IELTS Cue Card: Person in your family who you spend the most time with

Person in your family who you spend the most time with

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 173 with Model Answer:

Describe the person in your family who you spend the most time with.

You should say:
- who this person is
- what kind of person he or she is
- what you usually do together

and explain why you spend more time with this person than others.
[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer:
I have a younger sister and I love to spend time with her. She is also fond of me and loves to be with me always.

I am 20 and Georgina, my younger sister, is a teen now and I prefer to spend most of my time with her when I am at home. She is in her secondary grades and loves drawing images of nature, and landscapes. Sometimes, I instruct her on drawing images, solving her math problems, complete her homework and many more. She prefers to be with me as I do not behave impolite with her and try to make everything simple to her. She believes that I am the smartest brother in the world as I solve almost all of her problems. On the other side, I also miss her when I am out home for my academic activities in college. She waits eagerly for me round the day and when I get back at home, she jumps on me. She never leaves me alone at home and I also prefer to be with her always.

She is an amicable person and owns a very smart and intelligent brain. She is tall with her dark brown eyes. She is highly kind in nature and loves to make friends in her real life. But she has one negative aspect. She is a bit hot tempered as well. Nobody knows when she will be angry and mostly she turns angry with the petty issues. Once I made late to pick her from her school and she did not talk with me for the remaining part of the day. At first, it was difficult for me and later I discovered my mistake and apologised to her, bought some chocolates to resume the relation. But she is generous in nature and loves to share everything with people. Often she shares her foods with her friends and classmates in the school which I am proud of indeed.  

Both of us love to watch movies. Whenever we have enough time, we start watching movies and she prefers to watch the action movies of Hollywood and I also prefer such movies. Besides, I like to read and I read out loud the stories that I prefer most. She appears to be a bored with my attempt of reading as my pronunciation of English is not in the right tone (after her opinion). In that case, I ask her to complete the story and she dumps my proposal. Sometimes both of us go for fishing at the adjacent lake. My fishing luck is not as good as her- she gets fishes often and I do not. Moreover, we also participate in chess. She is a great chess player and it becomes tougher for me to beat her. Before going to school every day, she comes to me for remembering all the activities to be done in the evening together.   

In my family, I am the elder son of my parents while she is the second and smallest. The age difference is not so much between us. I like to spend most of the times with her for many reasons. The first thing is that she is like my best friend. I share all of my events with her as like she does with me. I like to share my foods, my attires, my money … everything. On the other side, she also feels for me. She misses me always and as her brother, I am like her world. My parents always adore the cordial relationship between us and I think they are happy too. My dad is a businessman and passes most of the time out of home and mom being a homemaker remains busy with the domestic chores always. So, we two do not have anyone to accompany us and thus I like to spend most of the times of the day with my younger sister.