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Describe a situation when you had to be nice to someone you dislike

IELTS Cue Card Question 23 With Model Answer: 

Describe a situation when you had to be nice to someone you dislike.

You should say:
  • who this person was
  • why you do not like him/her
  • what happened
and why you still had to be nice to him/her.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
Humans cannot live alone. A society or community is a must to live in peace and harmony. It is also essential to avoid different disasters or distresses together. But to move on with the society, one cannot have the right person always. There are some people who want to make troubles even in the delicate situations of the other people but to be courteous, we are to remain calm and show respect to them even when it is proved that they are responsible making the mess.

In my family, I have a relative who is a kind of ill-mannered man and elder in age. So, I cannot tell him about his sick nature and consequently, I have to be nice to him always. He is skilled in making troubles among the other family members and most of the time he brings some false allegations against us (I was victimised by the man.) He is an uncle of mine and the relationship between him and my family is intimate. He is the brother of my mother and lives adjacent to our apartment block in the town with his own family.

There are some villainous characters found in movies and when they exist in real life, the life turns into a hell. I cannot like or prefer the uncle for his weird behaviour. He always tries to create confusions among his surrounding people and he finds an invisible delight in doing so. Now, all of the family members of my family have become aware of his attitude and behaves. But in the beginning, when he brought charges against someone, all the other people used to believe and accordingly took measures against the individual. Sometimes the alleged person was punished rigidly too. Rebuking was the lowest of the punishments.

Once he brought a false allegation against me and he reported the issue to my parents. But fortunately, I became able to prove that the allegation was false. The uncle alleged that I had broken a vase at his apartment on a specific event when he invited some of the guests including our family members. But I denied the allegations and proved that I stayed for a few moments at his apartment and I did not enter the room where the flower vase was kept. I had to take a leave from the party due to my academic engagement.

When I turned successful in proving the issue, he changed his tone and said that it was his mistake to blame me. He also apologised for his mistake. It is his habit to seek apology when he is proved wrong and then imposed the blame to someone else. As a result, the innocent relatives of the family turned tired of on him.

Despite all the negative doings, I still have to be nice to him because he is the older than me. My parents have taught me to be nice to everyone regardless of age, gender or class. I never misbehaved with him after the allegation and pay proper respect. The other teen members of our family also pay respect to the man but he believes that we are afraid of him. He takes our modesty as our weakness and consequently plots different mess to involve us imaginarily.

Sample Answer 2: 
I never thought I would have to talk about this incident which I personally hate very much. It was probably early November in 2014 when I was a fresh graduate and was looking for a job to start my career. I applied for several jobs, mostly from an online job portal, and for my second interview, I had to confront a very rude HR manager of the company.

I can’t recall the name of this person but he was around 40 years old and he processed my application for the interview I faced. I got a call from the HR department that I would have to be present for the interview in the early morning and the person who called gave me specific instructions about the interview which I very clearly memorised and followed. I was instructed to wear a tie and formal dress, take my updated CV and photocopy of my academic certificates. On the job interview date, I reached the office and I was completely soaked as a hard rain hit me on the way. I could not wait somewhere fearing that I would be late for the interview. After my arrival, the HR manager (the rude one) asked me to wait in the conference room and did not show up in next 30 minutes. After he reappeared he asked me for the papers. I handed him the papers very politely and he was very much annoyed because he could not find the original certificates. I told him that I was instructed to bring the photocopies and that’s why I did not bother to bring the original copies. I also assured him that I can provide the necessary documents anytime he likes. He looked at me with an angry face and told me why I have not used my common sense to follow a simple instruction. He was even angry because my dresses got soaked from the rain. He did not even offer me a dry towel or something like that.

From the very first moment I met him, I started disliking him. He was mean, rude and unfriendly. When he told me that I was not properly dressed for the interview indicating my wet dresses, I thought to leave the office immediately. However, I did the opposite. I apologised for the inconveniences caused by me and assured him that it was completely unintentional. I usually protest whenever someone misbehaves without any valid reason but in this case. I remained silent and behaved very politely. Most probably I was trying to be professional and thought that as part of the job search. Though I was somewhat surprised by this unfriendly and offensive behaviour, I took as part of the professional life I was going to start. I wanted to face the interview though I was determined not to join this company even if they offer me the job and that’s probably the main reason I had been very nice and polite to this person.

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