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Describe a success in your life

IELTS Cue Card Question 45 With Model Answer: 

Describe a success in your life.

You should say: 
  • what it is
  • how you achieved it
  • how important it was for you
and explain how difficult it was to achieve.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
Success is the buzz word in the current days and might be the word which is most sought in the world. Success varies from situations and not only limited in material well-being.

In my early days, when I was in my school, I was a student compared to good for nothing by my parents and teachers. They used to admonish me always for my lack of intentions to study (in fact I was so and preferred playing with some of my selected friends who were like me). My scores in the exams were too sorry that I cannot pronounce them before all now. It happened as I was indifferent to studies but careful to all the other matters except my class, studies and assignments. But gradually I developed myself and started scoring better than my previous stage and finally succeeded to be the best student in my class when I was in my 7th grade. My parents and teachers were highly pleased with the improvement and praised me highly.

But the improvement was not as easy as it sounds now. Naturally, I was not dumb. But as I lacked sincerity to my studies, I failed to have a good figure in the school tests and thus the scores were always below the average line. Besides, I had some friends who were similar to my features and insincere in their studies. So, I passed more time with them instead of study. Accordingly, my scores fell greatly and it became difficult for me to even pass the final exams with the minimum score for getting promoted to the next grade. One of my teachers advised me profoundly and I realised that he was right. So, I started working hard. Frequently I was missing the games and sports that I used to take part with my friends and also kept myself at home before and after my school. I studied for about five to six hours a day except, the school hours. Thus I topped in the next exams and turned successful in my study.

To be successful in the study, was very important for me. My surrounding people including my parents, teachers, relatives and even some of the classmates started behaving abnormally. It happened so as I did not have a good score, I was inattentive in my studies and overall I was being derailed from my track. I actually did not realise the facts until my eyes were opened by one of my school teachers. He is now like a fatherly figure to me since my advancement. After my hard work when I got an unexpected result, everyone was happy and they changed their attitudes to me. I turned into a loving son for my parents and an adorable kid among my relatives.

But the achievement did not come easy. I had to study hard and made a routine that ordered to begin my day from early in the morning. I started getting up before the sunrise and established a close interaction with my textbooks. Since I bunked classes and did the study at the beginning of the session, everything seemed too difficult to me. Therefore, I tried to contact with some of my intimate friends and they helped me with suggestions and made the lessons easier for me by concise notes and papers. Sometimes I had to understand and sometimes I had to memorise the lessons to prepare them perfectly. It was the hardest part for me as I was a boy of stormy nature and sitting before a reading table was beyond my capacity. But I succeeded with difficulties and finally, my efforts made the best one among the other student of grade 7 in my school.

Sample Answer 2:
I had long been dreaming of establishing an event management company and luckily I have done it in the last year. In fact, this was one of the greatest success in my life. Thank you for the question and now I will share the ups and downs of my life.

I am a small businessman in Malaysia. In fact, I have become a businessman by dint of hard works. In my life, I had a dream to establish something of my own which will be a great source of inspiration to me. Finally, I have reached my goal. I have established my own business of event management. I am skilled in planning and managing different events and other necessary activities. I have a group of people who are skilled at the tasks. They know their works and can manage a good number of assignments together.

Achieving the business was not so easy as it seems or sounds now. I started working as a petty staff in an event planning company. To achieve the current position, I had to struggle a lot. I learnt too many lessons which I am applying in the present day for the growth of my business. I had to be patient. I worked from dawn to midnight. Even it happened that I worked around the day and night to make events successful. All these activities gave me experience and I am applying those now for my own business expansion. Besides, I had to take some loans from a local bank to start the business. In fact, it was a challenging task for me to take the loan and repay them within the deadline. On the other terms, there were fewer chances of growth for the business as there were a substantial number of competitors available in the market. So, I had to overcome all the challenges together.   

Achieving a business on my own was extremely important to me. Actually, I was feeling bored by serving others. All my potentials were being damaged to a great extent. I was unable to exercise my intellects to do something for my employer. I had to do whatever I was told to do. So, it gradually became difficult for me to bear all the issues. I wanted to work independently but there were fewer chances to work solely. I had to take permission in each and every step before moving to implement any idea or assignment. My boss used to create unnecessary troubles for me over petty issues. Thereby, one day I decided to start such a business of my own. And it was really important to establish me in the level of an owner. In fact, it turned into my dream and I was determined firmly to be successful.

The way to success was thorny. I experienced challenges in every step. The first and most important challenge was financing the entire thing. I tried to gather funds from my familiar sources. But all of them denied showing various excuses. Finally, I took the loan from the bank to start the business as a small entrepreneur. Besides, organising skilled hands for the agency was another big challenge for me. But some of my former colleagues came to my help. They assisted in recruiting skilled employees. My family also supported me for this reason. They relied on me. There were severe chances of failure and If I failed, the consequences could have been detrimental for all of us. But nothing like this happened and I am a successful small businessman now who owns an expanding event management agency in the centre of Malaysia.

Idea Generation for this Cue card Topic.

You can talk about any success, small or big one, for this cue card topic. This success can be something good you did in your school, a change you bought it yourself, an academic success, a success in a major competition or sports. This can also be something you did for others, like helping someone to learn a new skill, helping an ill person to get better or fighting for an injustice.

Following are some ideas that you can pick as your idea and then describe it according to the questions given on the cue card.

1. A success in an academic exam.
2. Achieving a medal in your school for excellent performance in exam, sports or debate.
3. Finding a relative who had no trace at all for a long.
4. Protesting an injustice and then achieving what you were protesting about.
5. Participating in a national/international competition.
6. Helping someone to learn a new skill.
7. Helping someone to get a job.
8. Having the love of your life.
9. Being a father.
10. Getting your dream job.
11. Finishing a very tough assignment or project.
12. Overcoming a very bad habit you once had.
13. Learning a new language.
14. Establishing a business you always wanted to.
15. Getting promoted in your job.
16. Being the student of the year in your college.
17. Being the employee of the month in your office.
18. Inventing something new.
19. Being self-employed.
20. Completing a long tour you always dreamt about.

If you can think about a success which is not listed above, feel free to add in the comment section. 

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