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A speech that somebody gave and you liked

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 261 with Model Answer:

A speech that somebody gave and you liked.

You should say:
  • when it was
  • who gave the speech and what it was about
  • who were present there
and explain why it was the best gift/ present you have ever received.  

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
Speeches are often intolerable though aimed for betterment but my point of view about the speech is dissimilar. I am never bored with speeches and if that aimed at improving skills, I gladly accept that. Last day I had to experience such a speech from our college sports instructor.

I am a student of D K Govt. College in Andhra Pradesh in India and love taking part in sports. It was just after the handball practice inside the college playground when the sports teacher delivered the speech to me and my team. Actually, my college was a participant in an inter-college handball championship but the team performance was not in a satisfactory state. Thereby, the teacher advised us in his speech.

The speech was given by Mr Gaurav Pandey, the sports teacher and instructor of the college. He is really a nice man and everyone praises him for his benevolent behaves. So, when he started to use some rebuking words to us, we realised that we had made a great mistake with the performance. Usually, he does not speak even in a loud voice and his sudden change in manners and attitudes with us proved our inefficiency with the sport. But on the later stage, he turned back to his real face – the gentle one. He then politely made us understood that we need to be better with the handball and he was on the view that we were neglecting the competition. In fact, he was true. He pointed out the pitfalls of the team and also suggested to improve.

When the delivered the speech, he asked almost all the teachers to be present at the college playground. Since it was the very first participation of D K Govt. College in an inter-college championship, everyone was excited. But Mr Pandey did not want us to be excited rather he stressed on the practice – the thing we did least. So, he wanted everyone teachers related to the academic activities to be present there and inspire us so that we could win the matches or at least try our bests to win.

I liked the speech from several aspects. Firstly, the speeches were inspiring (though he rebuked us seriously for being inattentive on the practices) for me and the team members. Besides, being the captain of the team, I also ignored the practices often showing some excuses. But his speeches worked as an eye-opener for me. Before the speech, I used to make delay on arrival on the ground, and even missed some of the practice sessions. So, naturally, he was angry with me and advised me to be more regular in the practice sessions. His positive attitudes and motivational speech worked for me well and thus I liked the speech much.

Cue Card Answer 2: 
Anger is my greatest enemy. Often I am unable to control my anger. So, I recently had attended an anger management class where the counsellor provided a speech about the detrimental impacts of anger. I liked the speech very much.

I got myself admitted to a local anger management course class here in Cà Mau, a provincial city in Vietnam. In fact, I have been attending the course for past two weeks. And have been trying to get control on my short temper. I get angry without any specific reason and it happens when anything is not up to my required mark. Even I cannot control my temper before my teachers in the college. But this is unnatural for a teenager girl like me. So, based on my father’s recommendation.

The speech was delivered by the anger management counsellor, Mr Eleanor Rodrick, a British national. He usually takes the classes of anger management and a certified professional of this track. With a smart look and ready wit, he has earned a great reputation among his students. He discussed different issues in the class and explained why people lose their temper on different issues. Mr Rodrick also explained how the anger develops them inside us. He demonstrated some of the real-life events that take place in our regular life. All the demonstrations were exact and all the students present there admitted the issues in their real life. He also explained how to avoid them and keep the head cool. He stressed on keeping patience and never to bother about the matters that bother us. In fact, he asked us to be proactive instead of expressing reactions. He said that reaction was the key to arousing anger inside the human mind.

The lecture was attended by around 20 students like me who were suffering the same problem. All of the students were unfamiliar to me. But after attending some classes in the past four weeks, I have built an intimate relationship with some of the students. Mr Rodrick was a popular counsellor in the course and when it was his lecturing day, none of the students missed the class. So, the class was filled by all the students enrolled for anger management of this session. Besides, some of the guardians also attended the lecture as they heard about him. So, they wanted to know how or what he teaches and in fact, they came to justify his reputation as an anger management professional.

It was the best lecture so far in my life. The lecture helped me greatly to get control on my short temper. Actually, before attending the lecture, it was very easy for me to lose control on my temper and after attending the lectures of Mr Rodrick, it worked well. Now I do not lose temper as like before and my parents are glad to me. Besides, I am enjoying my life. It was difficult for me to socialise earlier for my anger and now I do not mind mixing up with people of all levels. So, I liked the classes of anger management, particularly the classes and speeches of Mr Rodrick.

If you can talk about the cue card topic "A speech that somebody gave and you liked." you should be able to talk about the following IELTS cue cards as well:
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