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Describe an educational trip you went on

IELTS Cue Card Question 14 With Model Answer:

Describe an educational trip you went on.

You should say:
  • where you went
  • what you did at this place
  • who you went there with
and explain why you thought this trip was educational.

[You will have to talk about the topic for 1 to 2 minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
Education is a participatory process and requires the participation of both the teachers and students. But it should also be acknowledged that knowledge is diversified, book pages cannot hold it alone, educational trips are helpful too to gain it.

I went on an educational trip at the Lincoln Memorial which is built honouring the 16th US President, Abraham Lincoln. This place is a national monument in the USA and located on the western side of Washington D.C. This is a must to visit in the USA and contains many educative values for the students who particularly are interested in American history. 

This was my first visit to the memorial and got familiar with a part of US history. I watched the Lincoln statute, read the most famous speeches of Lincoln carved into the memorial walls. The building architecture amazed me most. I was mostly surprised by the two of his world-famous speeches – The Gettysburg Address and the other one that he delivered on his Second Inaugural Address. The speech of Martin Luther King is also inspiring. The evening view of the structure reflecting on the pool was excellent and I took few pictures both in solo and group.

I went to my class and the history teacher inspired us to visit the memorial so that we could learn the first-hand knowledge about the 16th President. Our history teacher, Mr David Parker was telling about the Lincoln Memorial and suddenly I proposed for a visit (as I have never been there before) while all of my friends and classmates agreed with the proposal instantly.

The trip was highly necessary for us to learn about the Lincoln Memorial. The knowledge we learned from the book would remain incomplete if we missed the trip. The trip has exposed the realities to us; especially my view over the Lincoln Memorial has been greatly changed. The memorial is made symbolically and a nationalistic spirit has been echoing at the compound – each of the 36 perimeter columns represents 36 states building the Union while Lincoln died. Different items have been used to build the structure from different US states to represent their participation. The most interesting fact about the memorial is its 24 hours availability feature and it requires no entry tickets. Our teacher described the facts of building the structure and how long did it take to build it, the complexities that the authority experienced during the construction and much other historical issues about the memorial.

The trip was truly beneficial for me as it gave an excellent opportunity for learning the US history.

Alternative Answer 2:
Though I went on many educational trips, the first such trip that I took was very exciting and most memorable for me. I was in grade six and the school arranged a trip to the national zoo in our capital city. My parents were adamant initially but later on, they talked to my teachers and agreed to let me go. My excitement and thrilling thus began even before I went on the trip.

It was the first time I went to our capital city and everything I saw and observed was new and exciting to me. It was like a new land in a different part of the world! I saw skyscrapers, busy streets, people of various ethnicity and costumes and I was amazed to learn and observe so many new things. Our history teacher was with us on this trip and he described a long history of this city and its tradition. We had four teachers, two administrative officers and around 20 classmates with us. Few parents also went with their children.

I saw some European people for the first time in my life and they talked to us for a while and gave us some delicious chocolates. That was a whole new experience for me. 

After we reached the zoological garden, I was excited to be at a place I have seen on TV and read about in the newspapers. It was a very large place and there were lots of animals, birds and other species. I learned about the animals from a tour guide and he described the characteristics and other facts about many animals and birds in details. We walked for about two hours to see the animals kept in the zoo and we ate our lunch at around 2:30 pm. The lessons I learned about the wild animals, how they are getting extinct and what we should do to save them were very elaborate. This trip helped me a lot to learn about a large city as well as the animals and birds. There were more than 200 species in this zoo including tigers, lions, crocodiles, elephants, mountain gorillas, peacocks and monkeys. I have never seen many of these animals and birds before and that was an excellent opportunity for me to learn about them.

It’s been quite a long trip but the experience and amazement I had during this trip are unforgettable.

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