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Describe a time when you got lost

IELTS Cue Card Question 34 With Model Answer: 

Describe a time when you got lost.

You should say: 
  • when and where it happened
  • who was there with you
  • how you felt when you got lost
and explain how you eventually found your way.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
When I was a student of 9th grade, I went to a summer camp in Palo Duro Canyon State Park in Texas and got lost from my team.

It was at the beginning of a summer when the school authority decided to take us to a summer camp in a remote place of Texas. All of us were thrilled to hear that we are going to learn some extraordinary skills to survive in a desert land. When we were taken at Palo Duro Canyon State Park, we found the place with a different form of natural beauty and the camping sites were perfect for us. Following the teachers’ instruction, we pitched our camps and some of us started collecting woods for fueling the food preparation for the first night under the open sky. I also went to collect woods (although there were fewer trees), I was lost.

I was accompanied by three of my friends to collect woods to be used as fuel for preparing the foods at night. So, four of started to collect woods in four different directions. As the entire location was almost like a desert land, there were no large trees that could be used as fuel. So, I walked for about 20 minutes in search of such woods and finally decided that I have to uproot the grass-type smaller trees for fuel. I collected many of them and put those into my collection bag. But suddenly I realised that I am alone and I could not see any of my teammates who came with me to collect woods.

I felt scared. I have read many stories earlier over the incidents in deserts. I heard that there were wild animals that kill the lone rangers in the deserts or try to attack them on their way. Moreover, I was afraid that what will happen if I cannot get back at the campsite. I also thought if the teachers and team members will look for me or not. I felt a deep sadness inside. I remembered my family members and friends. I started thinking if I die now, they will be unable to find my body or the body may be eaten by the wild animals. Unfortunately, I left my compass inside the bag in the campsite and if that was with me, I could have started the return journey using the directions. Actually, I was truly scared when I was lost. 

After sometimes, I started planning how to get back. I, in fact, did not have any bend on my way rather I followed a straight path and reached the place currently I am standing on. I had some small plants in the bag as fuel. So, I thought that if I start my return journey just in the opposite direction, it will be a smart idea. Thus, I started walking back on the reverse way I came here. After walking for a few minutes, I heard some noises; in fact, it was my mates and the other students and teachers of the camp. They were looking for me and were shouting by my name. I felt a sense of relief that now I am not alone in the desert.

Sample Answer 2:
I love to travel and have already travelled almost all the European countries. But I had to experiences some interesting issues during the last trip in France. In fact, I was alone this time and did not get a map of the locality. Thank you for such an inquisitive question. Here is a brief answer to it.

Paris is a cosmopolitan city. A large number of people come here every day to visit the tourist spots and other places. So, it is easy for the tourists to get lost in the city areas if they have no local guides or at least a map of the city. The similar thing happened to me. Actually, I was in a rush before moving to Paris from my city Georgia in the USA. I could not collect the map and based on my intuition, I made the trip. I thought that it would not be hard to visit the city alone. Earlier, I made trips to some other countries but at that time I was in a group. And this was my solo trip for the first time as well. I got lost in the city of Paris.

As I told before, it was a solo trip for me. In fact, my parents also forbade me not to make the solo trip. They were concerned about the safety and security of their daughter (me) in a foreign land. But with an indomitable spirit, I discarded all of their doubts and started for France to pass a couple of days. It was a great initiative from my end to know a different city and its cultures, people and many other things. But there were some hidden detrimental impacts as well that I could not realise before I fell in danger. If I had someone with me, I could not have felt so vulnerable as I felt when I was lost in the city.

The feelings were bitter. In fact, I thought I would not be able to return my hotel, my country and my parents. I was worried about everything. Moreover, I left my passport and money at the hotel. So, initially, I felt helpless for few moments. Later, I started thinking about the positive aspects of the situation. I sorted out which benefits do I have with me. I discovered that I had ample chances to visit the entire city without any bindings or restrictions. When in a team, I had to undergo various regulations while travelling, but I was free of them now. So, I blew my worries into the wind and made a successful trip for the day. I came to know many of the streets, corners, notable places and more other. I was glad indeed, later.

I started moving across the streets of Paris. I took my lunch from a street food selling shop (I forgot the name of the locality). I also forgot the name of the hotel I checked in as the French names were a bit difficult for me to remember. I made a plan. I hired a taxi and started talking with the driver. It was hard to make him understand that I have lost my way back to the hotel. After lots of efforts, I took help from a policeman standing near the taxi. Waving my hand, I asked him to appear before me (as I do not know the French language). The taxi driver described him the issue. And it was the policeman, who helped me to sort out the hotel I was living in. I thanked him and returned my hotel. It was a memorable journey for me.

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