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Describe a gift you gave to a child

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 305 with Model Answer:

Describe a gift you gave to a child.

You should say:
  • what it was
  • who you gave it to
  • on what occasion you gave this gift
and explain why you chose this gift. 

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
Recently, I went to the birthday party of a little child living the opposite door of mine. I was invited as a guest at the party, and so I took a gift for the child. It was a nice Lego set. In fact, I picked the Lego set for some special reasons. Thank you so much for asking the question, and I will describe the entire event now.

Usually, Lego sets are used to make different structures and play with them. This is a perfect set of toys for the kids under years of old. Besides, the toy set also helps to make the kids smart and intelligent. They can exercise their ideas and intelligence in making the structures. It does not matter how weird the structures be in reality, the kids get a sort of entertainment in building the toys and playing with them. They are in love with such toy sets. Besides, the Lego sets also help the kids to learn many basics and apply them in their real life.

 My neighbour, Mr Ramadeen Gokhle is a nice man. He lives with his family and he is a banker by profession. He has two nice little kids. I was invited on the birthday of his older daughter, Samantha. She turned nine on that day. Basically, she is a smart girl and knows very well how to deal with people. She is also very good in her studies and loves to play strategic games. So, when I was invited as a guest on the ceremony, considering her features I decided that this would be the best gift for her from me. Accordingly, I got this Lego set for her which has some advanced techniques and tools. She liked the gift so much and had thanked me several times for the nice present.

Samantha is a nice little girl. She looks very cute and has a very good relationship with me. She often comes to my house and plays with my kids. In fact, she behaves like an older sister of my kids. So, when I was invited on her birthday, I was happy. She was growing up. She is matured enough to deal with the world but she needs a greater motivation for the purpose. So, she needs something special that could motivate her in her real-life situation. Marking the birthday, a grand event was organised. Her parents were also happy with the event. A notable number of people were invited to the ceremony at their home. It was a joyous day for Samantha. Everyone brought presents for her and she was extremely glad. She was surprised with almost all of the presents which I came to know later when she came to meet us with some of her presents.

I picked the gift considering various reasons as I told before. Actually, I try to give gifts or presents which could of use to the receiver. I do not prefer to provide some sort of showpieces that will increase the beauty of the living room or the showcases. Rather I like to provide present that the receiver could use in everyday life. It will also help them to remember me whenever they will use the present. Based on this ground, I searched the internet to get the right gift item for a girl of her age. Then I came to know about the lego set and its benefits. Since she was a little angel and it would be helpful for her mental faculty, I picked the lego set as the gift for her.

Sample Answer 2:
I have a nephew of three years old. He lives in a distant place than me. So, whenever I meet him, I take some sort of gifts for him and he becomes surprised with the gift items. Last time, I took a toy train set for him and he was extremely happy with the gift. Thank you so much for such a smart question. I will describe the event now.

It was a nice toy train set. In fact, in my childhood, I also used to play with this type of set. My dad brought that to me. Whatever, the set contained a locomotive and five wagons. Besides, there was a circular rail track which could also be extended to some extent. Operating the train set was easier. It needed to place the locomotive on the track and adding the wagons on its tail. It started to run after switching it on. The train used to run in a circular end until it was stopped.

I gave it to Chatu Thakra, my nephew and lives with his parents in Colombo, Sri Lanka. He is a smart boy and loves to play with different things at home. Sometimes, his dad takes him out of home to play on the ground. It becomes the happiest event for him. Besides, he also becomes happy when he sees me at his home. Usually, I go to visit him and his family (his parents) on the weekends. So, it becomes a great family reunion as well. Chatu is also fond of some other indoor games and he practices them with me and his dad. In his small age, he is skilled in mathematics and can solve some critical problems within a few minutes, whereas it takes hours for me to complete. It is a wonder to me. He is also eager to learn newer things and he is a quick learner. But such features are not visible in the other children of his age. 

I game the gift without any occasion. Actually, I take gifts for him, as I said before. So, it does not need any special occasion to give him a gift. When his parents observed his first birthday, I was the only invitee who brought no gifts with him. I was not ashamed of the matter. Rather, I proudly exposed it that I had no gifts for him. Actually, I do want to give him gifts for any occasion. I love him very much. And so, I bring gifts for him whenever I go to meet my sister and him. So, this is not an important issue to take gifts for my nephew marking any occasion.

I picked the gift based on some reasons. Recently, I heard that he is becoming mischievous. He does not want to stay at home. So, I thought if I could take something special for him, it will remove his attention from outside activities. As part of my plan, I took the toy train set. In fact, it was an attractive set with the locomotive, a small train station and some wagons. It was moderate in size and shape. The toy train set has become a great toy for him. He remains busy with the set almost half of the day. The desire to move outside is almost removed from his mind. The most important thing is that he is enjoying palying with this toy set as I desired. Considering all such aspects, I took the toy train for him.

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