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Something your friends have but you do not

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 295 with Model Answer:

Describe something your friends have but you don't.

You should say:
  • what it is
  • how many of your friends own it
  • do you want to own it
And say what you would do once you own it. 
[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
The necessity of a smartphone cannot be denied at present. Almost everyone is using the smartphones in my surrounding. Unluckily, I do not have a smartphone of my own while rest of my friends have it. My family is against the view for me to have a smartphone. Thank you for the question.

Presently we are at the peak of science and technology. Getting in touch with the latest updates, maintaining virtual social profiles, correspondence, capturing moments with phone cameras etc. are the most usual tasks of the day. With the support of a smartphone, an individual can perform such activities so easily. In fact, the individual does not need to carry a laptop today to meet his daily technological needs if s/ he has a smartphone. But I am lagging behind in the race. I am not allowed to use a smartphone unless I have crossed my undergraduate. This is an obligation that my father imposed on me.

Almost all of my friends have the smartphones. They use the latest models of the phones. Besides, they use the phones for various purposes. Most of them use the phones for browsing the internet and maintaining their social profiles. They also communicate electronically with phones. The smartphones, they use, come with the features of using communication applications to reach the people using the same apps. As a result, communication has become easier for them. They make calls using apps like Viber, imo, Skype etc. The apps are free while the communication costs only the megabytes, not the real money. In my class, everyone, except me, has the smartphone. A good number of them are fond of Apple phones known as iPhone, while the rest of them are relying on another brand names Samsung.

Definitely, I want to have a smartphone. Actually, it is really hard to expose my phone to everyone using a smartphone. Sometimes, my friends laugh at me for my old-fashioned mobile phone. I have an old mobile set from Nokia. It runs very well and has a strong battery even after five consecutive years. But the outlook of the phone is not so much attractive. And so, I cannot make or receive phone calls while with others. My father is of the view that a mobile phone should only be used for calling purposes. They should not come with such smart features. So, he himself also uses such a phone like me. I have the facility to get in touch with people through the internet at home. But it is not possible for me to carry the personal computer out of the home. So, I am badly in need a smartphone.

If I get it, I will use for multipurpose. Basically, the smartphones come with a high-resolution camera. I like to take photos and will use the phone as my personal camera. Besides, the smartphones come with different attractive applications and games. I will play video games on the phone to pass my leisure hours. Besides, when I am at the university, often I need to browse the internet. So, if my phone is connected to the internet, I could browse it hassle-free. I will not need to lend phones from my friends and others as I took before to meet my needs. Besides, it will provide a mobility. I would be able to communicate with any parts of the world. In fact, this is a need of time. So, I will get the best use of it if I could get it.

Sample Answer 2:
I am a student of a local college here in Peshawar and the college is far away from my residence. So, some of my friends use bicycles to move to the college while I have to use the public transports for the purpose. Thank you for asking the question. This is really a sad event for me that I do not have a bicycle. I will describe it.

A bicycle is a great mode of transportation inside the city. So, many of the people ride in the vehicle and reach their destinations safely. There are some other benefits as well to ride a bicycle. I live in a corner of the city while my college is located in the centre of Peshawar. It takes about 30 minutes to reach my college from my home. And it is a bit difficult to manage the transports regularly. Often they are crowded and get stuck in traffic congestion. Riding a bicycle is the best way to reach college safely.  

Almost all of my friends have their bicycles. They use to ride it for the college. Sometimes, they get out of home to make some short trips to different parts of the city or to move in some other places. In fact, the bicycles have added mobility to them. They do not need to wait for the bus or other public transports like me. besides, they also can reach college before the exact time while I am just the opposite of them. I cannot maintain the class schedules. I have to wait for the bus ride which always makes late. On the other sides, the extensive traffic congestion on the streets also makes me late for the class. So, I need to get out of home early for attending my college classes. Further, returning home has the similar scenario. I need to wait for a long time before riding on the bus. It takes more time than usual (around one hour) in the evening to return home. 

Considering all the reasons, I think I should have a bicycle of my own. Sometimes, I use the bicycles of my friend living near my home, but it is not comfortable for me. In fact, I feel shy to ask for the bicycle. So, I think if I had my own, I would not have to ask him to lend me his bicycle. He never rejected my request but I think this is not fair always. Besides, the necessity of a bicycle is becoming acute every day. I feel bored to ride on the public transports for various reasons. Moreover, it is difficult for me to carry the college bags and other academic stuff with me in the narrow spaces of the buses. Hence, it would be better for me to have a bicycle.   

If I could get a bicycle, I will use it for numerous purposes. First of all, I will use it for going to my college. My sufferings to ride on public buses will be over. On the other side, I could move to anywhere inside the city easily whenever I want. There will be no time barrier like before when I lend my friend’s bicycle. He told me to return the bicycle within a short time after lending. Moreover, riding a bicycle is a kind of physical exercise. So, it will help me to be healthy if I ride it early in the morning every day. These are my initial plans to do with a bicycle.

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