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Describe a letter you wrote to someone

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 300 with Model Answer:

Describe a letter you wrote to someone.

You should say:
  • when it was
  • who you wrote to
  • what the letter was about
and explain how you felt about it. 
[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
When I was a teenager, I used to write letters to a girl of my age. In fact, I was in love with her. So, to express my feelings, the letter was a great mode for me. Thank you for the question that reminds me the early part of my life.

I was born and brought up in a restrict Hindu family here in Gujrat. At that time, everything was restricted. Actually, the locality I used to live in with my family was more restricted and did not allow such issues. But I survived the days. Now the girl is my better half and we are having a peaceful life in the same place where our love began. I was just crossing the border of my teenage and she was 18 when I fell in love with her. Gradually, the time changed. The point of view of the people also was changed after we entered into this millennium. But I miss the days of letter writing.

I used to write the letter to Adeeti. She is now the proud mother of my kids and we are a happy family with the two babies. She was a teen at the time she received the letter from me. In fact, I saw her first in the street while returning from my college. She was in the same college and lived nearby of my residence. Gradually, I came to know about her details and profile. She had two older brothers and one of them used to escort her to and from the college. So, it was difficult for me to talk with her in the streets. Finding no other ways, I wrote the letter to her. One of my friends used to deliver the letter to her. And the maximum level of secrecy was maintained lets I do not get caught. Besides, she was also in love with me and used to deliver her emotions in the form of a letter to my friend. But I had to pay a good price to use my friend as the courier.

I had sent a good number of letters to her. Initially, she did not agree to be in love with me. But gradually, she was in love. It happened as the letters contained emotional speeches. I used to convince her by a special type of attempt. The letters were also about the untold speeches of mine. In fact, I was unable to meet her in person until I left the college. Her brothers were the escorts and only females were allowed to talk with her or meet her at home. She became a bit relaxed when she crossed the college like me. So, I described my emotions on the letter and regrets for not being able meeting her. I also wanted to meet her secretly in the college canteen but she denied. In fact, I had to meet her at the university when she was able to come alone. Our love grew and matured after I completed my graduation.

It was the early part of my life and now I am near my 40s. So, remembering the days provide me with a special type of pleasure. The feelings were outstanding. I was always worried about the matter that if I get caught, Adeeti will be punished by her family. Luckily, nothing much happened even after I get caught. In fact, her mother came to know about the letter and read one of it. But she did not express her reaction and only for her cooperation, it has been possible for me to get married to Adeeti. I really miss the days of letter sending.

Sample Answer 2:
I do not usually write letters. It appears irritating in the present age to write letters using a real pen and paper. But recently, I have written a letter to one of my friends. He lives in a different state, away from my living place. Marking the death anniversary of his father, I wrote the letter.

It was the beginning of March when I wrote the letter. The death anniversary was on the 9th of the month. So, I prepared a couple of days before to write the letter so that he could get the letter on the right date. In fact, the postal service is a bit slower here in Tanzania while my friend lives in England. I met him when I went to attend a conference in England as a representative of my university. I could have sent him condolence over the telephone but instead, I planned on writing the letter. I thought it would surprise him and it did really. It was an unexpected event for him. 

I wrote the letter to David. He is now one of my close friends living outside of my country. Meeting with David was an interesting event for me. I went to attend the conference and forgot to take my cell phone charging adapter. Luckily, it was David who came to my support. He was also using the same types of mobile phone that I was using. It was Motorola phone set and a bit exceptional. So, getting the adapter was a bit difficult. However, gradually both of us developed a deep sense of friendship. I stayed in England for about two weeks and he was like my shadow until the last moment of my stay there. As I do not maintain a social networking account, I maintain telephone to contact with people inside the country. David was the only man whom I wrote the letter and it was for the first time.

The letter was about condoling him on the anniversary of his father. When I met him, I came to know about his father. He, in fact, was fascinated with the qualities of his father. And he wanted to be like his father – who was a police officer died on duty. So, I tried to advise him on some specific issues. He was too soft-hearted. Thus he always remembered his deceased father every time. Besides, it was a bit troublesome for him to forget the memories of his father because he adored him more than his mother. His father did a good number of things for David. But lastly, he died during a chase. The event was difficult for David and his family members to bear with. My letter was to console him about the issue. in fact, it was the first death anniversary of his father and the memories were vivid. So, I tried to heal his wounds a bit.

It was a bit difficult for me in the beginning to write a letter. I am not habituated with writing letters, rather I prefer communication with e-mail and other communication modes. But this was an exceptional case. Everyone becomes happy with the letter from the near and dear ones. Based on this ground, I had to take the trouble of composing a letter. But when I finished the letter, I became happy. I could imagine the smiling face of David and he is reading my handwritten letter. Such a beautiful view gave me immense pleasure. David made a phone call after receiving the letter and told me how happy he was. Really it was a great return for me.

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