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Describe an educational TV programme

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 222 with Model Answer:

Describe an educational TV programme that you have seen.

You should say:
  • what the programme is about
  • how often you watch this programme
  • what type of people enjoy this programme
and explain why this programme is educational.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
Animal Planet is one of the most popular satellite television channels, and it airs different educational programmes around the day. Most of the programmes are based on animals and their behaviours. ‘Bad Dog!’ is an exciting television show and it is educative as well.

The show is about animals and pets, especially about the dogs which are naughty. It shows the misdeeds of the dogs and how the owners are to suffer for the deeds. But the owners of the dogs do not take any punitive measures against the dogs as they love the dogs unconditionally. This is a deep bond between the dogs and their owners. Most of the cases, the dogs cause serious damage to the surroundings and the owners tolerate the entire things for the sake of their pets. Even they do not shout loudly with the dogs. This is a fascinating show that helps to increase the love and affection towards the dogs. But filming for the hilarious events is not so easy for the show makers and they have to perform lots of tasks for taping the four-legged pets.

I am a regular viewer of this show- Bad Dog! Usually, the show takes place on different days of the week and definitely in different schedules. So, when I am at home, I do not miss the episodes and try to know about the schedule of the show earlier. But if I have to miss the show, I visit the website of the television channel and try to collect the missing episode. I do not want to miss the show for several reasons. Firstly, this is an interesting show and I have learnt many things about dogs and their nature. It also teaches me not to misbehave with any pet animals despite their ill activities rather than taking some precautionary measures. Besides, I also get entertained with the activities of the dogs as they do with their owners. Often I cannot stop my laughter during the show. The programme generally begins in the evening and lasts for over half an hour. I sit before the television set during the entire broadcasting time.

Animal Planet is a television channel that is appropriate for all ages of people but not all the programmes here are suitable for all. Some of its programmes like the Bad Dog! is made for the enjoyment of all. Everyone can enjoy the show and in my home, I found that the kids are fonder of the show than the adult people. They like to enjoy the programme with me and if I forget to watch it, they remind me to switch on the television during the programme airing hours. Though the programme is meant for everyone, I think it is enjoyed by only some specific group of people. Bad Dog! is mostly enjoyed by teenage people, women and elderly people who do not have anything to do during the evening hours. Sometimes the television show is repeated but that happens in the morning hours.

This is an educative television programme for a wide number of reasons. Firstly, the programme tells us about the nature of the pet animals. At the first sight, it may appear that the pets are cool but spending some moments with the pet will reveal the truth – how cool they actually are. Dogs are considered as the best friend of men and often they are kept as pets to accompany the humans. But the dogs also could be misbehaving with the owners. They destroy the properties and important objects and more. The programme shows every possible thing done by the dogs and after watching the show, people could learn about their behaviours and attitudes. Once the inner behaviours of the dogs are exposed, the pet owners could take preventive measures against the dogs. The show reveals how destructive the dogs could be and when the audiences are watching the show, surely they plan for some countermeasures against those misdeeds by the dogs. So, the programme has some extra appeal to me and I consider it as one of the most educative programmes on television. Every pet owner, especially dog, should watch the show and take necessary measures.

Sample Answer 2: 
Frozen Planet is one of the most popular TV programs that is about life in Arctic and Antarctic regions. In fact, this was one of the impressive television shows that attracted my attention and compelled me to complete the entire series.

The show mostly deals with wildlife. Actually, this is a wildlife documentary about the plants and animals living in the Arctic and Antarctic regions. The show features a good number of animals like polar bears, penguins, moose, seals etc. which are mostly found in those regions. The animals are cute while the environments are outstanding. Besides, the most important thing is it shows us how we are affecting the environment and inviting disasters for the animals and us.

Actually, the series is closed now but some of the television channels in different countries are now televising the show. The show is available on a local television channel in Cape Town. It is televised in thrice in a week. So, I try to attend each of the episodes. But I cannot manage time always to sit before the TV set and thus miss some of the episodes. Luckily, the television channel repeats the shows in the next day. So, whenever I miss any of the episodes, I watch the repeating show. Besides, my younger brother is also attracted to the show and he accompanies me during the show time.

This is an educative television show. So, the content of the show is highly valuable. But not everyone will be pleased with the show. It is preferable for those who have an interest in wild animals and want to know about them. The show is also suitable for people who want to know the Arctic and Antarctic region. The filming of the show is completely done in the polar regions and the crews are to undergo various issues during the filming. They film the show amid huge risks and even they may lose their lives as well in the snowstorms or by attacks from polar bears and other animals. So, the show is made for people who appreciate the risks and evaluates the efforts of the filming crews.

Frozen Planet began in 2011 and this is a British nature documentary series. And the series has won several prestigious awards in different times for its educative values and other issues.  The programme is educative in this sense that it shares a lot of unknown and interesting information about wildlife in the regions. The narrator clearly describes and explain the matters in an effective manner. The show also tries to provide some warning that we are destroying the environment and the wilderness in the regions are suffering a lot. Someday we may also turn to be victims of the consequences.

Idea generation for this Cue Card topic: 

"Describe an educational TV programme that you have seen." 

Educational TV programs help everyone to know more and apply the earned knowledge in their real-life situations. Hence, the educational TV shows are popular and important. The cue card wants to know about an educational television program and here are some extra samples of answering the cue card.

1. Sesame Street is one of the most popular educative TV programs and I have been watching it since my childhood. It was introduced in 1966 and now available across the world in different languages. It helps to master some real-life qualities and help young children to get addicted to school. The contents of the program are getting more creative and entertaining.

2. Mister Rogers Neighborhood also known as Mister Rogers is a USA based television show. It was effective for children under 5 years old, though the contents were selected for all ages. Due to some complicacy, the show could not last a long time like the Sesame Street.

3. SMAPxSMAP is a great Japanese television show and the audiences can enjoy themselves in different terms. The show contains interviews with celebrities, comic elements and finally, cooking. The celebrities cook different recipes and a competition is held among the participants. It helps the audience to know about different innovative recipes.

4. Roommate is a popular Korean TV series and provides a pleasant impression about the Korean lifestyle. The show shows some Korean celebrities living together in a house. The characters compete for each other in some positive aspects like cleaning the house, preparing the night meal etc. Besides, the show is devoid of scripts. So, everything appears natural.

5. Bagpus was an innovative television programme in the UK. The show was about displaying lost and broken things by a young girl in a shop and a cat. The cat came to life after the closure of the shop. And it played with some other toys. The content of this show was educative but it was closed after only 13 episodes.

6. Tatort is a German crime show. The show is highly entertaining and education. In fact, this is helpful for the non-Germans to learn the German language. The plot of the show is filled with suspense. Each of the episodes come with some new storylines and helps the audience to know about dialects and accents of the German cities.   

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