IELTS Cue Card: Describe a paid job you or someone you know ever did

Describe a paid job you or someone you know ever did

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 171 with Model Answer:

Describe a paid job you or someone you know ever did.

You should say:
- what the job was
- how you/this person found this job
- how long  you or this person worked in this job

and how you feel now about this job.
[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer:
Last week my father asked to clean the garden before our house and paint the wooden wall as well. I was paid for the job.

We have a big garden before our house in Singapore. Usually, most of the houses here are large buildings but my father is a bit different from them. He does not prefer to have a building to be used as a residence. He likes gardening and if a new house is built, he is to lose the large garden. Due to his professional engagement, he was out of the country for around a month and when he returned the weeds were unusual in the garden. Usually, my father weeds the plants and cleans the other unnecessary elements from the plant, and also waters them regularly. Since the weeds were more and he had to remain busy for some other purposes, he asked me to clean the weeds and paint the garden walls. I agreed to his proposal and cleaned the entire garden, painted the walls and repaired some other tools as well. I completed the tasks sincerely and the garden looked gorgeous after the cleaning. As a result, my father was happy with my sincerity and paid me more than he promised.  

I was appointed for the job based on some considerations and recommendations of my mom. I am a college student here and the eldest member of my family. So, it is an invisible responsibility of mine to do all the tasks which are not done by others. Sometimes I feel bored about the issue and when I am rewarded (like this one), I change my point of view. So, when my dad found his garden filled with weeds and craps, he was seeking a person to clean the garden perfectly. He could not manage time to clean the garden for he was supposed to be busy for one more week. When he shared the issue with mom, she told him that I have nothing to do after college and I am the most suitable one for this. Accordingly, dad proposed me and I agreed on his proposal after some bargaining (!) about the price.

I had to work for about four long hours at a stretch to clean the entire garden. We live in a big house and the garden is placed right before the house. It is the largest private garden in the place where we live in the city. The garden owns different rare plants and most of the plants are brought from abroad. The numbers of plants are not few and thus it took around four hours for me to complete the cleaning. I had to cut the weeds, remove the dead leaves from the bottom of the plants, sometimes I had to cut the branches as well. I worked alone at the garden from 3.00pm to 7.00pm. Thus it took a long time for me. I started working after returning from my college. The most important and difficult tasks for me was cutting the weeds from the small flower plants. I also got hurt with the thrones during the sorting of the plants and when I was said to plant a few flower plants (which dad brought from his recent trip to Indonesia) I rejected the idea straight. It was impossible for me to work again with a spade to loosen the soil, plant the saplings and water them on the same day.

To be frank, the task was not interesting for me then but now I feel that if I get another chance, I will do it for free. Though I was irritated in beginning, I was feeling comfortable with the task. It was simple and the most interesting task was to sort the plants, separate the weeds from the plants and watering them all was also good. Besides, dad game 300 bucks for my labour which was unexpected. Initially, he told me that I would be paid by 150 bucks but lastly he paid me double for his fatherly affection. But now if he asks me for such a job, I will do it for free. I liked the job very much and planning to propose dad that I would keep the garden clean in his absence. As he is to visit in different countries in most of the time of a month, he does not need to worry about the garden anymore.