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Describe a game you play on your cell phone

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 304 with Model Answer:

Describe a game you play on your cell phone.

You should say:
  • what is it
  • how long have you been playing it
  • what type of game it is
and explain why you play this game on your cell phone/ mobile phone. 

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
Playing games on a cell phone is really interesting. It also helps to pass leisure hours. So, I often play games on my cell phone. Thank you for the question. I will describe the game now.

This is a 3D game named ‘Sniper Assassin’. I came to know about the game when I was browsing the App Store to get some suitable apps for my iPhone 6S. I was seeking an action game and suddenly the recommendation for the game appeared. This is an action game and about to kill criminals in different environments. By eliminating the criminals, the player achieves points. This is a realistic game and provides much pleasure to me. In fact, I am in love with this game for many reasons. The game has an attractive graphic interface and the other features are also adorable. The initial levels are easy to play but they start becoming hard once you move to advanced levels.

I have been playing the games for past five or six months. In fact, I cannot manage enough time to play the game continuously. So, I have crossed only two level in the game. There are around 10 levels and you need some special skills and weapons to play them. Moreover, as a player, I had to equip myself with the latest arms and ammunition. Without the advanced weapons, ammunition and other accessories, you cannot play the game effectively. If I could have focused on the game regularly, I could finish it before. But due to my academic activities and other familiar works, I am unable to manage time frequently to be with the game. Now, if I can manage time, I play one or two times before going to bed. As a result, I miss a good number of free rewards from the game for my skills. I wish someday I will complete the game.

This is mostly an action game. The gamer needs to kill criminals with a sniper rifle. There are a wide variety of sniper rifles, assault rifles and handguns. Besides, the gamer will need to add or remove accessories from the weapons. For instance, you will need an extra zooming scope for killing a criminal in a long distance. Besides, you have to select your shot perfectly. Sometimes, there are wind velocities and you need to amend your shot after the wind direction. But trouble occurs when you need to assassin at night or need to find out the target amid various people wearing the almost similar outfit. If you miss the target, the game will be over at that time. moreover, the energy is recharged automatically if you are connected to the internet. The rewards also become double after watching some videos. These are the great feature of the game.

I play this game for the recreational purpose. Besides, I am in love with action games from an early age of my life. Before the invention of smartphones, I used to play games on the computer but with the support of such phones, I can play it now whenever I want. Moreover, this is an interesting game to me. I like the graphical interface of the game too much. When the bullet kills the criminals, the bullet moves to the direction in slow motion and I like the scene very much. I also like to collect rewards and upgrade my weapons. The special missions are outstanding. Considering everything, this is a great game for me. So, I like it very much and play it on my cell phone.

Sample Answer 2:
I am against the view of playing cell phone games randomly for some reasons. Such games are made to make people bit addictive and often wastes time. But sometimes I need to play some special sort of games on my cell phone only to pass my waiting moments. I have a virtual pet cat named Tom, and I play with him. Thank you for this pretty question and here goes a brief description of the game.

The game is titled as “My Talking Tom”. The gamers are to nurture the cat. In fact, this is another attractive version of ‘Talking Tom Cat’. But there is a basic difference between the two games. The Talking Tom Cat only repeats the speeches you tell to it. Besides, it has some small-scale games to play. On the other side, the one which I am talking about is like to care for your pet animal in a virtual environment.

I have been playing the game for past two and a half years. I am irregular in playing the game. So, when I face some sort of challenges or cannot move to the next level easily, I delete the game and download again to start from the beginning. It may appear weird to many that I frequently download the game. But it is suitable for me. In fact, I am not an expert gamer. Sometimes, I feel bored to play with the cat or take care of it. So, whenever I feel that I am bored with the game, or the game challenges are no longer appealing to me, I remove it from my cell phone. I was introduced to the game by a friend of mine. It was too much attractive and addictive when I first met with the game character. I was always eager to take care of the cat. But then with the gradual advancement of time, my interests in the game have decreased to some extent.

This is a kind of strategic games. The gamers need to take care of a cat. They are to feed the cat, change dress, clean it, take it to the toilet and more other tasks are involved. Sometimes, you will need to show some sort of affection for it to make it happy. By playing games, you can also make it happy. On the other side, the gamer needs to buy foods, drinks and potions for the cat. Each of the foods, drinks and potions have different prices and they provide a certain amount of energy to the cat. When the cat’s energy level is lower, you need to feed it properly. Then you can play with it or talk to it. It will repeat whatever you talk about it. But when it feels sleepy, it will be unable to perform better. So, you will need to switch off the bedroom light for the cat.

To be frank, when I have nothing to do, I play with the cat on my cell phone. But I cannot play longer as the cat most of the times need a sleep. When it is awake, I am unable to manage time to spare with it. So, there is a communication gap between the cat and me. It sends notifications to me in regular interval to feed it or to take it to the bathroom, but I cannot do that right at that moment. Hence, I cannot get it filled full energy. But this is really an interesting game for me. And I will keep it with me as long as I can.

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