IELTS Cue Card: Local news that was interesting to you

Local news that was interesting to you

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 246 with Model Answer:

Describe a piece of local news that was interesting to you.

You should say:
  • what it was about
  • how you learned about it
  • when you heard it
and explain why it was interesting to you.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
I have not experienced a circus and recently came to know about the event of a circus in our locality. There is a large field adjacent to our village and it was heard that a circus party will arrive soon.

In fact, Dhamsa is a remote village in Haora district under West Bengal in India. The village people pass their days amid the ancient ways. Modern technology is not accessible to everyone in the village. In such a condition, the arrival of a circus helps to excite the people to some extent. Circus is a great mode of entertainment for the people living in the rural areas in India and when I heard about it, I also felt glad indeed. I did not have the chance to see circus under a large tent. Usually, the organisers hold circus under a very large tent covering a substantial space in an open field. Accordingly, the field of our locality was being cleaned by the scout team of the circus party. I have heard many stories about the circus team from my grandparents and most of the descriptions were filled with thrills and excitements. They told different attractive stories over the circus.

The village I live in is a bit backward from the other places and villages in West Bengal. The majority of the people have telephone but internet connections are not available for everyone. So, when any special event is to take place in the locality, the issues is announced through public announcement system. Often a loudspeaker is hired and an announcer starts announcing details about the event. While playing cricket on the field with my local friends, I heard the announcement and learned that the circus party will arrive shortly in our village. The announcer was describing the features of the circus party and they included some interesting issues. The announcer was describing that a large and trained elephant will entertain the audiences while there would be some trained ferocious animals like tiger and lion. Besides, the circus party will also exhibit some thrilling shows on night times. Bike riding encircled with fire was another interesting thing.

As a preset rule, the circus parties start announcing their arrival on any place one or two days before performing the shows. So, the announcer was saying that the circus party will arrive the very next day and thus he invited us all to collect some advanced tickets. It was evening and I was on an empty space beside the field where the tents of the circus party were supposed to be set. I was playing with some of my local and childhood friends. But when the announcer entered into the village, we stopped our game and started listening to him. In the beginning, it was somewhat difficult for us to realise his dialect which was unfamiliar to us. Then we gradually understood that he was announcing about the circus party which has rumoured for past few days. In fact, the village people somehow came to know about the arrival and started discussing the issue among them. As a result, I could not get any solid information about the circus from the villagers. All of my confusions were removed when the announcer declared the arrival and also distributed some leaflets about the circus party.

The news of the arrival of a circus party was very much interesting to me. I have seen circus on television but have not seen them live before my eyes. Besides, my grandparents also told many thrilling stories about the circus. They told that all the people in a circus party are brave and they take different risks. If they commit a single mistake, they may have to pay the price with their lives. Besides, they also described the trained animals and how they perform on the stage. Moreover, the stuntmen and athletes on the circus also perform different attractive activities. They jump using ropes, walk on rope set on an exceptional height, ride a bicycle on the rope, drive cars and motorbikes in risky tracks, and so many incidents. Hearing all the things, an extreme desire to observe the things developed inside me. Thus the news of circus party was interesting to me.

Sample Answer 2:
Vietnam is a renowned Southeastern Asian country with a tropical climate. The country has a diversified population with their respective culture and ethnicities but one thing is very common here and unique – bond with the family.

Recently, a local television broadcast has drawn my attention to the issue of family. It is considered in Vietnam that family is the most important thing to admire and accordingly all the Vietnamese provide extreme priority to the family and family members. They love to care for the families and in fact, they do everything for their families. The bonding among the family members is excellent. The television broadcast also showed how several generations are living under the same shed for years.

Usually, I watch television in the evening hours every day and mostly watch the news and the report on Vietnamese culture attracted my attention. I am well aware of the traditions and cultures of my country but I was unaware about the speciality and uniqueness. The news showed the events and also took interviews from some of the family members to ensure the authenticity of the report. This is actually a very good tradition of the country that still the families live together while the scenario is different in the other countries. Family disintegration is a common issue for them and majority of the families are nuclear. But there are both the nuclear and extended families are available here.

I was aware of the issue but it was for the first time for me to hear that this was our unique cultural tradition. In fact, I am a bit shy for not knowing the fact and had to know about it from the television broadcast. But I am proud of it that we can live together in a family and happily which is unable for the others. It is a very usual scene in my country, Vietnam, where a father is living with his son and his family. There are no quarrels or troubles with any of the issues. Life goes peacefully. The earning member of the family earns the bread and shares it with everyone else even who is unemployed. Further, when it is time for the others to do something for the family, they do it perfectly.

The news was interesting to me in many aspects. Firstly, I was unaware that this a unique cultural aspect. I have been living in an extended family with my grandparents, and paternal uncles with their wives and children. I could not have thought that this was a cultural tradition for the nation. So, initially, the television broadcast felt interesting to me. Secondly, I was glad in this sense that the report was being viewed by a large number of people and they would come to know about the unique culture of my country which is a matter of pride for all the Vietnamese population.

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