget to perform their regular activities like taking their meals or bathing and even sometimes ignores their regular routine tasks. In the monotonous life, playing video games provide them with a sense of relief from the mundane life.

I like the matter partially as playing video games has some demerits too. Physical movements are less in this case. The gamers are to sit idle and only engage their brains to solve any puzzles or kill the enemies they see before them on the screen. Sitting for long hours with the games making them vulnerable to many physical disabilities. So, I do not feel safe to play video games.

Model Answer 2:
Thank you so much for this nice topic. In Ukraine, boxing is a popular form of sport and people take part in it during their leisure hours. This is an exciting sport indeed as the galleries become filled with spectators during the boxing matches. Moreover, the number of supporters is increasing gradually. It has some positive benefits as well for the participants.

Boxing is mostly an indoor sport. This is mostly held in indoor venues and there are a notable number of indoor venues are available in the country. In fact, it becomes hard to manage tickets during the international matches. People try to get their tickets in advance so that they do not need to wait in queues prior to the match. In the present days, the number of such events is on the rise. The local boxers are performing very well in the national and international matches.

For several reasons, people enjoy the boxing matches. The most important thing about the sport is that it contains so many elements to thrill the audience. The audiences eagerly wait for the contestant to be the winner they support. Moreover, the boxers also try to beat their opponents through their skills and capacities. They try to demonstrate their best during the matches. And finally, they bring the victory. Moreover, centring the matches, the national and international corporate entities try to advertise their products through sponsorship which is a positive aspect too. 

But I cannot like some of the issues related to this particular sport. Sometimes, the boxers are severely injured with the blow from the opponent. And often the injuries lead to minor to major disabilities which appear inappropriate to me. Standing in a queue to get a ticket is the other boring thing for me. But I also love to feel the thrills during the matches.

Idea generation for this Cue Card topic:  

"Describe a leisure activity (a game, hobby, or sport) that is popular in your country." 

People love spending leisurely hours doing things that they feel passionate about and accordingly have invented numerous activities for that. Here are a couple of other hints to answer this cue card in a different way. Hope you will get necessary ideas in developing an answer for this cue card topic.

1. Skydiving in Las Vegas is an exciting leisurely activity. A notable number of people take part in this adventurous activity. Due to thrilling nature, it has occupied the list so early. The views from above are highly addictive.

2. Denver is a heaven for rock climbers. In fact, a large number of climber crowd in this city to climb on rocky shelves. Professional assistance in rock climbing is also available here. This has become a popular leisurely activity since past decades.

3. Japanese people love playing badminton. A number of benefits are attached to this game. Professional players participate in different types of national and international competitions. But people mostly play badminton to have entertainment and spend their leisure hours effectively.

4. Swimming is one of the most popular activities in India. People love swimming and there are well-decorated swimming pools are available across the country. Majority of the people love swimming in the evening hours while some health conscious people take it in the morning.

5. Kite flying is a competitive sports form in China. People often arrange huge events to fly kites. They invented various types of kites for their needs. In fact, kite flying is a traditional pastime for the Chinese. When the colourful kites fly in the sky, it takes a wonderful look.

6. Americans love camping. This is an outdoor activity. People take the camping equipment and use tents to stay out of home for two or three nights consecutively. Campfire at night is the key attraction. Foods are cooked in the outer environment using small branches or other fuels. Sometimes, barbeques are also made on a campfire.

7. Tennis is an entertaining form for the Vietnamese people. They love participating in Tennis. They mostly prefer lawn tennis than table tennis. In fact, after a hefty day, they want relaxation and tennis give it to them perfectly.

8. Brazilian people spend most of their time in out of home activities. And moving to theatres for enjoying cinema is a popular activity there. Most of the people visit theatre halls in small or large groups. They enjoy such activities much.

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