IELTS Cue Card: A time when you waited for something or someone

A time when you waited for something or someone

IELTS Cue Card Question 157 with Model Answer:

Describe a time when you waited for something or someone.

You should say:
  • who or what  you waited for
  • when and how long you waited for the person or thing
  • where you waited
and explain why you waited for the person or thing.
[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer:
Waiting is always unpleasant but we cannot avoid it. Sometimes we are to wait even we do not want to. In last week, I also had to wait for a friend who came to my place for attending my elder sister’s marriage ceremony.

Though I invited few of my college friends to attend the ceremony, all of them could not attend due to their private business and send me their regrets for their absence. But, Stephen Robert, one of my closest friends attended the ceremony and I went at the Amaravati railways station in Maharashtra. Robert came from Delhi where he lives with his family in India. Mostly his family belongs to Britain and since his parents are working at the local British embassy, he is to stay with them. Both Robert and I are in the same college and share a deep friendship. So, he arrived finally after keeping me waited for about two and a half hour.

Right before the day of the marriage ceremony, he arrived at Maharashtra. Since he is unfamiliar with the locality, he asked me to go to the Amaravati station to bring him at my home. Accordingly, I reached the station about 20 minutes before of the train’s arrival. But I had to wait long (2.5 hours) as the train missed the schedule. The train made late due to an accident that derailed another train filled with cargo. So, the train could not move until the distressed waggons and locomotive were removed. I wanted to get back home but Robert asked me to wait. He was a bit afraid as this was his first solo travel. So, I had to wait for him.

Waiting was not that much unsatisfactory as I read books on the platform. There were many small benches attached to the ground. I took my seat at a corner and started reading a thriller. By the same time, I was listening songs from my iPod. I also took some snacks from a nearby store. However, the waiting period was not that much pleasant as the station is a crowded place. Trains from different stations are arriving here while some of the passengers are boarding and the rest other are descending. Porters are moving here and there in search of work. The entire station turns lively when a train arrives and becomes calm when the train leaves the station. I have found that some of the people were there to see off their relations. It was truly painful to see someone cry.

I, in fact, waited for Robert for some specific reasons. Firstly, he is a stranger in my locality. The second issue is that he was travelling a long distance. It took over 24 hours for him to reach Maharashtra from Delhi. When he asked me to stay at the station, I replied him that I will. But I did not have the idea that train will be late. But I waited for the long hours on my moral ground. After all, he is my invited guest and I must be there to receive him. I could have sent someone else at the station but he said that he would be happier to see me there. Considering all the issues, I went to the station and waited until he reached.

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