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Science subject that you studied and liked

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 276 with Model Answer:

Talk about a science subject that you studied and liked.

You should say:
  • what it was
  • why you chose it
  • how can you use it in your life
and explain what you liked the best about this subject.  

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
In my school days, I studied chemistry as a subject of science. I liked the subject much than any other subjects for some special reasons. In fact, I was fascinated with chemistry. It provided me with a great pleasure amid the other science subjects.

Chemistry mostly deals with some specific scientific issues like the composition and properties of matters, molecules, atoms and crystals, how they change in different situations, how chemical reactions take place or what the combinations of the matters are and more other related issues. The subject also deals with some very special theories and concepts as well. Though it may sound simple, the applications are really tough in real-life situations. Besides, a student or a researcher needs to struggle a lot over solving the equations and bring out a new result. The subject is broad and connected with the other fields of science as well.

When I was asked to take three core courses in science, I picked this one as my first choice. In fact, I had some idea about chemistry and accordingly wanted to apply the ideas to my activities. Besides, I also wanted to know about the chemistry facts. The term despite being simple requires hard efforts to come to a solution of the problem. Chemistry is considered as the science of matter. And I also wanted to know about the formation of matters. There is another reason behind preferring the subject. Once a teacher of mine told me that chemistry is everywhere. He suggested me to study chemistry carefully and it will reveal the inner mysteries of the world to me. As a result, I became more curious than before and wanted to learn the subject. I also wanted to know about the matters, energy and how they interacted with each other in different situations.

The application of chemistry is interesting in real-life situations. But to comprehend the things, one needs to understand the formation of matters, atoms, molecules and others. The subject shows the interaction of each matter with the others. it also shows how energy emits from its sources and how can we get benefitted from the emitted energy in our life in positive aspects. This is a fascinating subject and shows the relation of the natural world. The subject provides the answers for the things to be odd and unusual. Chemistry explains the inner secrets of nature. It tells us why the colours are different, why the things are not similar, how an insect can fly or can walk on the water and more other questions. When people are aware of such issues, they can take necessary steps to get advantage from the situations if they are in need.

Chemistry has a vast area to study. It deals with numerous issues. Hence, it is difficult to prefer any specific part of the subject. But I had a preference while studying the subject and I found the organic chemistry as the most attractive part to me. The organic chemistry dealt with the natural matters. It dealt with the living things. In fact, it tells the source of life. How life is created and how it is destroyed again. Biochemistry is the other interesting area to me as it deals with the chemical process of the living things. Besides, there are some subcategories are also found on the subject but I did not have that much interest in those.

Model Answer 2:
This is a nice topic to answer. I would like to thank you first for the opportunity to let me talk about it.

In my college days in Iran, I had to study Human Biology. I will say, it was a very good subject for me as I came to know about lots of thing of a human body. The subject mostly deals with the inner issues of the human body. Besides, it gives some clear ideas how the human body is formed and why we need proper care to live devoutly. The subject also taught me to lead a healthy and happy life.

Picking the subject was not actually my choice. It was added to the curriculum by default. And at the beginning, it did not appear so interesting. But in the later phase of the study, I read the book for passing some leisure moments and came to know about lots of unknown and interesting things. Since then, I started liking this subject and fell in love with it.

The subject is too useful for me in my life. After reading the text, I came to know about lots of things that I did not have any idea about. Moreover, I can apply the earned knowledge even in my day to day life. I know how to prevent some usual diseases and lead a happy and healthy life. Actually, the human biology has increased my knowledge to a great extent.

While studying the subject, I liked the portion that depicted the human anatomy. It was meant to make us familiar with the human body and internal organs. So, whenever I read the chapter, I came to know something new. As a result, my knowledge increased to a notable extent. I also need to emphasize on the practical classes when I had to open some small species like a frog to know about the inner structure of that being. 


Idea generation for this Cue Card topic:

"Talk about a science subject that you studied and liked." 

Science has a wide branch and a remarkable number of subjects. But they are interesting to study for various complexities. The cue card is about describing a preferred science subject of the IELTS candidate. Here are some extra hints for them to answer the cue smoothly.

1. When I studied at a local university of Ukraine, I came in touch with Geology. The subject deals with the study of earth and rocks – how they have been formed or why they change. Studying Geology was interesting and attended all the classes.

2. The University of Marburg in Germany offers Space Science and Astronomy and I picked the subject to know about the outer space and celestial bodies. In fact, I was interested in space travel and want to know more about it. Only this subject was able to meet my thirst for learning.

3. Zoology is the best way to know about the animal kingdom. Once I wanted to know about animal classification, their behaviour, evolution and more other necessary information. This subject helped me greatly.

4. I was in love with biology. It was the most interesting science subject for me. I loved the practical classes to that taught us numerous things including the cutting of insects and small animals.

5. Social science helped me greatly to know about the branches of development. In fact, it was necessary for my career development and every day I apply the earned knowledge to deal with situations in my office.

6. I started falling in love with Physics after knowing the features. It describes the matters and how they were formed, their motion through space-time. I had no idea that things could be so interesting and wonderful before getting in touch with physics in college.

7. Botany is the science of plants and it proved helpful for me when I started planting in my private garden. I had to study botany during my college and I can remember lessons and applied them to make the garden beautiful.

8. Working as a data scientist needs greater knowledge on statistics. I learned the subject in my college and university in the UK and also pursued some professional courses. Honestly, I live with statistics now.

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