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Describe a typical day in your life when you were a child

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 196 with Model Answer:

Describe a typical day in your life when you were a child.

You should say:
  • who looked after you
  • some of the people you saw
  • what you ate
and say what you most enjoyed doing.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
Childhood is the best part of our life and there is none but wants to go back in the childhood. The days were awesome and magical. People realise the days when the childhood is gone. I also dream to go back to my childhood days which were filled with enjoyment.

It was the 90s when I was a child and experienced numerous things that the children of the current days are unable to watch or enjoy. Presently, the age is advancing and with the advancement, there have been great changes in the family issues. I used to live in an extended family in India. The family consisted my parents, my grandparents, paternal uncles and their families. I used to meet regularly with all the relatives like my paternal uncles, aunts and cousins. We had a very good relationship and still I share the bond with them. Besides, relatives from my maternal sources frequently visited us. They also loved me much as I was the youngest boy in my mother’s family. So, everyone from my maternal part loved me. My grandparents loved me much after my parents. Unfortunately, now they are in heaven and I pray for them.

Since the family was bigger than the other families in the area where we lived in, cooking was an interesting issue. My mother used to cook for everyone in the family while the aunts (wives of my paternal uncles’) came to assist her. The cooking was done by the noon and everyone came to take their lunch. Traditional Indian foods were cooked every day and every member used to take the meal with great satisfaction. But the menu got changed following some religious or local occasions. I can remember that I took some rich foods like polaw, biriyani, different kebabs etc. during the religious occasions. Moreover, my mother changed the menu accordingly when guests from distant parts of the country came to visit us. In the morning the menu contained ruti, with sabji (a type of mixed vegetables) and often egg fry. A cup of tea or coffee followed the breakfast for everyone. During the lunch, most of the times, rice was cooked and was served with fishes or meats. Sometimes, we ate vegetables only on the supper.

As I grew up in an extended family, I had the chance to pass my days with my cousins. We were around eight kids together and I was the eldest among them. Though I was eldest, I also had to stay under the care of Ramu Kaka. Ramu Kaka was our private watchman who was appointed for the kids alone. Since the parents could not look after the kids, they appointed Ramu Kaka to look after us. He used to be with us and despite his angry figure; he was too gentle to us. At first, we thought that he would punish us for our misdeeds but he, in fact, did not. Often he had hidden the misdeeds from our parents lest they beat us. He took all the blames on him when any of the kids broke any glass, plate or committed any such mess. Still, I have not found a soft man like him. In the early days of my life, I have done lots of mess with others while Ramu Kaka took care of everything.

Now I am a grown up and miss the days. When I was a kid, I used to play with all of my cousins including boys and girls. But now the scenario has been changed. All of us have become busier with our respective tasks and hardly can manage time to be together. I actually miss the days when all of us used to play different indoor and outdoor games. Most of the times, I was the winner in the indoor games like chess and card but my cousins performed very well in the outdoor games like crickets before the lawn of our house. Besides, I used to make fun with my sisters and often got caught with them while smoking cigarette secretly. In fact, I enjoyed the matters much and want to get back in the olden days of my childhood.

Sample Answer 2:
In my childhood, I have had some special moments. But I could not enjoy the moments to the fullest extent as there were fewer family members. I lived with my parents and an older sibling. Thank you for the great candidate task card topic. It reminds me of my childhood days.

My mother was a homemaker. So, she was responsible for everything inside the home. She was also responsible for caring for me, feed me and perform other necessary activities for me. I am highly grateful to my mother. In fact, she is the inspiration for me and without her direct support, I think I would not be able to stand at this level today.

Despite being a nuclear family, my parents were social and invited people to our house. In fact, the house was always filled with guests and other people. And when it was an occasion like birthday or marriage anniversary, it was difficult to manage the flood of guests. So, I was accompanied by many people at this time. I can remember my aunt, uncles and other relatives who used to visit the house regularly. I used to play with the little kids of my age. It was the age for me to be charmed, and I became so. My parents did not buy me any toys considering many aspects. So, I used to play with the toys of the kids invited to our home.

I took the traditional meals like the other Indonesian people. In Indonesia, people usually take the traditional meals in their daily life. So, my foods were not an exception. I used to take rice, meat, poultry, vegetables etc. Sometimes I took street foods. The foods are a bit different in regions. The food which is usual in one region appears to be traditional in another region. Besides, the cooking process is also different in some cases. When I went to other regions for purposes, I tasted the foods and the experiences were different.

I mostly enjoyed playing with the other kids of my locality. In every evening, we all used to get out of the home and get involved in various types of outdoor sports. Besides, I also like the video game playing. My father bought me a video game, that played a few types of games. It was a great attraction for me and my school friends. They also used to play with me and I shared the device with them, but for few minutes. I also enjoyed the family gatherings where people came with different types of gift items for me. But the days are gone and the social bonding is not seen today as it was before. I miss those days too much.

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