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Describe a recent sporting event you have attended

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 267 with Model Answer:

Describe a recent sporting event you have attended.

You should say:
  • what kind of sporting event it was
  • when you attended it
  • what you did there & who was with you
and explain whether you consider this event to be interesting.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
Sports always attract me since my childhood and I always try to participate in the events available within my range. Last Monday, I attended the annual sporting event in my college in Pakistan.

I am an intermediate student of Ghazali Inter College in Pakistan and have been studying here since my early childhood. In fact, I got my elementary education from the school and now attending the colleges of the same institution. I took part in the annual sporting event of the colleges and enjoyed participating in several competitions. The college organises such sporting competitions annually to inspire the extracurricular activities among the students.

The sporting event began in the morning at the college playground. The entire playground was decorated nicely marking the event. Gradually the participants and the audiences started to arrive at the college premise and took their seat. The competitions held around noon and once the competitions were over, the audiences and the competitors waited eagerly for the prize giving ceremony that held in the evening. Since I was a participant in a couple of events, I also waited with the other competitors. Interestingly, I was so excited that I forgot to take my lunch until my parents came to meet me and know about my status. Fortunately, they had brought lunch for me as they knew I would be under pressure and might not have the chance to take the meal.

I took part in three competitions. Firstly, I attended a 500-meter race and won the second prize. As I like riding on trees, I took part in the tree climbing competition and defeated everyone by achieving the top position. But my luck did not favour me on axe throwing event and I could not achieve any notable success here. I was accompanied by some of my intimate classmates and they tried to defeat me in the other events but they could not be successful except on the axe throwing event. In fact, I am not skilled at all in axe throwing but enlisted myself to participate here for peer pressure. However, I am not unhappy with the scores and I think it was my best success as I took part here without any prior preparations.

The annual sporting event is one of the most interesting events and I have been participating in the events for last five or six years. When I was a small kid, I could not participate in the events as those were meant for the seniors but now I have become a senior and enjoying the freedom. Almost all the events are interesting to me and the enjoyment doubles when I could take part in any of those – no matter if I could win any medal or not. Thereby, I think this is an outstanding event for me.

Cue Card Answer 2:
It may sound weird that I do not like to play or enjoy any sports but recently I had to go at the Pleiku Stadium, in Vietnam, to attend a football match between two national rival groups with my cousins. Though I had no intention to go there, I enjoyed the match till the last second.

This was the final match between the Hà Nội F.C. and Vicem Hai Phong F.C. Both the teams were spirited and performed very well in the early stages and this was the time to battle in the final match of the competition. A large number of crowds gathered in the stadium to enjoy the match and some of the national leaders were also present at the event while some of them were invited for participating in the prize giving ceremony. The entire stadium premise was buzzing with life and people from all walks of life attended there.

The game was set to be started by 4.30 pm. But a majority of the audiences entered the stadium around one hour before the game began. In fact, a large number of the crowds started gathering from the noon so that they could have the seat near the playground to watch the match closely. It was a kind of struggle to have the right seat for them. Though there were tickets and seat numbers, it appeared that the audiences were unaware of the matter. Some of the fans were injured badly while scuffling with the rival team fans. In such a situation, we arrived at the stadium and took our seats. Fortunately, our seats were located in the upper part of the gallery and thus remained untouched by the curious audiences. We had binoculars which made enjoying the math easier.

We had bought eight tickets from the ticket counter a day before the match. But it was troublesome. One of my cousins, who got the tickets, had to stand in a long queue for around half a day. So, we all thanked him heartedly. Before entering the stadium, I bought some snacks and beverages as I know the habit of my cousins. They love to eat amid such matches at home and they have not changed their habits yet. They became glad when they saw me purchasing the snacks for them (a bit expensive inside the stadium). When the match began with the whistle, all the noises stopped and everyone started watching the match with a pin drop silence.

I am not a game or sports lover yet I enjoyed the match. In fact, it was a blind show for me and I did not have the least ideas about watching any match in the stadium. I have watched cricket and football matches at home on television but this was the first time at a stadium. So, I enjoyed the sporting event and hope to enjoy such other sporting events in stadiums.

Idea generation for this Cue Card topic: 

"Describe a recent sporting event you have attended." 

Sports competitions always help build a spirit both among the players and spectators. The audiences get similarly excited and wish their favourite team to win the match. The cue card is about describing a sporting event attended by the candidate. Here are some additional answers for test takers to reply the cue card questions in a different manner.

1. I am a spectator of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, held in France. It was a motor race that where the participants are to demonstrate their skills and stamina round the day. The winner gets the highest amount of respect.

2. Watching cricket match appears boring to me and so, I try avoiding them. But my friends took me to watch a high voltage one-day cricket match between Australia and India. The match was worth enjoying.

3. My college attended an inter-class basketball tournament here in New York City. I attended the match as an audience. Unluckily, my class could not score much and lost the match by a few points.

4. Watching rugby in a stadium is thrilling. The player inside me was excited while watching. In fact, I was supposed to take part in the match but the leg injury did not allow me. So, I only watched the match sitting in the gallery. However, my team won it.

5. Polo is a popular sport in Argentina and I love to enjoy the sport in local stadiums. Recently, I attended the Argentine Open Championship and it was the top stage of the country. A friend of mine took part became runner-up.

6. Table tennis is a special type of indoor sport and recently I enjoyed a match on my college campus. In fact, it was the annual sporting event of the college here in Kuala Lumpur and I played the role of an audience. But I enjoyed the matches.

7. The bicycle race is a common type of sport in India and luckily I witnessed such an exciting race last week. It was held marking the independence day of the country at our colleges. A remarkable number of participants were there.

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