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A present which you were given and that you broken accidentally

IELTS Cue Card Question 6 With Model Answer:

Describe a present which you were given and that you have broken accidentally.

You should say:
  • what is it
  • for what  occasion it was presented to you
  • how you have broken it
how you felt when you broke it.

[You will have to talk about the topic for 1 to 2 minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
When I was a grade-schooler, my father bought me a toy robot made of plastic and steel. It was nice looking and I liked it most for the movements and noise it created. The toy robot created some noises resembling of handguns and also said some words like – stop or I will shoot. It appears that the toy robot was made based on any police character. The robot turned into the most intimate companion of mine for next few months.

My father presented me the toy robot on my birthday. On my 9th birthday, my father presented me the best gift of my entire life. They earlier had decided to observe the birthday amid joy and accordingly they planned to surprise me. I did not have any idea that they planned to surprise me by inviting the relations and my school friends. I was mostly surprised by the gift of my father. I was fond of the toy robot that even I took it in my school.

But unfortunately, one day the robot got damaged. It required batteries to run and I made it fell on the ground during the battery-changing process. The robot was kept on a higher place and I board on a chair to get the robot. When I had the robot in my hand, I started changing the batteries and opened the back side of the robot. It was my bad luck that I did not grab the robot strongly while opening its back. As a result, it fell down and severely one of its hands was damaged.

I was feeling down with the accident. I was deeply fond of the robot that I took to sleep with me at night. It was the constant companion for me. But I was amazed at the attitude of parents when the consoled me with different pleasing words.

Cue Card Answer 2: 
My mother gave me a coffee mug on my 19th birthday and within few weeks that mug was broken unintentionally. The coffee mug was beautifully designed and my mother had my name and her birthday wish written on that mug from a designer’s shop. This white mug was a very special gift for me as my mother took the time to pick a gift for me and then took it to a designer’s shop to make it even special. I was living in my university dormitory at that time and my mother sent that present through a parcel service and to my amazement, this gift arrived exactly on my birthday.

After I received the gift I called my mother and thanked her for the magnificent gift and wishes. I could not be home on my birthday due to my exams. However, I received many wishes and some gifts from my friends and relatives.

Interestingly I was drinking more coffee than usual after I got that coffee mug from my mother. First few days I took great care of this mug and cleaned it meticulously. After my exam was over, I needed very few cups of coffee except in the morning and that’s why I placed the mug just on the right side of my desk where I could easily find it in the morning. On one sad morning, I was talking to one of my friends over the cell phone and I tried to grab the coffee mug from my bed. That must have been a stupid decision as I could not hold the mug firmly from bed and to my surprise, the mug dropped on the floor and it was broken in several prices.

I was so sad that I became very angry and rebuked myself for being so careless. That was an exceptional gift for me and I was speechless for few moments. I cleaned the floor and collected the broken pieces from there and started feeling more miserable when I looked at the broken pieces of the beautiful mug. My roommate tried to soothe me but I was feeling very low at that time. It is beyond my ability to describe how sad I really felt. I could easily purchase a new mug or even my mother would love to do that, but nothing would replace the special care and wished this particular mug had. I felt like as if I have lost something very important which is irreplaceable.

Idea Generation for this Cue Card / Candidate Task Card topic: 

You can talk about any gift item which is fragile. First, say who gave you this gift and on what occasion. Then tell how much this gift meant to you. Finally, talk about the incident when it was broken. For this cue card you can talk about the following gift items and then generate your own idea to effectively describe the accompanying questions of this cue card topic:
  • A showpiece made of glass.
  • A toy. 
  • A household appliance. 
  • Tea set. 
  • A mobile phone. 
  • A wall clock. 
  • A wristwatch. 
  • An alarm clock. 
  • A cricket bat. 
  • A pot plant. 
  • An aquarium. 
  • A coffee mug. 
  • An electronic device. 
  • A blender machine.
  • A trophy. 

[ Add any item you think is suitable in the comment section.]

Useful Vocabulary you can use while talking about this Cue Card topic: 

  • Synonyms of 'Present': Gift, souvenir.
  • Synonyms of 'Accidentally': Unintentionally, by mistake, unwittingly, fortuitously. 
  • Some sad feelings: Unhappy, sombre, sad, distress, gloomy, bleak, sorrowful, wistful, sorry, feeling blue.

Part 3 – Two-way discussion:

       Famous stores in your country: 
Q. Tell me about any famous stores that sales presents.
A. "Gift Box" is one of the famous present selling stores in the 5th Avenue of New York. The store is mostly famous for the knick-knacks and souvenirs. Besides, the refund policy of the store is also praiseworthy. The store sells almost all types of products with a reasonable price and even the customers can also place orders for products which are currently unavailable.
Q. Tell me about any famous markets or stores which attract tourists.
A.  Walmart is global chain store and running its operation in over 20 countries of the world. The store is famous among the tourists in the USA. Usually, the Walmart shops sell a large number of products of varied interest under a reasonable cost. People visiting the USA never miss the chance to peep at the store to have their necessaries.

Q. Why are they popular with tourists?
A.  The multinational shop is mostly famous among the tourists because of reasonable price. Moreover, it sells all types of products and they never compromise quality. The staffs of all the branches are truly helpful to the customers and particularly for the tourists. They take the right care of them with the right manners. So, the tourists never miss the chance to do shopping at the Walmart. 

       Advantages and disadvantages of giving present
Q. Would you agree that presents are always advantageous for people?
A.  Nothing in the world has merits only and similarly giving presents always does not mean it is advantageous. At times it may happen that the presents may not be received cordially or may be misused in different ways. Sometimes the presents may disappoint the receivers too.  

Q. What kinds of presents are suitable for people in any situations?
A.  Not all presents are suitable for every situation but there are some frequently used presents like – coffee mug, photo holder or photo albums, paintings, gift cards, attractive showpieces etc. may suit all the occasions. However, the best process to give a present is to learn about the occasion before and get a present after the event type.   

Q. How do you think the way of giving presents will change in the future?
A.  Time changes everything and the way of giving present will also experience change. In future, people may become more dependent on electronic gifts or may also use gift delivery services to deliver the presents from one place to another. There would be more occasions than today for exchanging gifts and wishes.

If you can comfortably talk about this topic, you should be able to talk about the following Cue card topics as well: 
  1. Describe a gift or present you received.
  2. Describe a sad memory you have.
  3. Describe an occasion when you broke something.
  4. Describe a gift or present you received on your birthday.
  5. Describe something lost.
  6. Describe a gift or present you gave to someone.

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