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A restaurant that has recently opened in your town

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 294 with Model Answer:

Describe a restaurant that has recently opened in your town.

You should say:
  • where it is
  • what types of food it offers
  • how it looks
and explain what you think about this new restaurant.  

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
Paris is a multicultural city. People of various nations live here in harmony. As a result, the number of cafes and eateries is on the rise in this city. I live in a corner of the city and a new Asian restaurant has opened its branch here. I will describe the event now.

The restaurant belongs a South Asian country named Bangladesh. The restaurant is titled as Sonar Bangla Restaurant. It sells various types of traditional Bangladeshi foods. The restaurant is located on the south corner of Paris. This is a residential and semi-commercial area, and there are potentials that the locality will be a commercial are someday. So, commercial institutions are settling up here. And as part of the activity, the restaurant is opened. The restaurant is run by a businessman of that country and has few other branches across Europe. To meet my curiosity, I visited the restaurant with my fiancé and had a nice experience there.

The restaurant offers a good number of Bangladeshi foods. Most of the foods are the traditional one. But they use too much spices on the foods to increase the taste. Some of the foods are extremely spicy. When I went there, I ordered a beef kebab and traditional paratha. The kebab was delicious. In fact, the spices used in the preparation have raised the taste. On the other side, my fiancé ordered plain rice with chicken curry. The preparation was exceptionally good. They brought the rice with smoke around while the curry was moderate. Besides, there were some other types of traditional foods of that country like polaw (a type of steamed rice of special grain), chicken curries, beef curries, mutton curries, beef and chicken kebabs, traditional drinks, vegetables, salads and more. Further, the prices of the foods were cheaper than the ordinary restaurants in Paris. The service they provided was adorable as well.

The restaurant has a grand look. The outer decoration is done according to the traditional style of Bangladesh. And the inner decoration has a classic look. The inner decoration is the combination of European and Asian designs. There is a classy look in everywhere of the restaurant. There is a grand entrance to welcome the visitors. An attendant welcomes the guest after their arrival and serves with the menu. Besides, I liked their seating arrangements. The restaurant authority knows about privacy and thus there are arrangements for cabins and open spaces. If need privacy, you can use the cabins and they are really comfortable. Serving the foods is a kind of art, and they are the best so far to me in this category. It appeared that they have a sense of fineness and they have expressed the fineness by their activities.

This is a splendid restaurant. Everything appeared very good and highly decorated. Besides, the quality of the foods is also superb. In fact, I have not experienced such a nice cooking before. Though the spices irritated me in the beginning, I was relaxed with them later. The traditional drink that they offered was also outstanding and beneficial for digestion. Furthermore, the location where the restaurant is situated is also excellent. I think the owner is a smart and intelligent individual and knows his business well. He takes care of each of his customers like an intimate friend. Considering all the aspects, it appears that the restaurant will shine in near future. It has already won the hearts of the local people.

Sample Answer 2:
Basically, the people of India have a fascination for foods. As a result, a substantial number of restaurants and eateries are available across the city streets. I live in Chennai in Tamil Nadu. And a new Chinese restaurant has opened its branch in the city. Thank you for the question and allowing me to describe the matter before you.

The restaurant named – Xialing has opened a new branch in my locality, the northern part of Chennai city. The restaurant has two other branches across the city and this is a new one. The branch has been launched here for the extensive demands of foods in the locality. As the existing branches cannot comply with the pressure, the necessity of a new branch emerged. To be frank, it sells quality foods at a cheap rate than the other Chinese restaurants. On the other side, the service quality is also excellent.

The restaurant mostly offers traditional Chinese foods and beverages. The ingredients are ordinary but the cooking methods are special. They provide with a good number of dishes like Chow Mein, Fried Rice, Roasted Duck, Spring Rolls, Wontons, various types of vegetables and soups etc. The foods are delicious and I am in love with them. In fact, I have become a frequent visitor to the restaurant for the tasty foods. In line with me, some of my local friends have also started loving the restaurant and its foods. The foods are served hot. They do not sell any pre-cooked foods. They prepare the foods only after placing the orders. So, the visitors need to wait a bit for the food preparations. The starters are also inspiring for them. I love one feature of this restaurant that it does not have any liquor bar or any smokers’ zone. As a result, it has attracted the attention of the locals randomly.

The outlook the restaurant is excellent. The entire set up is done with the traditional Chinese style. In fact, there are some Chinese waiters here to bring a sense that you are really in China. The inner decoration will make you amazed. There are concealed lights inside the restaurant and it has brought a magnificent look. The lights are of different colour. I was surprised at the seating arrangement. They organised the tables and chairs in an efficient manner that I have never seen before at any other restaurant. In fact, everything was organised in a professional manner that helps to provide a positive. I am charmed with the inner lighting. It appears that I am entering into a China. The entrance is illuminated with small lights and attracts attention from a long distance. The entrance is also occupied by a serviceman who helps the visitors to enter the restaurant.

The restaurant is a good one in all terms. You can have the foods you want to have for lunch or dinner. Besides, the environment helps you to relax. There are no hurries for the visitors. They can stay as long as they want. Besides, the authority also provides some complimentary food items and drinks for the visitors which is another reason for visiting the restaurant. It has already established itself as a noted restaurant in the locality. And I think there are huge potentials for the restaurant to grow in future for its special services and food quality.

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