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Describe a tourist attraction that you have recently visited

IELTS Cue Card Question 114 With Model Answer:

Describe a tourist attraction that you have recently visited.

You should say:
  • where it was
  • why you went there
  • with whom you went there
and explain if you enjoyed visiting there and why.  

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
I went to Moscow a few days ago where I visited the Red Square. This was a fantastic place for me and I really enjoyed my visit there and this place was one of the best tourist spots I have visited so far.

It appeared to me that the Red Square was a type of plaza in the city and separated the Kremlin. However, I liked the city square and I asked few Russians about the square and they agreed on the issue that the Red Square was the central square in Moscow. The square was the origin of many highways and streets in Moscow. You will be surprised to hear that the name was not introduced from the red bricks of the square rather the history was different. The Red Square has been serving as the central meeting place for the Russians and the trend was initiated even before the 18th century.

Thanks for allowing me to say the reason for visiting Moscow being an Asian. I went Moscow for some business purposes. My father established his plastic material business in Singapore about 20 years ago and sold the items around the globe headquartered in India. My family assigned me the responsibilities to take care of the business and therefore, I had to visit Moscow. I have also visited in some other countries as well. But it was the greatest pleasure for me to visit the Red Square. I spent an entire day and observed numerous happenings here. Life goes on here and the place remains crowded always. The surrounding area was buzzing with life for the people of different countries.

My organisation’s international sales affairs manager, Mr Kukradong Manchee accompanied me on this trip as he was experienced in travelling in Russia. My father had recruited him for his experiences in travelling abroad. So, he was sent with me to get me trained in the international sales affairs. We made a great team though Mr Manchee was senior to me for 15 years. As a quick learner, I learned lots of practical issues from him in Moscow. At first, the buyers and distributors objected to some of our damaged products alleging to be faulty with manufacturing errors. But he managed to let them comprehend that fault was not in manufacture rather the release and transportation from the ship to inside the Russian boundary was responsible for the damages. You won’t believe how smartly he handled the issue.

Well, I had joined the business a short time ago after completing my postgraduate and naturally, I did not have the qualities necessary for maintaining the relationship with the international clients. Therefore, I went to Moscow and visited different parts of the city but the Red Square attracted me most. Besides, I learnt about the practical skills of dealing with international customers and make them pleased in their own way without damaging the reputation of mine. The visit was highly enjoyable for me and educational as well. It was a practical lesson for me and I am truly grateful to Mr Manchee for his cordial support. He also advised me with various real-life examples to deal with the clients and the most important thing I learnt from the Moscow trip was to be patient with such issues. Therefore, the trip was enjoyable to me.

Alternative Answer: 
This is an interesting topic to describe as Russia is a great land for visiting with its diversified natural beauties and charming locations. In last September, I went to visit the Kremlin from my college as part of my academic excursion. Here is a brief account of my visit to Kremlin.

The Kremlin in Moscow is located on the bank of Moskva River and is a massive fortress. This is a place that has been used for numerous purposes like it has played the seat for Dukes, residence for tsars and also the home to great Soviet leaders. Presently the establishment is being used as the official residence for the president of the country. But access of the commoners in allowed in the complex based on certain conditions and some specific parts. This is, in fact, a great place for Russian politics.

I went to the Kremlin complex in last week. This was the prescribed excursion of my college and counts a substantial amount of marks. The students who usually go for excursions, they are to submit a report after the arrival of the trip. Actually, the excursion contained 50 marks which are considered as a half course at my college. So, after planning everything, we started the journey and it took around one and a half hour to reach Moscow Kremlin. Usually, the excursions take place in the last part of the year, right before the year ending exam, this excursion began early this year.

I was accompanied by all of my friends, classmates and geography teacher. In fact, the entire class of my college was with me or we were together. The idea to make the study tour more effective was the brainchild of our geography lecturer. He pointed out that if the students submit a report on the tour and that carry marks, they would be more eager to learn. Hence the study tour has been considered as a course for past few years. Now it is mandatory for each of the classes in the college to attend the tour.  So, when I went inside Kremlin, I did not miss anyone in my class.

During the trip inside the Kremlin, I have seen some of the most notable structures of the Russian Federation. The complex contains the residents of the renowned leaders of the country and smelled the glorious past of my land. There some old and modern buildings inside and surrounding the entire complex and among them the most notable are the Grand Kremlin Palace, the Assumption Cathedral, the Armoury Chamber, the Diamond Fund, the Cathedral of the Archangel, the Ivan the Great Bell Tower etc. I took notes of the places and structures and asked the guide about different information like the year of establishment, the people behind the formation of the structures, how many rubles were spent and several other necessary information to use in my excursion report.

If you can talk about the cue card topic "Describe a tourist attraction that you have recently visited." you should be able to talk about the following IELTS cue card topics as well:
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