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Future plan which is not related to your work or study

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 230 with Model Answer:

Describe a future plan which is not related to your work or study.

You should say:
  • what the plan is
  • how long you have this plan
  • how important it is to you to achieve it
and say how you think you will achieve the plan.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Sample Answer 1: 
Generally, people remain busy with their professional activities and hardly can manage time to refresh their minds. As a result, the workloads make them inefficient in their respective jobs. So, I have planned to have a trip to a few European countries with my family members to refresh myself.

I am a dentist in Singapore and it is sad that I have never been out of Asia in my life. Now I am planning to take a leave from my professional engagement for at least one month and will have some trips in the European countries with my family. I have heard much about the countries and most of them are enriched with natural beauties which are not available in Singapore. I have to remain busy with my patients, surgeries and many more. So, often life becomes dull to me. If I could take a break from the regular life, I think it would be helpful for me. Therefore, I have planned for the Euro trip with my family and shortly will start the trip. In fact, I am waiting for the summer vacation at my kids’ schools. Once the vacation is on, I will start the journey.

I have been planning for the trip from the beginning of May in this year. I made the plan for the Euro Trip with my family as none of them has also been to the European countries. It is said that the countries are heaven for the tourists. The natural views of the countries are one of the most attractive things there. Initially, I have planned to visit three of the countries and they are – Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. Most the people who have been there opined that the countries are highly addictive, especially Spain. The celebration of a different local fiesta, in Spain, is really enjoyable. The wild landscapes, foods, natural views etc. attract the visitors. Besides, Sweden is considered as the largest Scandinavian country and mostly popular for the crystal clear lakes which are perfect for an afternoon dive. Besides, the beaches of the country are exquisite. I have picked Switzerland as this is a cosmopolitan city and the natural views are breathtaking. There are a large number of things to see and do here and the trip would remain incomplete if the country is not visited.

This is very important to achieve for me for several reasons. The most important reason is that I need a break from my occupation if I want to grow in future. I have noticed that often I get nervous during the surgeries and if this continues, it may lead to a detrimental impact on me. Moreover, my family members are also insisting for a month-long trip in Europe. They also want to be free of their anxieties. In fact, a trip out of the country is able to make people released of their monotonies. Besides, travelling also broadens the outlook of people. When people visit some new places, they come to know about different cultures, customs and lifestyles of the local people. Visiting a new place is adds a new experience for the visitors. The knowledge gained from travelling could be applied in the real life easily. The nature of my work is a bit complicated and if I sit idly in Singapore, I think it would be detrimental to me. So, I need to achieve the plan.

I have thought of several ways to achieve the plan. Since the countries are out of Asia, I need to arrange for visas to visits there. Accordingly, I will apply for visas in the respective embassies located here in Singapore. Then I have to take some other preparations like gathering information of the visiting places in the countries, exchange currencies, set itineraries, get aeroplane tickets, arrange for necessary travellers' check or transaction methods, selection of the proper residing places in the countries, hiring guides for the outdoor trips and much more. Besides, I have to take measures for closing my chamber for the month before I leave and finish all the pending tasks and surgeries. I am planning everything in advance so that there are not last minute troubles with me during the Euro trip.

Sample Answer 2:
Visiting the USA, particularly Las Vegas in Nevada is one of the future plans that I want to achieve. I have been planning to pass at least a week in this resort city. I want to spend a few nights and enjoy the vibrant nightlife of Las Vegas. Thank you so much for this interesting cue card topic. Hope my brief description will not make you feel bored.

Las Vegas is mostly a resort city and renowned for many reasons. There are lots of things to do and see. Entertainment options are available round the day and night. The musical fountains, casinos, replicas of renowned places and structures etc. all have a different type of appeal to me. So, if I could get a chance, I would like to pay a visit in this city and get entertained as much as I can.

I have watched a Hollywood movie where the representation of this city has attracted my attention. A large portion of the movie was filmed in this city. It showed places of the city, its gardens, casino halls, deserts, rocks and mountains and more other interesting things. All the things have made me attracted to this city. So, I have been planning for past few months to have a trip in this city. Accordingly, I am saving money and making a holiday plan. The most difficult part is to manage leave from my office. In fact, as a journalist in Rome, it is really hard for me to take a leave for a week.

This is really important to me to visit the city. Life is meant for enjoying. So, as long as I am alive, I would like to enjoy my life to the fullest extent. Travelling is the part and parcel of enjoyment. Subsequently, I made the plan and now this has become really important for me to achieve it. To be honest, I would not get the peace of mind unless I am visiting the town. Every day and night I make plans to do the things in Las Vegas. I have already applied for a 10 days leave to the office and waiting for the result.

If the leave is granted, I will fly to the USA. I have a bosom friend working with the US embassy here and he ensured me to arrange for the visa within six hours of application. So, I think it would not be difficult to fly to the USA as soon as I get the leave. Besides, I also have gathered a notable amount of money to spend in Las Vegas. And I will also arrange for the other necessary things shortly. Hope I will be able to make the plan come true.

If you can talk about the cue card topic "Describe a future plan which is not related to your work or study." you should be able to talk about the following IELTS cue cards topics as well:
  • Describe an ambition you have in your life. 
  • Describe something you want to do in the future. 
  • Describe a plan you have for a long.  

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