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Describe any law which you like

IELTS Cue Card Question 7 With Model Answer:

Describe any law which you like.

You should say:
  • what law it is
  • how you follow it
  • what benefits it brings
what you like the most about it.

[You will have to talk about the topic for 1 to 2 minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
The Blasphemy Law in Pakistan is formulated to prevent blasphemous activities inside the state. Blasphemy refers to ignore or criticise any of the recognised religions and spread negative ideas or ideologies, derogatory remarks about those religions or about the preachers of the religions to defame them. The Penal Code has strict penalties for blasphemy and the law violators will be punished severely. The punishment ranges from fine to death penalties. I like it because it allows the member of all religions to perform their respective religious norms.

I always try to follow the law. I believe that hurting other people regarding their religion is the representation of an ill manner. Religion is a matter of internal belief and it is not the subject to be forced. If someone does not like my religion, I do not criticise about theirs. I always try to pay respect to the people following the religions other than mine and also they show respect towards me. Interfering with the religious issue appears to be the worst one for the negative consequences.

The benefits of following the Blasphemy Law in Pakistan are great. The most important benefit is that people can live happily with their specific religions. As a Muslim majority country, people of other religions are also living peacefully. No one criticises negatively to other religion and there are no obligations to follow the state religion. When people used to decline the state religion, the government imposed penalties strictly on those and thus the other people have learned the importance of following their own religion. Actually, none of the religion has ordered to condemn other religions.

I mostly like the penalties of the law. Although I am against death penalty, at times the violators are punished with standard fines and warned not to commit the crime. If they are seen violating the law, they are penalised with the death penalty. But in most cases, the citizens change their attitude when they are fined and do not get engaged in such crimes again, fearing the death penalty. This has radically changed the situation of the country. As a result, people of different religion are practising their respective religions.

Cue Card Answer 2:
I live in Australia and it is a country of biodiversity and numerous species. The law ‘Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (also known as EPBC Act) is one of my favourite laws in my country and it is the Australian Government’s central piece of environmental legislation. This law was imposed for preserving the environment, including the biodiversity and naturally and culturally significant places in Australia. As far as I recall this law was enacted in the year 2000 and this had a monumental effect on preserving the ecological communities and various species throughout the country. This law established a great variety of processes to help protect and promote the ecological communities as well as threatened species in my country.

I think enacting this law was a major step towards preserving the biodiversity we have in our country. Though I feel that it should have been implemented much earlier – it’s always better late than never. I read a report a few months ago that this law has a direct correlation with the improvement of Australian ecological communities, and wildlife. I personally follow this law by showing my respect and caring towards all species and plants in Australia, migratory species and following rules regarding the national heritages in Australasia.

In fact, this law has many subsections that ensure the preservation and promoting of the environment, national heritage, endangered species, bioregional plans and protection of the environment from nuclear actions. This was a much-needed law to ensure a balanced environment and making Australia a better place to live in for all species and plants. I like the initiatives taken by authorities regarding that law and with time the natural environment and biodiversity of Australia have improved significantly. One particular part of this law that I like most is the requirement for approval of developments with a significant impact on water resources. This law ensures the biodiversity of water species and prevents citizens from doing any harmful act in marine and water region of Australia. Offences relating to water resources is another part that safeguards the marine environment in our country.

I personally respect this law and this is an exemplary law for other countries in my opinion.

Idea Generation for this Cue Card /Candidate Task Card: 

The sample answer given in this post shows you how you can efficiently talk about this cue card topic. However, there are many other possible ways and some of the ideas are listed below to help you generate your own ideas.
  • A law that ensures transparency of the national election.
  • A law that protects the minor population of your country.
  • A law related to chemical safety and use of chemicals in human activities.
  • A law that was recently implemented to reduce the traffic congestion.
  • A law that prevents heinous criminals to appeal for parole.
  • A law that ensures equal gender rights.
  • A law that governs the emission of air pollutants into the atmosphere.
  • A law that makes the primary education mandatory for all children.
  • A law that reduces the power of parliament members.
  • A law that prevents unhealthy and risky child labour.
  • A law that was introduced recently to enhance the safety of local communities.
  • A law that governs the transport, treatment, storage, and disposal of wastage.
  • A law that prevents the police to misuse their powers.
  • A law that will ensure a better political environment in your country.
  • A law which forbids any terrorist organisation in the country.
  • A law that makes the information technology accessible to rural people.
  • A law that controls the market price.
  • A law related to forest management and timber harvesting.
  • A law that prevents monopoly business.
  • A law that prevents drug sales in your country.
  • A law that protects biodiversity and ensures the protection of wildlife.
  • A law that encourages people not to smoke in public places.
  • A law that ensures better rehabilitation for prisoners.
  • A law that will ensure paternity paid leaves.
  • A law that bans unhealthy products from markets.
  • A law that will enhance the tourism of your country.
  • A law that will better facilitate the global trade in your country.
[There are possible many others laws that you particularly like in your country especially because you think this is a very important law. We would highly appreciate your comment regarding such laws that we have not listed here. Feel free to add the law you like most in the comment section of this article.]

Useful Vocabulary for describing this Cue Card: 

  • Law-related vocabulary: Impose, Verdict, Enactment, Mandate, Regulation, Act, Case, Bylaw, Charge, Offense, Order, Constitution, Decision, Decree, Legislation.
  • Synonyms of 'Law': Regulation, act, rule, ordinance, ruling, decree, constitution, statute, order, legislation, commandment.
  • Synonyms of 'Benefit': Advantage, well-being, convenience, welfare, profit, prosperity. 
  • Synonyms of 'Follow': Abide by, observe, maintain, respect.

Part 3: Details Discussion:

Q. What international law should be applied all over the world?
A. Children are the most vulnerable section of the society and it appears that the International law on children to protect their basic rights should be applied globally. In most of the countries, the rights of children are regularly being violated; they are forced into labour, prostitution, domestic help, and more other hazardous jobs. So, the global leaders should come to an agreement to enforce the law strictly across the world.

Q. Are policemen popular in your country?
A. Policemen in my country are quite popular. People respect the police members for their sincerity to their jobs and they never keep their assignments unfinished. Accepting bribe is common for the law enforcers in the neighbouring countries, but the policemen of my state are free of such bad habits. They also respect the citizens and pay attention to the people who come up with any complaints. For them, the citizens get the justice. 

Q. Who are more popular, the lawyers or the police?
A. The lawyers are less popular in the country comparing the policemen. The lawyers are always seeking chances to trap the victims while the police members help the victims more than the lawyers to get justice. The lawyers unusually increase the minor case litigation processes while the policemen try to solve such issues in the police stations so that the citizens could have less legal complexities.

Q. Why we should follow the rules strictly?
A. Rules are made to make the society peaceful. If there were no rules then people would have done whatever they want to gain their own benefits. It is the rules which are preventing them from performing the evil tasks. So, for a better and happy environment, we should follow rules in our everyday life.   

Q. What can be done to motivate people so that they abide by the rules and law? 
A. Inspiration to follow rules is the key task to make people motivated towards following rules. The government or the respective authority could arrange some awards for the civil citizens who follow rules strictly. Mass awareness could also be raised over the benefits of following rules so that people could be made motivated.

Your preparation for this topic will help you to talk about the following cue card topics:  
  1. Describe an important law in your country. 
  2. Describe a law you think should be imposed on your country. 
  3. Describe a law you do not like. 
  4. Describe a change you would bring to your community/ country. 
  5. Talk about a law you think should be implemented in your country. 
  6. Talk about a law or custom you like to follow. 
  7. Describe a recent change in your hometown. 
  8. Describe a law that has been introduced recently in your country.

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