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A pet or an animal common in your country

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 265 with Model Answer:

Describe a pet or an animal common in your country.

You should say:
  • what it is
  • describe it briefly
  • why you like/ dislike the pet or animal
and describe something interesting about this pet or animal you know about.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
Almost every Russian has his/her own pet inside the home and they take a great care of those animals. Most of the times wild animals are preferred as pets but there are some exceptions as well. Russian Blue Cat is one of the preferred pets in the country.

The cat is different from the other cats available in the country and considered as a robust breed for their outstanding muscular structure. They usually look good than the other breeds and thus have gained popularity among the people to be adopted as their favourite pets. The thick furs hide their muscles and bring a silky glow on the body while the eyes are bold and attractive.

Among the other cats, the Blue in Russia is distinctive for their features and most of the cases the Russians prefer the breed for their eye-catching characteristics. The cats look good than the other cats and muscular in size and shape. Usually, the Blue Cats in Russia are of middle size but they have a long and graceful neck. The shoulder blades look majestic when they seat and look bigger than their actual size. The fur colour is bright blue which is the cause of naming the cats as Blue Cat. The eye colour changes with the development of their physical structures and there is a bright green ring inside the pupil. With the

I like the Russian Blue cat for a couple of reasons. Firstly, they are soft in nature and do not make noise inside the home. Most of the cats create anarchies in the home and it becomes impossible to tolerate them. But the Blue cats are different and they love to live alone. When it is the time of taking their meals, they take the meals from the designated pots and they do not waste any milk or other food items. Moreover, their looks are different and when they mature, they get a very attractive eye that brings a sweet expression in their face. Another feature of the cat is its smile and often many compare the smile with the Mona Lisa smile for its enigmatic expression.

This is a very well-behaved cat found in the country and it learns smoothly. So, training of the cat is not a problem at all. Since the cat is a bit shy, it easily gets hurt when someone treats imperfectly with the cat such as someone is playing with the cat and suddenly stops the play. The reserved cat loves to play with toys while the other cats are interested in playing with humans or kids. So, a good care of the cat is needed when it is adopted as a pet. Although the other cats have some sort of health disorders, the Blue cat does not have so and it remains healthy until its death. Based on such issues, the Blue cat is favoured by all types of people who prefer to have this specific breed.

Sample Answer 2: 
Nepal is a beautiful country in the world and enriched with a large number of natural resources. A majority of the people like here to have their own pets and they prefer dogs more than the other animals.

The dog is a very common animal in the country and lives both at home and street. But when they are at home, they get the right amount of services they need to grow up. When they are on roads, they do not get the proper care and live a miserable life. Sometimes, they are killed by the state authorities to keep the city safe from their troubles. But there are some other organisations who try taking care of the street dogs. So, the pet dogs at home live a happy life than the street dogs.

The dog is a four-footed animal. In Nepal, it is found everywhere. The dogs are found in different colours, sizes and shapes. Their tails are curvy and the teeth are sharp. Dogs are known as the trustworthy animal for it tries to prevent dangers of the owner. It makes friendship with people within a short time. The expectation level of a dog is less than the other pet animals, and it requires facilities and less care to live on. The senses of the dogs are highly sharp and often used for security purposes. Most of the cases the law enforcers use dogs to find out any clue or prevent any potential crime with their exceptional power of senses. Moreover, the domestic dogs are able to communicate with their surrounding people or owner. The most interesting issue about the dogs is that they wake up at night to secure the house of their owners.

Though a dog is a pet animal in my country, Nepal, I do not like to have a pet. It appears to me that having a pet means you are to take some extra responsibilities. I think one cannot move freely if there is a pet at home. Always they are in a hurry to get back home and take care of the pet. Besides, the dogs are troublesome in this case that they do not use toilet facilities to attend the call of nature and in that case, the owner is to clean the trash. I consider this as one of the most complicated tasks for pets and this is applicable for all types of dogs. So, I do not prefer this particular animal as a pet for me.

Though I do not like dogs for so many reasons, I admit that this a beneficial pet animal. Usually, dogs bark when they see something unusual and it makes the people aware of the presence of the unwanted people or things. Besides, they do need plenty of food and hardly any care unless they fall sick or seriously injured. So, a notable number of Nepalese have their own dogs as pet.

Idea generation for this Cue Card topic: 

"Describe a pet or an animal common in your country." 

People love pets for numerous reasons and the trend of owning a pet is becoming more common these days. The most important thing about pets is that they accompany people and sometimes the best buddy for people. This cue card is about pets available in candidate’s countries. Here are some extra answering hints for the candidates to get some ideas and deal with the cue card easily.

1. The cat is a highly common pet across Germany. Different breeds of cats are available across the country, and they often play with their owners. Feeding the cats is not a problem and they can also be easily maintained.

2. A dog is a widely seen animal in the USA. Some of the citizens keep them as a pet. In fact, dogs play an important role in human life and they become the constant companion and friend of people who adopt them.

3. Giant Panda is a familiar animal across China. In fact, they have become a symbol of China and been accepted by the UNESCO. The Chinese government has policies to protect the Pandas.

4. The Royal Bengal Tiger from India looks majestic. The stripped marks on its body have made it look stunning. Unfortunately, the number of this species is endangered for the random poaching.

5. Pelican is a large water bird and available in different parts of Australia. The long beak has created the difference among the other birds with pelicans. Often they take part in activities with people around them. And they look outstanding with their black and white colour.

6. The Cretan Spiny Mouse is a wonderful and loveable animal found in Crete in Greece. This has pointed face and takes seeds, grasses etc. as the staple food. This is a nocturnal animal with beautiful fur. The colour might change based on regions.

7.  Kiwi bird is the most adored bird in New Zealand. This small piece of bird mostly lives in the forested area and available at night for their nocturnal features. They look awesome and have become an emblem of the country.

Your preparation for the Cue Card topic "Describe a pet or an animal common in your country." will help you to talk about the following topics as well:
  • Describe a pet you or someone you know has. 
  • Describe your favourite animal. 
  • Describe the national animal in your country. 
  • Describe a pet or animal you really like. 
  • Describe a pet or animal you would like to own. 
  • Describe something you enjoy doing in your leisure time. 
  • Describe a hobby you have. 
  • Describe a pet or animal that looks very beautiful to you. 
  • Describe a useful animal you know about.

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