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Describe a part in your city which is rapidly changing

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 212 with Model Answer:

Describe a part of your city which is rapidly changing.

You should say:
  • where it is
  • what type of place it is
  • what changes are taking place
and explain what you think about the changes.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
New Delhi is one of the oldest cities in India and I live with my family in the north-east part of the city. The location is almost on the border of New Delhi municipality and recently the locality is experiencing a rapid change.

New Delhi is the capital of India and thus known globally. Besides, the city proudly owns numerous structures which have brought name and fame to it. Being a municipality, the city is divided into many parts and we live in Jaffrabad under the municipality. The municipality areas are also known as New Delhi Municipal Council or NDMC. Jaffrabad is now experiencing different changes than before. Earlier, almost all the roads of the locality were broken down and movement was difficult. Besides, the locality was a heaven for the criminals after the dusk as the law enforcers cannot have their regular patrol for the broken roads. Moreover, the infrastructures were not that much modern comparing the other parts of the city. But the scenarios are different now.

Mostly this is a residential part of New Delhi municipality. But comparing to the other parts of the city, this is a small residential area for people and the number of populations is also fewer than the other regions. There are no notable issues are related to this part of the city. Jaffrabad is mostly a residing place for the upper and lower-middle-class people. The buildings of this area are not too much luxurious and most of the buildings contain tenants and this is the key income source for the landlords. Jaffrabad has a few housing societies, marketplaces, religious institutions, and a couple of primary schools. The tenants mostly are comprised of the people of working class who work in different government and non-government offices. So, the locality is not that much posh comparing the other parts. But Jafrabad is now changing its shape.

The people used to suffer in Jaffrabad mostly for the want of roads. Besides, the populations had to go in the downtown of the city for meeting their diversified purposes. Shopping was also difficult for them as Jaffrabad was without any large shopping mall. But now the people of the locality will experience a huge change in their lives. The local government has taken measures to change the shape of the locality. The repairing of the broken roads has already begun. If the roads are made okay, it will be helpful for the inhabitants to reach their destinations in time. Besides, the law enforcers would also be able to continue their patrolling which will reduce the crime rate. A large part of the populations in Jaffrabad is the working class people and it becomes truly difficult for them to reach their office in due time. The number of public transports is limited in the area and if the roads are modernised, the public transport will be increased. The municipal authority has also taken initiatives to make a large shopping mall here to meet the needs of the local people. The landlords are also taking care of their properties like they are painting their houses or modernising the interiors.

Once the locality was the place for the lower level people and now the scenario has been changed to a great extent. Most of the inhabitants of the locality are now belong to the working class and the living standard has been developed than before. If the changes take place properly, the entire locality will be developed to some other extents. When the roads will be modernised, communication with the other parts of the city will be easier for the inhabitants of Jaffrabad. Though it is accessible now, it is difficult indeed for the broken roads. Moreover, the municipal authority has pledged to install some lampposts and repair the old ones for the betterment of the area. Thereby, I think all the changes are positive and will bring some positive impacts on the society and the lives of the people will be more enhanced.

Sample Answer 2:
The south corner of Flower Mound is now changing rapidly. As a resident of this city, I will have the chances to enjoy the new features of improvement. In fact, this was the part of the city that had never come in touch with development and change. Now, this is a blessing for the locals. Thank you for your nice cue card topic. As a citizen of this city, it is my duty to describe the developments of the city.

Geographically, Flower Mound is a city located in Texas in the USA. The city is also located between Denton and Tarrant counties. The naming of the city is interesting. It has been derived from a mound which is in the centre of the city. The mound is over 12 acres in measurement. Before taking the shape of a town, it was the place for religious camps for the settlers.

This is now a complete town. But before the township was imposed, it was a place used for some selective purposes. The natural beauty and charming environment attracted the settlers to come here and perform religious rituals. The very first permanent inhibition began in the 1850s. But the incorporation of the city took long times. The population of the city began to increase after long years of inception. Various attempts were taken to create a planned community and most of them were failures. But now the scenario is different. This is the largest town considering the population in Texas.

The southern part of the city was ignored for some mysterious reasons. Mostly the infrastructure was not up to the mark. But recently there has been a change in the shape of this area. The roads and inner streets are being repaired. Besides, initiatives have been taken to raze down some old structures to build some skyscrapers. This is really an adorable attempt. If the skyscrapers are built, the entire locality will be changed. It also will boost up the local economy too. Moreover, when the city will be decorated in a new shape and the infrastructures will be modified, the living standard of the locals will also get a boost.

These changes were necessary. The local municipal authority overlooked the issues for years. Despite several attempts by the community, they did not heed to the changes. So, there were no remarkable developments until the change of the municipal officers. The communication system is modern and the city accessible through any parts of Texas. But the southern part of the city was the symbol of underdevelopment. It appeared that this is the place for the poorest people of Texas. Hence, the residents of the locality attempted to appeal for improving the infrastructures and now the changes are taking place.

 Idea generation for this Cue Card topic:

"Describe a part of your city which is rapidly changing." 

At this age of modernization, everything is changing. In fact, change is the word of the day. People change, places change, thoughts change. And we need to adapt to the changes. The cue card wants to know about a rapid change in a part of the city the candidate is living. Some additional answering might prove helpful for them.

1. I have been living in Hamilton in Canada for the past seven years. Some parts of the city were underdeveloped. But the municipality started a development initiative and been expanding the streets, installing street lamps and beautifying the areas. As a result, the locality has become developed randomly.

2. The municipal authority of Mumbai did not notice the damaged conditions of the northern part of the city. But with the massive movement from the locals, a massive development initiative has been undertaken. The locality has greatly been changed. Besides, some of the empty spaces are being used for high rise structures.

3. The north-western corner of Sochi in Russia is being improved rapidly. I am an inhabitant here for over 20 years and experiencing the developments now. The locality was uninhabitable but now modern buildings are under construction while the streets are expanded. In fact, the location is getting a modern city look.

4. Can Tho is an overpopulated area in Vietnam. Some of its parts were not developed to attract attention from locals and tourists. But now the city parts are getting adorned with modern facilities. Narrow roads have been widened while the number of facilities for people has also increased. The area is now blessed with modern and traditional structures.

5. Puttalam in Sri Lanka is experiencing the touch of development. The western part of the city was filled with water and initiatives for building some modern structures will change the look of this part. Besides, some other small industries will also be established here that will be a plus for the locals.

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