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Science subject that you studied and liked

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 276 with Model Answer:

Describe a science subject that you studied and liked in school or college.

You should say:
  • what it was
  • why you chose it
  • how can you use it in your life
and explain what you liked the best about this subject.  

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
In my school, I studied chemistry, and I liked the subject very much. In fact, I was fascinated with this science subject which opened a new avenue of knowledge for me. Studying this subject gave me great pleasure. Thank you very much for this interesting topic.

Chemistry, as a school subject, mostly deals with the composition and properties of materials or substances, molecules, atoms, chemical bonding of matter or substances, how they change in different situations when an external force or heat is applied, how chemical reactions take place and how it can help up understand matter and materials around us. The subject also deals with chemical and material theories and concepts.

When I was asked to take three core courses in science, I picked this one as my first choice. I did so because it was always one of my favourite subjects in school and college. Besides, I loved to spend time in a chemistry lab where I could experiment a lot, and it has always given me immense pleasure. Once a teacher told me that chemistry is everywhere. He suggested that I study chemistry carefully and it will reveal the inner mysteries of the world to me. As a result, I became more curious and wanted to learn more about this subject.

The application of chemistry is interesting in real-life situations. But to comprehend things, we, sometimes, need to understand the formation of matter, atoms, molecules and chemical reactions. The subject shows the interaction of each matter with the others. It also shows how energy emits from its sources and how we can benefit from the emitted energy in our lives. It also tells us why the colours are different, why the things are not similar, how an insect can fly or can walk on the water and so on and on. Chemistry also reveals what is inside the food and drinks we intake and how they interact when taken together, how we can avoid dangerous materials and how we can use little things around us to make life easier.

Chemistry has a vast area to study and it deals with numerous sections. Hence, it is difficult to prefer any specific part of the subject over others. However, I had a preference, while studying the subject, and I found "organic chemistry" the most interesting. Organic chemistry deals with natural matters. It deals with living things. In fact, it tells the source of life, how life is created and how it advances and is finally destroyed to give birth to new lives. Fascinating - isn't it?

Model Answer 2:
This is, indeed, a nice topic to talk about, and I'd like to thank you first for the opportunity to let me talk about a science subject that I studied and liked.

In my college days, I studied "zoology", and I was fascinated by this subject. I'd say, it was an excellent science subject for me as I came to know about lots of things about living creatures including "us" - the human.

Picking zoology as a science subject in my college was not actually my choice. It was added to the curriculum by default, and initially, it did not appear so interesting to me. But, in the later phase of the course, I read the book for passing some leisure moments, and I came to know about many fascinating things about microscopic creatures like viruses, bacteria, small to large insects and animals and humans. Since then, I started liking this subject and fell in love with it.

The subject is utterly useful in our daily life. It enhances our understanding and knowledge of life, evolution, common diseases, how to prevent them, how to care for creatures around us and how to take the best care of our body and mind for that matter. After studying zoology, I learned about lots of things that I did not have any idea about. Moreover, I still can apply the earned knowledge in my day-to-day life. I now know better about how to lead a healthy life. I also know how life form was created and how they have evolved with time.

While studying zoology, I liked human anatomy the most. It was meant to make us familiar with the human body and our internal organs. So, when I read the chapter, I learned something new yet very important. As a result, my knowledge about our body and mind increased to a notable extent. It helped me better treat my body and lead a healthy life.

Idea generation for this Cue Card topic:

Science has a very wide branch and a remarkable number of subjects that are taught in schools and colleges. But they are interesting to study for various reasons. This topic is about describing a preferred science subject that you studied in your school or college. Here are some hints for you to generate ideas to talk about this topic:

1. When I studied at a local university in Ukraine, I came in touch with Geology. The subject deals with the study of earth and rocks – how they have been formed or why they change. Studying Geology was interesting and I attended all the classes.

2. The University of Marburg in Germany offers Space Science and Astronomy, and I picked the subject to know about outer space and celestial bodies that have always fascinated me. In fact, I was interested in space travel and want to know more about it.

3. Zoology is the best subject to know about the animal kingdom of the planet. I picked this subject in college because I wanted to know about animal classification, their behaviour, evolution and so on and on. This subject helped me greatly.

4. I was in love with biology when I was in school. It was the most interesting science subject for me. I loved the practical classes that taught us numerous things about living creatures that are all around us.

5. Social science helped me greatly to know about the branches of social and human development. In fact, it was necessary for my career development, and every now and then, I apply the knowledge to deal with situations in my social and professional life.

6. I fell in love with Physics in college after knowing its practical and theoretical applications after reading a book written by a famous scientist. It describes physical matter, how they are formed, their motions through space-time, and how we can better understand the universe in which we live in by studying it. I had no idea that things could be so interesting and wonderful before getting in touch with physics in college.

7. Botany is the science of plants, and it proved to be a helpful subject when I started planting in my private garden. I had to study botany during my college and I can remember its usefulness and apply them to make the garden beautiful.

8. Working as a data scientist needs extensive knowledge of statistics. I learned the subject in my college and university in the UK, and also pursued some professional courses. Honestly, I live with statistics now. I love this subject so much.

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