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Describe a childhood memory you have

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 258 with Model Answer:

Describe a childhood memory you have.

You should say:
  • what it is
  • how old you were then
  • what happened
and explain what effect this has on your life.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
Childhood is the best part of life and often people regret for the days that they have left in their childhood. I also miss the days and remember the day when I was taken to school for getting admission in the beginners’ class.

The first day of my school is still vivid in my memories and I can recall the day exactly. I had started my education at the Delhi Public School in Faridabad, Haryana in India. This was an excellent place for me and I had formed the friendship with the other mates of my class. But on the first day, the experience was something different and in this present days, I realise how special the day was for me.

I was a boy of six years old when I entered at the school premise. Everything inside the school campus was new to me and I also was a bit concerned about the issues as this was a different experience for me. It broke the regular routine of my childhood life. Earlier I used to get up late in the morning but on this day, I had to wake up earlier and get dressed for the school. I also had to take breakfast earlier than the other days and my parents advised me in different ways while the top most important advice I heard on that day that I have to behave nicely with everyone, and I was not allowed to move here and there in the school.

When I entered the principal’s room, I saw a man of middle age was sitting behind a large desk and his face was smiling when he noticed me. But I was feeling nervous for some unknown reasons. Then the principal (I came to know later that he was the principal of the school) asked me about my name and family. Then he also asked about some simple mathematical issues and I replied perfectly as my parents have trained me on the issues. The Principal also asked me about the names of the weekdays and the name of months in a year. Finally, he had some other talks with my parents and permitted them to admit me to the school.

The effect of the first day was great for me in rest of my life. I was interviewed by the principal and passed with success. In fact, this was the seedling of success in my life and gradually it made me confident. Though it was smaller interview for me and I was entirely ignorant of the issue that I am being interviewed. This has made me stronger and whenever I am in any test, I am not afraid those anymore. The first test of my life has built confidence in me.

Sample Answer 2: 
No other parts of life are as good as childhood and thus everyone long for it always. Even I also want to go back in my past days when I made lots of fun. The days are vivid in my memory and especially the day when I went to the Sozo Water Park in Lahore.

Sozo Water Park is one the most popular amusement and the largest water park in Lahore, Pakistan and the modern city dwellers are highly entertained by it. This is, in fact, the brainchild of three friends who got the idea to establish such a park when they went into a visit in another country. Now, this is a complete amusement park with different facilities for the visitors. They enjoy sliding on water and the other thrilling adventures.

I was a boy of eight or nine years old when I first went to the Sozo Water Park. It was a family trip to the park as one of my maternal uncles had arrived home from abroad. So, he took us all to the park to get some adventures and thrills on water and other rides. Thereby, as part of the family, I also went to the park and had some fun with the other family members including my cousins. Being a small child, I almost enjoyed all the water slides and dry rides.

Since some of our family members had the chance to visit the park earlier, it was nothing new for them rather they enjoyed the most than the others. But it was the very first visit for me. So, I tried to understand about the rides and then rode on them. I enjoyed most the water slides and got highly thrilled. Sliding down from a higher level is really enjoying but when the sliding began, I was a bit afraid. I could not believe that I would go down with water. Moreover, when the fall began, I clinched the piece of board that took me to the downstairs. Once the fall was done I felt that I should go again as I could not enjoy the first ride due to fear of falling out of the track.

Though the rides were only for fun, they had some positive impacts on my life. They have made me adventurous and now I am not afraid anymore to participate in any adventures or activities that may make me feel afraid. Besides, when it is about participating in any newer activities, I become thrilled. Actually, the fear that I had in my mind of being a failure had vanished forever. The rides and water slides have made me bold enough to face any such apparently fearsome real-life situations.

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