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An exciting competition or sporting event

IELTS Cue Card Question 11 With Model Answer:

Describe an exciting competition or sporting event you have witnessed.

You should say:
  • what the competition or sporting event was
  • when and where it took place
  • who won
and explain why it was exciting.

[You will have to talk about the topic for 1 to 2 minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
Participating in sports is one of the best ways to keep fit both physically and mentally. The necessity of sports is immense in human life. It energises people who participate in the events and the pleasures are inexpressible. It also helps to achieve a specific skill and that is also usable in everyday life. There are different types of sporting events are also organised and the key purpose of the events are to create a friendly atmosphere among the players, increasing their intentions to participate more and inspire them to gain skills, expertise and perfectness on their respective sports. Usually, the corporate bodies are responsible for sponsoring the events in exchange for their advertisements.

Basketball is one of the exciting sports and I love participating in the matches arranged in our college. A few months back, I was the witness of an exciting indoor basketball competition. The event was organised by the colleges of our city. Unfortunately, I could not participate in the match for my injury that I got right before the competition day while I was in practice.

The inter-college basketball competition was held in the indoor sports court of our college premise. The final competition held on the evening of the pre-scheduled day. Almost all the students of the city attended to enjoy the competition. The earlier matches were too exciting that they could not resist in joining on the final competition. Our indoor sporting gallery was filled with the audience on the competition day and they started gathering from the morning so that they could have their seats before someone else grab those.

The battle was highly attractive. Our team has scored 25 while the opponent had only 17 in their bag. Our college team won the match with a huge difference, and it happened mostly for the outstanding practice of the players, their mutual understanding and overall the united efforts to bag the prize.

The competition was too much excitement for me as I was one of the members of the team, and I forgot all my sorrows of my absence on the ground for my injury on the right leg which I got during attempting a jump to throw the ball on the net. It was the victory for us all who were involved with the playing team.

Alternative Answer 2:
A very exciting competition that I can remember is a cricket match I watched a few years back. It was a one-day cricket match between two mighty cricket teams – India and Australia. The match took place at Melbourne Cricket Ground and I watched the whole game and enjoyed the competition a lot.

It was around 9:30 am, local time, when the match began and there were lots of fans and supporters of both teams who came there to enjoy the match and to support their favourite team.  It was my first time in the Melbourne Cricket stadium where I went with one of my friends and his wife.

The cricket match between India and Australia has a different dimension and contest as these two teams have been competitors from the very early days of cricket history. Their matches ignite some flair and it is quite a spectacular and enjoyable rivalry to watch. The 50 over cricket match was very competitive and fans were shouting and cheering with great enthusiasms. The Indian team did the batting and scored around 280 plus. That was a reasonable score for winning but their bowler had to perform their best to restrict the Australian batsmen. I was supporting my country - India and it was the last 3-5 overs of the game that was breathtaking and stirring. Both teams were performing their best to win the game and the expressions of the viewers were something unheard of. The fate of the game was decided when an Australian batsman got out from a superb spin bowl of an Indian blower and the host team needed 7 runs from last 2 balls. It was the next ball that made the Indian fans to burst out in joys; it was a dot ball with no run. The final ball of the match was still to be delivered and we were hoping that it goes without any unexpected outcome like ‘no ball’ or ‘wide ball’ which might still change the game’s result. The host team took 2 runs from the last ball and it was a 4 run victory for the Indian Cricket team.

The tight competition, my support for my team and wish to win the game, the supporters’ boundless shouting, enthusiasm, the lively stadium and cheering made the game a very memorable one for me and this game was one of the most competitive cricket matches till the last moment.


More Ideas to speak about this Cue Card topic/ Candidate Task Card:

This Idea Generation section intends to give you more ways of talking about this cue card topic. It is always better to read the sample answer of a Cue card topic and then to brainstorm and collect your own thoughts before preparing an answer to a Cue Card topic. This cue card topic asks you to describe either a competition (any competition and not necessarily a sporting event) or a sporting event which was very amusing and exciting. Again you can talk about either a competition or sporting event in which you took part or witnessed. Following are some other alternative hints to describe the answer for this cue card topic: 

Exciting competition other than sports:
  • The debate competition in which you took part in your school. 
  • A quiz competition at national level.
  • An art competition. 
  • A competitive exam. 
  • A programming competition. 
  • An artwork or sculpture making competition. 
  • An international level math competition.
A sporting competition: 
  • An international level soccer or football competition you have seen. 
  • A football match in your school. 
  • A fascinating cricket or hockey match. 
  • A swimming competition. 
  • A chess competition. 
  • A baseball or tennis competition. 
  • A car racing competition. 
  • Any type of gaming competition.  

Make sure you describe the event as a very exciting and competitive one. Put more emphasis on describing why you enjoyed it very much (either participating or observing) and why it was that much exciting or stirring. 

Part 3: Details Discussion:

Q.  What do you do to keep fit?
A.  To keep myself feet, I regularly perform exercises, mostly the free hand exercises, swimming, walking for an hour in a day etc. If I could manage more time, then I swim for an hour and the regular time allotted for swimming is 30 minutes for me. Moreover, I have a private gym where I exercise with instruments but I use the gym for once or twice in a week.

Q.  Are you good at sport?
A.  I am very good at sport and like it very much. I usually participate in sports on the weekends or whenever I get time.

Q.  What sports do you play?
A.   I mostly prefer to play basketball and table tennis is another one that I admire most. During the basketball time, I like to be at the attacking position in the front line and also support those who are with me during the attack on the opponent court.

Q.  What is the most popular sport in your country?
A.   In my country, cricket is the most popular sport and the team has occupied a strong position on the world ranking. The national team has been performing very well in cricket.

Q.  What are the best ways to keep fit?
A.  Exercising for at least one hour a day is one of the best ways to keep fit. Moreover, one can also participate in sports too. Sports increase the stamina level and thus they players remain fir for always. Apart from exercise, a healthy diet and positive lifestyles are also two important aspects of remaining fit. 

Q.  What is the most popular form of exercise in your country?
A.  Walking is the most popular exercise in my country. Many of the people get out for a walk in the morning and the rest who cannot manage time in the morning; they complete the walk at evening or at night. Apart from that jogging and running in the open space is also popular in my country as a form of exercise.  

Q.  Do you think people in your country are less healthy than they used to be?
A.  I do not think that people are less healthy these days; rather they are healthy enough and it has happened as they are taking the right and nutritious foods and having their exercises in regular interval.

Q.  How can we encourage young people to stay healthy?
A.   Health is considered as the most precious wealth. People should be informed about the detrimental effects of poor health and what types of diseases accompany with the deteriorated health conditions. Massive campaigns may be conducted on mass media over the importance of a good health. More sporting and gym should be established from government's fund as well.

Q.  Should governments intervene to force people to be healthier?
A.   I believe that if a man is made understood anything in the right manner, force is unnecessary to be applied on the case. Similarly, the government does not need to form any interventions forcing people to be healthier. When the people will be aware of the negative impact of an ill health, they will try to be healthy by themselves.

Your preparation for this Cue card will help you to answer the following Cue card topics as well:  
  • Describe a sports competition you have participated. 
  • Describe an exciting event you remember. 
  • Describe a type of sports you like. 
  • Describe a content in which you own. 
  • Describe a time when you had a fight with someone. 
  • Describe a competition you like to participate. 
  • Describe a sporting event you remember watching.

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